Cleaning and Dusting – Are you making these cleaning mistakes?

Cleaning and dusting is probably a regularized or weekly task performed in almost everyone’s house. You may think both are same task, but no. Dusting your home is cleaning it undoubtedly, but it requires different equipment and follows completely different methods. Same goes for cleaning; cleaning will require different equipment and process.

For some of us, cleaning and dusting can be an extremely easy task as it just requires duster and cleaning solution, and nothing else at all. And to some it might seem very tough because they might be allergic to it, especially in case of dusting, or have breathing issues such as Asthma. But, whether it is easy or difficult, you’ll definitely have to do the task of cleaning and dusting your home as much as possible, either by hiring a cleaner or by doing it yourself. But, are you confident that the way you dust, will effectively remove dust? Or the way you clean will make your home neat and germ free? Confused right? Don’t worry, this post is going to help you know the mistakes you make while cleaning and dusting your house. If you realize that you don’t make any of the mistakes mentioned in this post, then thumbs up, you must be doing it right.

More than eight percent people randomly buy various types of cleaning and dusting equipment and start dusting their home, thinking that their home is going to be completely clean and dust free. But are their home really free of dust and dirt? Did you ever notice that after cleaning and dusting, dirt returns again within a week? Yes, right? This is because of the mistakes you make while dusting. Relax, there are many other people who don’t know about the mistakes they commit during cleaning and dusting. We are going to discuss those mistakes in rest of this post .

cleaning and dusting mistakes you may make

Common mistakes you make while cleaning and dusting

If you too are skeptic about the way you dust or clean your home, then here are four major mistakes you make while cleaning and dusting your home.

4 common mistakes you make while cleaning your home

While cleaning the house, many of us might not know the mistakes we commit while cleaning it. Therefore, to help you understand the mistakes, here are few common mistakes that we commit in our daily life while leaning home.

1.Not using right set of cleaning tools: Most of us ignore this part, because we feel that every cleaning equipment are same. But, if our cleaning purpose are different, how could cleaning equipment be same? If you use a harsh brush over a delicate area, it is surely going to destroy the area. Or if you use any random cleaning solution over a delicate fabric, it is surely going to get discolor it and also make it prone to damage. Therefore, you need to buy equipment as per the cleaning requirement. Do read the label before buying any product, so that you know on which surface it is safe to use.

2. Unorganized cleaning: Before cleaning your home, do you make a plan or try to organize the cleaning task? No? Then this is another mistake you commit. A plan is always required before implementing any project. Therefore, if you want to clean your home perfectly tomorrow or the next weekend, then remember to prepare a plan before that. In the plan include the room you want to clean, the things/equipment your require, and etc.

3. Trying to do everything in a day: If you think you can clean your entire house perfectly in a single day, then you are absolutely wrong. Don’t even try to deep clean your home in one day, because you’ll mess up everything. Relax and divide your deep cleaning task for every weekend. For instance, in this weekend plan to clean your bedroom and living room, and in the next weekend clean your kitchen and bathroom, or vise versa.

4. Mixing products: Mixing two or more products while cleaning your rooms can not only be fatal for the substance on which you’ll apply it, but can also hamper your health. Wondering how could this hamper your health? Well, if you mix two chemicals, for instance if you clean your bathroom by mixing bleach and acid, then it will create chlorine gas which is fatal for health. Therefore, always try to use one product at a time, and choose the product that is less toxic.

5 common mistakes you may make while dusting

While dusting our home as well, we commit many mistakes unknowingly. Want to know what are those mistakes? Then here is a list of 5 mistakes you make while dusting:

1. Choosing wrong tools:  Yes, in case of dusting as well, if you don’t choose the right kind of dusting equipment, you will surely not be able to dust well. One of the worst dusting equipment is feather dusters. Feather dusters may look good and feel soft, but you are not going to use it for vanity or decoration purpose right? So, no point focusing on its look and softness; they are useless because they just spread dust from one surface to another. Instead, buy a microfiber or electrostatic duster, which can grip the dust well and clean the surface effectively.

2. Not cleaning the equipment: If you want to make sure that your dusting equipment will continue collecting dust, then what you have to do is always clean them after dusting your home. Hope this isn’t a big task? To keep your dusting equipment perfectly working, you need to maintain them really well. If you don’t clean your cleaning instruments after dusting, then this is again one of the mistakes you make while dusting.

3. Spraying solution directly: You can undoubtedly purchase cleaning solutions from the market to clean your household goods such as appliances and furniture. But, spraying those solutions directly over these goods is one of the mistakes you make while dusting. If you spray chemicals solution directly over your household goods, especially the furniture, then it will create a transparent build-up that is hard to remove and ultimately attracts dust. So, avoid doing this mistake and spray the chemical over a cloth and then use it to clean household goods.

4. Change Vacuum cleaner filters: If you are a vacuum cleaner user, then the experience of dusting must be better than using dusters, isn’t it? But, do you change the filters of you vacuum cleaner? No? Then this is one of the mistakes you make while dusting your home using a vacuum cleaner. The more you use these gadgets to clear the dust, the more their filters clog. And if you don’t change the filters, how would the clogged filters trap dust? Therefore, change the filters and use your vacuum cleaner to suck in the dust particles.

5. Dry dusting: Some people just use the dusting equipment and clean the dust filled items of their home. But do you think this removes dust? No way, it doesn’t! When you are dry dusting your house, the dust starts flying in the air and becomes hard to remove. So, instead you need to use a microfiber cloth and spray a little bit of cleaning solution over it, and then wipe the dust filled are.


Now, when you are familiar with the mistakes you make while cleaning and dusting, will you be careful? Hope you really rectify these mistakes, because that will make your cleaning and dusting activity much fruitful. Therefore, avoid these big mistakes you make while cleaning and dusting, and keep your home dust-free. If you want your home’s cleaning and dusting to be done by some expert, then you can hire best home cleaners right here without hassles.

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