Bed Bugs Eradication Tips for Novice Friends

As you know bedbug is a terrible kind of a parasite that heavily dependent on humans and our pets. Bed bugs can be terrible and hence bed bugs eradication is really important. Did you know that bed bugs survive sucking bloods either from us or from our pets? Did you know that irrespective of its size and types, bed bugs like to live in clumsy and cluttered rooms where they can hide themselves easily and come out to feed themselves when they are hungry, mostly at nights?

Recently I had to go to Mumbai to attend a conference and I decided to stay at a friend’s place. But unfortunately, along with my friend, I got to stay with those big size bed bugs and spend a sleepless night. Next morning on inspection, I found there were bed bugs around under the mattress on his bed. When looked closely, I found bed bugs symptoms all around. Oh boy, was I happy? Nah, not at all!

My friend “Nitin” work in a BPO and he is all alone and when I told him about bed bugs, he simply said, he had noticed some bite, but didn’t know it was a bed bug bite. But I knew it was bed bugs because I had similar experience at my home in Kolkata and had some idea about it. I did some research on the next and found some local companies who offer bed bugs eradication services in Mumbai. I insisted him to call them and get it eradicated and removed and thankfully I was able to convince him.

Bed bugs eradication

Bed bugs eradication is not all that complicated when you are really serious about it and actually willing to get it eradicated. You can eradicate all types of bed bugs yourself or take professional help. But if your place is infested, you should not wait any longer and get it done of your own or call an expert to eradicate them for a fee.

I am going to share all of the crucial information I found about bed bugs during my research with various sites and I hope it will help you get rid of them easily.

Where to look for bed bugs infestation in your house?

Bedbugs thrive in cracks and dirtiness. Sometime you may find them under the mattress, bed cover, and other bed units. The basic fundamental is that you have to keep your home as clean as possible, so that it does not invite the bedbugs.  There are many more tips that I will be sharing in this post and help you get rid of bed bugs without sweating it out.

The very first thing that you can do to get rid of bed bugs is to get the clumsiness uprooted, but if you are too occupied and then you should better hire a consultant or professionals agency. Unfortunately finding and hiring a professional expert who can help you get rid of bed bugs may be difficult, but I will tell you how to do it right.

So are you ready?

5 ways to remove bed bugs from your house

Let’s check some of the easiest ways to remove bed bugs and here they are

  1. Bedbugs are parasites so they depend on mammals to survive. It is very astonishing that bedbugs can actually survive without any food nearly for one month. This is hazardous because you may think that you have eradicated them, but reality is something else. What I want to say is that be vigilant, that will help you a lot. For an instance, you may feel the Bedbug’s bite at midnight what you should do then is to wake up by turning on the light. This tactic works very well.
  2. Bedbugs generally thrive in dirtiness so clean your living place at least two times in a week. You can do it even more frequently if you can do so. You can use some of the home remedies like Alcohol, tea tree oil, lavender oil etc. You can use them as spray. Believe me it really works.
  3. Clumsiness invite Bedbugs. Sometime they hide in those clumsy area and they escape from you. As a consequence, they manage to survive and come out later in search of food. So the less clumsy is your place, the better for you and your family.
  4. Bedbugs can survive without food, but they can not resist the heat. So it will be very wise if you wash your bed units in tepid water. In rural area people sundry their materials to get rid of the Bedbugs, but in urban area people may not have the luxury to do so. So you are better of using the tepid water option. In case you have an open space you can try out sun drying option too.
  5. Last but not the least; get hold of a professional exterminator who can help you with bed bugs eradication. There are many companies out there with skilled technicians. They use certified pesticides, sprays, gel etc and they can remove bed bugs and other pests quite easily for a fee. Fees for such services usually are not much and it starts from as low as Rs. 750 and goes up depending on the room size and kind of treatments being offered.

If there is Bedbugs there is bound to be infestation. If you have noticed any sign of bite, look at it carefully and of it’s a bed bugs bite, you should better start investigating or call an expert who can do it for you.

How to hire pest control agencies for bed bugs removal?

If it does not work even after the applying of above mentioned methods that means the level of infestation is huge and you probably need some professional help from an expert.

How would search for an expert agency who can offer bed bugs removal services in your city?

Finding an agency may be tricky so start with a basic search on the internet e.g. Google, facebook, lined in or ask your friend for some reference. Once you have the contact details of a few of the pest exterminators in your city, you can talk to them to get the basic idea of costs and the process they follow.

But don’t just take their word for it; rather do some basic screening yourself. May be asking the expert to visit your house for a general inspection and find infestation level. When you ask for quotations after inspection, chances are you will get much accurate estimate and right kind of treatments. But before selecting a company you should make certain checks like:

  • Whether they are affiliated to right pest control institution?
  • How long they have been doing this?
  • Whether they have the right tools to do so?
  • What kind of chemical they will use as remedy?
  • Whether those chemical is hygienic or not?
  • If unhygienic then make sure that how long you have to be out of your residence to ease down the severity of the chemical.
  • Generally these are the process that takes more than one day. So make sure how much time the selected company needs to evacuate your residence from them.
  • Last but not the least; make sure they have the expertise to do so.

Benefits of hiring an expert for bed bugs removal over doing it yourself

There is always benefit to hire pest exterminator over doing it yourself. You may, for an instance, find some time to pesticide but probably it will not work as much as it would work if you hire a company. The reason I am saying this because you may not know the technique, how to apply? You may not even know that kind of chemicals you would use are hygienic or unhygienic. So there is always benefit to hire a company, who will guide you through this process.

Over to you

People may not have the liberty to keep on trying to eradicate bed bugs of their own and in such situations; it would make sense to call an expert. But you can’t afford to ignore the bed bugs infestation at your place. If you are serious, you can do it yourself or else, call an expert.

Depending on what works for you, you can choose to do it yourself or call an expert. But if you have decided to hire an expert for bed bugs eradication then just make sure to evaluate them well and understand the process as well as the cost involved. Evaluate them for you own sake, and hire them only when you are satisfied with their credentials, procedure and offers. So good luck for Happy Bedbugs eradication.

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