General Pest Control Tips to Deal With All Types Of Pests at Home

I am not comfortable with flying cockroaches in the kitchen, silverfish bugs in your shower, ants roaming and feeding freely, bed bugs and mosquitoes taking away my sleep at night and termites damaging the wooden cupboard. I have had some terrible experiences with pest. But pest control is something which is not easy unless you know them well and also have ideas to remove them. Here are the general pest control tips you can use to get rid of most common pests and bugs at your home or workplace.

I get terrified when I see cockroach and hence I find it difficult to do anything when I see it in my kitchen or in the bathroom. But the matter of concern here is how to get rid of them and prevent them from coming again? These bugs are extremely stealthy and have great survival instincts. If you are affected by these pests then I can relate with you. But I have found ways to deal with these pests and drive them out of my house and backyard. I will tell you how you can do it too, but let me tell you something more interesting, first.

My dad use to be a forest ranger, so I have got the opportunity of staying in lot of places around India, especially in the areas which are covered in dense forest such as Assam, Meghalaya, Sikkim etc. Apart from the beauty which these places have to offer, the only problem we have faced there is the problem of pest and bugs. All kind of deadly pest and rodents use to roam freely around our premises at all times due to the surroundings. They have kept us busy at all times on searching for ways to get rid of them. In this post, I will mention tips for dealing with different pest at home especially in those areas where pest problem are inevitable and difficult to deal with.

General pest control tips and Tricks to deal with most common pests and bugs

Since there are so many pests out there, I am sharing general pest control tips for most of the bugs like cockroach, lizards, mosquito etc and hope it help you in your pest removal efforts. So let’s get started now.

General pest control tips

We use to live in Kokrajhar, Assam during my childhood, which is now a highly terrorist prone area. But long ago when we lived there some 20 years ago, it used to be a calm place, the only problem we faced that time is pests. From deadly mosquito bites, to snake bites, scorpion stings, and many other errant pests make our daily lives hell. Initially you might have to take help from professional pest control agencies in order to curb serious infestation or for seeking advice on preventing them.

Mosquito control

We have installed nets on the windows in order to prevent any incoming pests from entering our home. If it is the question of any urban areas then I could have suggested common ways to prevent them such as keeping the gutter clean at all times, don’t allow stagnant water to settle somewhere for long for preventing the growth of larvae.  But in places like that there is absolutely no way to keep them away as they will keep coming from the jungle no matter how hard you try. So the only option is to play little defensive and prevent their entry in our premises. Install nets at your windows and block any possible entries with nets from where there is even a slight possibility of them entering your premises. You can also try planting tulsi and lavender plants in your garden, as these plants are great mosquito repellants.

Spider control

Another scary thing you will find in such areas is these eight legged freaks. I already suffer from Arachnophobia (allergic to spiders or extreme fear of spiders). So living in the same room with a huge ugly spider is not acceptable for me at any cost. One thing that spiders do not like is citrus and lemon. Using a phenyl with lemon scent in it can easily drive these freaks out of your house. Spray this phenyl mix in doorways, bathroom, kitchen and near windows, anywhere these spiders roam around. Try to keep your premises clean at all times as the spiders cannot tolerate clean places as they like to live in dusty and moist places.

Flies control

Flies are another menace that we have to deal with. Flies often target our food and pollute them with their dirty ways making the food extremely unhygienic to eat.  To curb this problem sanitization is the first step you should follow. Food on which these flies lay eggs should be discarded to avoid food poisoning or other ailments. Protect you garbage bins from these flies, use tight lids to prevent them from accessing it and later spread diseases.

Lizard control

Lizards can also poses great threat as their stools are extremely poisonous and can cause severe food poisoning. For getting rid of lizards at your home, you can use coffee powder, naphthalene balls, onions, garlic, egg shells, peacock feathers, pepper pesticide spray, ice cold water etc.

Rats and mouse control

Rats and mouse are extremely clever rodents. They will not get caught easily. They can do a lot of damage to your wares as they have sharp teeth which are sharp enough to penetrate through even thick card boards. For dealing with these rodents you can set several traps available in the general stores near you. And to prevent these rodents from invading your home, try to keep your house clean and tidy so that they will get the message loud and clear that they are not welcome at your premises.


Although in urban areas, you might not face much trouble in dealing with pests and rodents, but in places where pest problem cannot be avoided in any circumstances, you got to be extra cautious while dealing with them. Simply hiring a good pest control service can save you from a lot of trouble and you can hire one here.

Stay tuned to get more tips on dealing with other errant pests such as cockroaches, termites, bedbugs, silverfish bugs etc.

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