Cockroach Control: Remedies to get rid of cockroaches

Cockroach control is one of the most sought after service request as compared to other pest control services such as bed bug removal or termite control services in India. Because other bugs like termite or rodent or bed bugs does not infest so easily like a cockroach infestation. Cockroaches are one of the most commonly available scary bugs that you may ever encounter. Cockroach infestation is quite common and no matter how careful you are, if you have clutters, you can easily find cockroaches there. You may have cockroaches in bathroom, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and other places.

Cockroach control tips and remedies

Thankfully, you can hire a pest control agency for cockroach control services in major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi NCR and other cities in India. Even if rates for cockroach control services are not much, sometime you feel like trying some home remedies to eliminate these pests and bugs of your own without hiring a professional for the job. And why not when you can research and learn simple tips and tricks to get rid of cockroaches using normal ingredients which are available in your kitchen.

I appreciate those who like to take control, learn and do things of their own. I often try doing things of my own before calling an expert. It gives me the opportunity to learn new things and also the satisfaction of saving money and keeping myself active.

If you happen to be of my kind, and thinking of ways to do cockroach control like a pro, then this post is for you. Just read on and you will learn some really easy to follow tips, tricks and remedies to get rid of cockroaches from your house without spending money.

Natural remedies for cockroach control

First of all you have to find the living areas of these unwanted bugs before you start any operation on removing them. You can search them in the kitchen cupboards, under the basin or sink, under toilet commodes etc, brace yourself for encountering them if they suddenly appear before you. After you find their hiding or living place, just make a solution of bait, and follow the process mentioned bellow.

Few special ingredients are required in this process; a small bit of boric acid (powdered form are available in pharmacies), a pinch of granulated white sugar and white flour.

It’s a pretty simple process; just mix all the mentioned items together add few drops of water to form the dough and put them in areas which are prone to infestation by these filthy cockroaches.

The execution process is also pretty easy; the sugar will act as bait and the boric acid will kill them nicely. To reduce the population of roaches by a significant amount, it can approximately take around two weeks to completely eradicate them. When you feel that you have got rid of these cockroaches from your house, car or apartment, then you should focus on blocking their entrance to your house.

This method will efficiently remove all the cockroaches from your home by permanently killing every last one of them.

There is an alternate solution to cockroach menace at your kitchen. Parts of the required ingredients are same as the previous solution like boric acid, flour and the new one is cocoa powder. The mixing process is also simple like the previous one. Add one part of boric acid with one part cocoa and two parts of flour. The application and execution process is also similar to the previous method.

Using gel for cockroach control

This method generally uses chemical items for getting rid of these roaches for once and for all. The gel used to make this bait consist of a slow poison which means that the cockroach will not die instantly after consuming it. After consuming it they will went back to their hives and tells their inmates about how delicious it tastes. As usual the entire family will be interested to have a fest on the chemical gel.

Finally, most of them will end up dead within a week or two after using this incredible bait. For efficient results you must ensure that the bait is properly placed in the common areas of cockroach infestation. Cockroach traps also work with the same bait principle. But in case of a trap the only difference is that an adhesive material is present there and the cockroaches will be entrapped there after tasting it. 

Use water trap for cockroach control

The water trap for cockroaches is also a very effective way to get rid of them, it consist of a jar with some water that is used to lure the cockroaches there. A funnel is present at the mouth of the jar from where the cockroaches enter into the trap. All you have to do is locate their nest and place the jar over there. It ensures that as soon as they step out from their nests and smell the juicy aroma of the bait, they will immediately fall into the trap and they will be stuck inside as the entrance is easy but once they are in, the water will not allow them to get away and they will eventually drown and die. Peace!

Protection from cockroach infestation

Precaution is always better than cure. The best way is to take proper care so that these pests won’t be able to infest your kitchen, bathroom, or toilet at all. Keep your utensils clean, wash them as soon as you put them on sink, and don’t let food spills and leftovers stay at your sink for long or else these pests will be attracted to them and come to feast on it that might lead into a serious health hazard.

Also clear all the messy places from your rooms such as stacks of old newspapers, old stashes and wastes, clear your litter bins daily in order to keep these roaches at bay.


The best way to deal with these roaches is to use quality pesticides rather than using the regular ones, then there is a possibility that you may be on an advantage on the process of cockroach extermination.

You can also try traditional methods such as solution of water and soap as this solution is capable of piercing through the hard exoskeleton of the roaches and kill them instantly. Just prepare a simple mixture and try to splash/spray it directly on roaches, they will die instantly. Or they will get dismantled for you to kill them manually with ease. Instead of using that solution you can replace it with phenyl also, they have the same effect. But in case of severe infestation it will not feasible to use it for efficiently kill the cockroaches.

If all else fails then you should take help from a professional pest control agency in your neighborhood. Just make sure to check with a couple of agency to understand the process and get better deal.

PS: If you are using any of the chemicals like gel, spray or anything else, be very cautious and make sure to read and understand the instruction on product label/packet before using. 

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