Contemporary interior designing tips for modern homes in India

Contemporary interior designing for your home requires you to have an eye for quality interior designers who can beautify your place with contemporary design elements. For contemporary Interior designing, the best approach is to minimize the uses of accessories to create an elegant and classy look instead of looking too cluttered or bulky due to heavy use of décor elements. Contemporary interior designing is an IN thing today. And if you like contemporary designs and wondering how to go about it, then the best thing you could do is to meet a couple of experienced interior designers in your neighborhood to discuss your design needs and get opinion and advise.

Taking ideas and opinions and conducting online research could be of some help, but you know the look and feel will be amazing when all elements of the design complement each other. For that balance to happen, you need help from the professional interior designers who have the expertise and experience in contemporary interior design and decoration.

I like contemporary interior designing and have done lots of research both online and offline when I meet interior design professionals. I know there are many people who want to do contemporary interior designing to modernize their homes and this post is to encourage them all. If you are planning to modernize your home and planning to go for contemporary interior designing then this post is for you. Just read through and learn some amazing tips about contemporary interior designing for modern Indian homes.

Contemporary interior designing - Living room

Budget for contemporary Interior designing

Lets start with a budget in mind because it is important. It’s also important for you to make a prior plan of up to what extent do you want to modify your interiors, since it will directly determine how much you have to spend on those modifications. It is important to jolt down your requirements before starting the work. Since you do not want to spend your money on unnecessary things and later regret your decision. So have a clear cut budget and try to stick to it, unless its essential to tweak your budget a little.

Go for open, simple and elegant contemporary designs

The modern home decoration is characterized by the simplicity and openness. An open and bigger room automatically looks beautiful. The idea is to arrange (or rearrange) your furniture, upholsteries, decorative items, electronic equipments in such a sophisticated manner so that it will become apparent how immaculately your items are placed in the room, thereby making your room look classy and elegant. This will have a prominent effect on your lifestyle too.

Use technology for contemporary interior designing

The role of technology has become an integral part of modern living. We are dependent on the various electronic appliances and gadgets in our daily life. Hence these appliances should be properly arranged inside the room so that the presence of these appliances does not have any ill effects in allover beauty of the room. Another major factor that ruins the beauty of a room is the electricity connections, cables, wiring, plugs and switches. If the positioning and placement of these things are not managed properly then it will give your room a cluttered look and eventually ruin its beauty. You should maintain them in a way such that your electronic goods continue uninterrupted performance while keeping out of your site to maintain the elegance of the room.

Avoid edgy and pointed furniture

Using edgy and pointed furniture not only degrades the beauty of the room but also make it unsafe for the toddlers and kids in your house to freely roam around the room. According to many interior designers soft corners in furniture like chairs, table, and rugs can make the room visually appealing and safe for the toddlers. Hence avoid sharp and pointed corners in your room. A round coffee table or an oval rug can be of great addition to your room for the purpose of softening the corners and it will also be soothing to your eyes.

Comfort vs. Design: what’s important?

Don’t ever give priority to design over your comfort. Remember, you are going to live in your house along with your family so making it visually appealing by jeopardizing your comfort is not acceptable. This means that you have to arrange the necessary goods in an organized manner to enhance your comfort and living experience. A professional interior designer can make your wok easy by arranging the furnishing, cabinets, wall color, wall hangings, paintings and other necessary elements as per your convenience.

Leave breathing space

A spacious room alone can look highly enticing and attractive. The sense of extra space gives energy and freshness to the people living in the house. There should be proper ventilation and access of fresh air along with convenience of moving freely. So focus on maintaining your stuffs in an organized way, so that you do not stumble upon them every now and then. An interior decorator may help you to arrange the goods in an organized manner to allow maximum space inside the room.

What to add and what to avoid for contemporary look

We often bring unnecessary crockery or grocery items from the market. Don’t repeat the same mistake when you go for marketing of furniture, fixtures, decorative items etc for your rooms. Hence this time around you will end up wasting so much money which might not suite your rooms at all. While decorating your room start with big options like the ceiling, architectural modifications, wall paintings, electronic appliances, flooring, tiles etc. then gradually go through the smaller ones like common house decors, upholsters, curtains, etc. So unlike buying full grocery sets that might apparently look cool but later you might find flaws in it and discard it. There is no such option while buying the designing materials for your interiors. Remember that everything you buy should complement each other and blend together visually by still retaining its utility.

Perspective vs. Reality

Take your time to examine each and every option carefully and try to imagine how they will look together after getting a finished look. While buying apparels you might apparently consider a particular shirt or T shirt to be cool by looking at its colors, material etc, but it might still not look good on you when you actually wear it. So try to imagine it as if you are wearing it. Same thing you have to follow while interior designing.

Fixtures on walls like the TV, various lightings, wall paint, switch boards etc, should not look out of place, as these miscellaneous items can make a huge impact to the overall beauty of the room. Sometimes even before the project has started you may feel like placing a huge drawing table in the middle of the room, but it is too soon to make a decision like that yet. You can put it on your wish list and wait till you are done with the rest of the room.


All the aforementioned tips are some of the best modern interior decor ideas which are being widely used in various modern projects nowadays. However, if you prefer classic designing over modern ones, then you should intensely research from various resources for finding the best interior design company in your city who is capable of delivering the best results, making a visual impression for your visitors to get mesmerized by a single glimpse of our interiors. Your approach should be taking some time and try on various combinations until you are satisfied with its finishing.

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