Cockroach Problem in Kitchen: Most effective ways to get rid of them

I wonder if I would have known these techniques few years ago when I was living in a hell, surrounded by these evil critters called cockroaches. I still get goose bumps when I think of those little dirty things crawling all over our beds, kitchen, cupboard, bathroom (worst place to spot one, while showering or in the kitchen), table where we use to eat. After all these years, I have learned several ways of getting rid of cockroaches in an effective manner.

Cockroach problem in Kitchen is not new for me and I even did not know that there are pest control companies who can help me get rid of these ugly cockroaches. But over a period of time I learned several tips and tried most of them to get rid of cockroach problems in the kitchen.

These freaks are the only things which gave me bitter memories back then. We never go to sleep properly as we apprehended that some cockroach will climb on our bodies at night (in the worst case, get inside our clothes) while we were fast asleep. It still gives me nightmares and I shudder at the thought of this. Over the years, I have learned many techniques to curb this menace. Today in this post I am going to share few effective tips for cockroach removal, with the readers which I have learned through research and experiments.

How to get rid of cockroach problem in kitchen

Here’s how to get rid of cockroach problem in kitchen

Prevention is better than cure.

And this applies to cockroaches as well. What I learned about cockroach removal from Kitchen, bathroom or house is you should get rid of them completely and then ensure that they don’t reappear. You can always prevent them from invading at your premises if you live with discipline and make sure that your kitchen, bathroom, and premises are clean and tidy at all times.

Although the best way to get rid of these roaches is by calling an expert pest controller to take care of them, remember you must know the weakness of the pest’s before you think of ways to control or remove them. Cockroaches are very hard to kill with tough skin which is not easily penetrable so you have to hit them from inside at their vulnerable places. Professional pest control people are expert at these but if you still want to be a little self-dependent on taking on these roaches, be my guest and try the following tips:

Killer balls for cockroach removal

No, I am not talking about naphthalene balls which are efficient in keeping lizards away. Ingredients: These killer balls can be made by Crisco and bacon drippings (use 1/8 cup as bait), sugar (same quantity as bait), one cup borax or boric acid powder (remember these two are not the same thing, boric acid works faster, but some people still prefer using borax as it is available from laundry detergents itself), half cup flour and water.

Preparation and applying the technique:  Combine the Ingredients together, add water and form the soft dough of a size of a small marble. Stash them in the places where these roaches use to roam around like under sinks, appliances, food cupboards etc. To keep their effectiveness intact sprinkle a little water on these balls every day and replace old balls with new ones if required. You can put this bait inside plastic biscuit containers with vent holes (to lure them in) and close the lid so that your kids cannot reach them.

Effect: The boric acid content hit them hard upon eating, it dehydrate all the moisture in their body and tear up their bodies from inside

Kill cockroaches by starving them to death

Like every other living thing they also have to survive by eating. So all you need is to remove the sources from where they get food. Don’t leave food on your counter tops and biscuit containers. Store all your dry food items in tightly sealed containers to prevent the cockroaches from feeding on them. Remember to empty your trash cans regularly, rinse your trash cans, bottles and plastics before putting them in the garbage as it might again draw the attention of the roaches if you put these items directly into the bin they will directly follow it into your trash.

How to stop cockroaches from reappearing

Crumbs of wasted food and splatter of grease are their favorite things which they like to feed upon. So make sure to clean your countertops, under sinks and appliances like the stove or gas oven with a solution of vinegar and water (in 1:1 ratio).

Don’t let food crumbs and splatter in other rooms. Do not allow your kids to waste and spread the food around the rooms. Vacuum regularly. Keep your refrigerator clean at all times, you do not want to see a cockroach in there. Yes, you are right they can even withstand heavy cold. They are hard to kill and have great survival instincts which made them extremely powerful pests.

Never leave dirty dishes in your sink. Wipe away spills immediately, try to keep your oven crystal clean at all times. As these are the places from where these pests start growing. Wipe your counters after preparing food, sweep the floors and mop them regularly. Also keep your drains clean and do not allow them to be clogged. Try to keep everything dry as these ever critters like moist places, which are nice and warm allowing them to breed freely if they found such place.

De-clutter your space

Cockroaches loves cluttered places especially the like the smell of rotten things. These are few things which act as cockroach magnets such as stacks of newspaper and magazines, paper bags and plastic bags from grocery stores, old unused cardboard boxes. If you have a wooden floor chances are that they may have set up a camp underneath your floor which is moist and warm.


Remember to keep your home cockroach free you still require consistency from your side to keep these pests at bay. It’s a collective effort to keep the house clean and tidy, with proper food storage facilities, de-cluttering regularly and cleaning immaculately.

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