Cost of Intercity Relocation in India – Direct and Indirect Expenses

Moving and relocating, especially to a different city has always been a tedious thing to deal with. Apart from dealing with all sorts of packing and transportation needs, you ought to deal with several other things that involve time, effort and obviously your money. And for the cost of intercity relocation in India, it’s not just the cost of hiring packers and movers, there is more to it.

Naturally no one would like to spend more while relocating, but there are certain expense which can’t be ignored and we some time tend to forget it while estimating and figuring out the overall cost of intercity relocation in India. In this post, I want to talk about both direct and indirect expenses that you should account for.

Cost of intercity relocation in India

Naturally, you may have to spend more on something else which is not discussed here or you may not have to expend on something we will be discussing here. So bear that in mind, but still it should give you a good sneak peak of both direct and indirect expenses of intercity home relocation in India.

Cost of intercity relocation in India

Primarily the cost of intercity relocation in India can be divided in to two different categories. The first category of cost could include cost of packing, transportation, transit insurance, your won travel arrangement etc. And second category could include other indirect costs such as cost of cleaning a house, rental security deposits, admitting your kids to a new school and so on.

Direct expenses and cost of intercity relocation in India

When we are packing on our own, we have to buy many packing materials, isn’t it? And if you have clearly noticed or experienced, you’ll see that most of the packing materials remain unused or completely gets wasted. Hence, and you’ll either have to again carry them with you to the new place, or throw them away. So, when your packing materials go wasted, automatic the money goes wasted along with it. So, buying packing materials is one of the hidden cost for moving.

You can buy packing materials and take out some time to pack all the stuff. But can you do the loading and unloading part all alone? It’s not possible at all. Therefore, if not for packing, you’ll need to hire labors for loading and unloading the goods. Now, charges of the labors will differ according to your goods. Thinking how? Let me explain then. If your goods are small and light, it will be very easy to carry. But, if you have large and heavy weighing household goods, don’t you think they’ll charge you more? In fact, in such a case they’ll ask you to hire two more labors for the task. So, that’s how you’ll build up a hidden cost for moving house.

Transporting your goods from one state to another in India will charge you a lot, making a big hole in your pocket. The transport cost doesn’t just involve the charge of the means of transport, but the charge will include the driver’s charge and the diesel charge. These charges are compiled all together, and then the final money is taken from you. So, it’s going to be expensive.

Indirect expenses and cost of intercity relocation in India

There may be many indirect expenses such as cleaning, general pest control, other electrical and plumbing services etc. I mean if you are moving to a new house, you may have different kind of appliance that may need an extra electrical plug point. Or you may have to hire an electrician to hang the ceiling fan, fit the geyser and look after other tasks.

But let’s focus on some of the major cost of intercity relocation in India and here you go;

Cost of buying/renting a new house: When you have to leave your own house and go to some other place, obvious;y you’ll have to spend some extra money on buying or renting a new house. This is another unnecessary hidden cost for moving house. Sometimes the landlord or landlady may also demand advances or something like a caution money.

The cost of admitting your kids in new school: If you have kids, you’ll have to again admit them in a new school, in the new city. This too falls under hidden cost for moving because you must have already admitted them in a school in your hometown or city; and now, again you’ll have to admit them in a new school. So, that’s obviously too heavy for your pocket.

Hiring new services: When you leave your home town/city, it is certain that you’ll have to pay all the service providers the amount they deserve and then head to wards the new city. Now, in the new city you’ll require hiring some services such as new DTH connection, newspaper, milk and etc. So, obviously you’ll have to again spend money on these service providers. And the amount of money they’ll charge may vary. You can’t expect the services providers to charge similar to your hometowns service providers. It will surely differ, just like how the transport cost of every state differs.

Broker’s fee: If you have been transferred to a different city within a short notice, then you may have to contact a broker and ask him to find a house for you to stay. So, obviously when you hire a broker to find you a house, you’ll have to pay a commission to him, which is again an hidden cost for moving.


So when you are moving house in India, it’s not the cost of just movers and packers for packing and transporting, there are other costs involved such as renting out a house, admitting your kids to a new school and brokerage fee to rent a house. At times we just assume it’s just the cost of packing and moving and forget to account for other costs like we have discussed above.

Irrespective of whether you are moving on your own or whether you are hiring packers and movers service, there are other costs involved that you may not have considered. Hope this post helps you plan your relocation in better ways.

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