Pest Control Services in Kolkata – rates and charges explained

Did you find any sign of harmful pest infestation like termite, bedbugs, cockroach, birds, rodents, reptiles, and insects or ants at your home, kitchen, restaurant or office? Well, these are the most common pests and bugs that can cause severe damage to health and well being of your family, customers and of course the properties. Luckily, you can use one of the best professional pest control services in Kolkata available near you for long term relief from these pests and bugs. However, if you already know that your space requires pest control and treatment, but you are unsure about the rates and charge of different pest control services, then I have got you covered.

Today in this post, I am sharing everything you need to know about the best long term pest control services in Kolkata including the rates and charges for each of the treatments.

But to begin with, let us understand what a pest control service is and how does it help?

What is Pest Control?

Pest control basically is the process of managing, controlling and eradicating undesirable pests and bugs from our homes, office, restaurant, fields or any other space which is occupied by humans.  

The pest control system should include both physical and chemical controls to prevent entry, harborage, and infestation of pests.

The pest control process may include both physical and chemical controls to prevent entry and infestation of pests. The collective measure to control and eradicate these pests and bugs from any space is also called pest management.

As the process of pest control and management may involve chemicals, the pest control process or application must be handled by only the expert and licensed pest control professionals.

Local professional pest control experts in Kolkata have all the equipment, training and expertise to eradicate and handle these unwanted pests and bugs. These pests and bugs can be harmful to humans and the environment. Besides, it can even be life threatening in some cases and hence it should not be taken likely.

So, if you have spotted any sign of unwanted and undesirable pests, bugs or insects at your home or workplace then you know what to do. Call an expert pest control service in Kolkata near you, and share your concern or book a free site inspection for a long term solution.

Based on the inspection, the expert pest control professional shall explain the report and suggest the best long term solution to manage or remove the specific pest and bugs from your premises.

Rates and charges of pest control services in Kolkata

In Kolkata (West Bengal), we generally have humid weather which is ideal for pest infestation. Unfortunately, the common pests and bugs can quickly multiply in favorable conditions. Therefore, any sign of pest infestation must be dealt with immediately. Otherwise the pest infestation can grow many folds and reach a level that will be difficult to manage and eradicate.

So how much does a good quality general pest control cost in Kolkata?

The cost of good quality general pest control in Kolkata is Rs. 700 – 900 for 1 BHK flat, which can go up to Rs. 1300-1500 for a 4 BHK house.

The cost of pest control service depends on several factors, including:

  • Types of pest you want to eradicate e.g. bedbugs, termite, cockroach, birds etc?
  • Severity and level of infestation at your premises e.g. just started, severely infested?
  • Type and size of property where the treatment is to be performed?
  • Types of treatment which is required e.g. herbal, chemical, type of chemical?
  • Preventive method being applied e.g. bird net, mosquito net etc?
  • Expertise and credential of the pest exterminator
  • Overall customer service and warranty etc

The professional pest exterminators in Kolkata use different restrictive, preventive and pest control methods to eradicate specific pests and bugs. For instance, termite treatment requires different chemicals and approaches than bed bugs pest control or a general pest control.

So what type of bug needs to be controlled and eradicated is the key factor that will determine the cost of pest control service for the specific bug.

Similarly, the size of the space is a factor, especially for pest treatment which is charged based on square feet measurement. Of course, the pest control charges also depend on the professional expertise of the pest control company in Kolkata that you are engaging with.

However, if you want to get a ballpark idea of the rates and charges for different pest control services in Kolkata, then refer to the pest control price list below.

Pest control price in Kolkata, West Bengal

Refer to the Kolkata pest control price list below to find out the rates and charges for any specific pest control treatment at your home.

Types of pest control1 BHK Rate2 BHK Rate3 BHK Rate4 BHK Rate
General Pest ControlRs. 700 – 900Rs. 900 – 1100Rs. 1100 – 1300Rs. 1300 – 1500
Bedbug RemovalRs. 1300 – 1500Rs. 2000 – 2200Rs. 2800 – 3000Rs. 3300 – 3500
Cockroach ControlRs. 700 – 900Rs. 900 – 1100Rs. 1100 – 1300Rs. 1300 – 1500
Anti-termite TreatmentRs. 3500 – 4000Rs. 4500 – 5000Rs. 6500 – 7500Rs. 7500 – 8500
Rodents/Rats ControlRs. 650 – 850Rs. 850 – 1050Rs. 1050 – 1250Rs. 1250 – 1450
Ant ControlRs. 650 – 850Rs. 850 – 1050Rs. 1050 – 1250Rs. 1250 – 1450
Mosquito ControlRs. 1500 – 1700Rs. 1800 – 2000Rs. 2100 – 2300Rs. 2300 – 2500
Bees ControlRs. 800 – 1000Rs. 1000 – 1200Rs. 1200 – 1400Rs. 1400 – 1600
Lizards pest controlRs. 700 – 900Rs. 950 – 1150Rs. 1200 – 1450Rs. 1500 – 1700
Silverfish ControlRs. 700 – 900Rs. 900 – 1100Rs. 1100 – 1300Rs. 1300 – 1500
Tick ControlRs. 700 – 900Rs. 900 – 1100Rs. 1100 – 1300Rs. 1300 – 1500
Bird NettingRs. 800 – 1000Rs. 1800 – 2000Rs. 2800 – 3000Rs. 3600 – 4000

The pest control service rates and prices are tentative and excluding GST, which is applicable @18% for any pest removal services.

Besides, the best way to find the rates and charges for pest removal service is to talk to a professional pest control expert near you. Discuss the pest and bug issue you have at your home or any other residential or commercial space, and check out the best possible pest control options and treatments recommended by expert pest exterminators.

However, getting a site audit and inspection done by a professional pest control company is always recommended. After inspecting the property, the professional pest exterminator can suggest the best solution to eradicate and prevent pests as well as explain the costs and expenses involved for the best long term pest removal.

The common preventive ways for pest control

Although it’s highly recommended to allow a professionally equipped, licensed and expert pest control company near you to audit the site and then make the best pest management strategy for your space. However, there are many preventive ways that can help control the pests at your home.

Check these expert recommended pest control ways to keep the pests away from your home.

  • Keep all the windows and doors tightly closed when not in use, because some of the pests like ants, cockroaches, lizards etc can easily enter through doors and windows.
  • When possible, cover the windows, doors and any other ventilator window using the wire mesh screens as it helps prevent entry of pests and bugs including mosquitoes.
  • Pests can also enter your house through holes, drains, and other such entry places and therefore keep these spaces cleaned and sealed to prevent the entry of pests at your home.
  • Store edibles and foods in airtight containers and stack them at a place which is hard to access.
  • Always keep the kitchen counter and dining table neat and clean.
  • Regularly inspect the property to find any sign of pest infestation, because it is easy to eradicate them early.
  • You can apply ready to use pesticides available in the market, but make sure to read the process of application as mentioned on the label.


Pests and bugs like cockroaches, bedbugs, termites etc can be seriously bad for the well being of your family. Luckily, you can use professional pest control services to eradicate all types of pests and bugs for a long time. Using a Kolkata pest control service is not that expensive and general pest control for a one bedroom kitchen starts from as low as Rs. 700-900 only, excluding taxes.

However, the expert pest exterminator applies different types of techniques, methods and chemicals to eradicate these pests. And therefore the pest control rates and charges can vary based on the type and size of property, type of treatment, chemicals being used and techniques and application methods.

When you spot any sign of pest infestation, then the best thing to do is to act on it swiftly. If needed, you can call an expert and professional pest control company in Kolkata at 7044123404 and get the best price and options for pest control treatment. Besides, you should try and seal the entry point for pests, inspect and clean the property regularly to restrict the entry of pests to your home.

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