100 DIY Home Decor Tips to Decorate Your Home This Winter

The beautiful winter month of December has arrived with the gorgeous blue sky, the soothing bright orange sun and the cozy weather all around. December is the month of holidays, Christmas and parties, and that calls for home makeover. This is the time to re-looking at the overall decoration of your sweet home, especially if you plan to host a family get together or a party. And if you are looking for the best DIY home decor tips to decorate your home then just read on.

DIY Home Decor Tips to Decorate Home This Winter

India is a tropical country where the winters are too cozy and comfortable. Winter is the time of celebrations, Christmas, parties and of course the booze. In such a glamorous time, why will you leave your home out of all this? You home can also be a part of the winter celebrations; you can host your parties at your home too.

With the onset of winter, you take out the winter wears, the woolen clothes, the accessories, etc. In the same fashion, your home must be made ready to welcome the winter season.

Easy home decor tips to decorate your home

There is no limitation to creativity. You won’t believe how you can transform the existing décor of your home with a few tricks and twists. It’s not that only a professional interior decorator can transform your home, even you can be creative and decorate your home to welcome this winter. Through this post, I want to share some of the easiest DIY home decoration tips you can use to decorate your home this winter.

Are you ready?

  1. For the entrance door, make a wreath of leaves and flowers, and also some colourful small bells and stars. You can add the twinkling lights in the wreaths too. This will make the entrance door appealing.
  2. For the porch, keep a rug and place a cozy chair covered with pillows and cushions. Beside the chair, a small coffee table for enjoying the soothing sunrays.
  3. Big standing potted plants will look great in the porch. There are colourful leafy plants which can grow all around the year; you can keep them in the porch to add some greenery.
  4. Replace the whitish and the light coloured curtains with some brighter shades like orange and red to make the rooms look cheerful. There are few places in India which experience snowfall in winter, while the majority of the places have soothing temperatures with no extremities. The brighter curtains will go well with the outside weather conditions too. The velvet curtains are a good choice for the winter seasons.
  5. Throw some extra cushions in the sofa and couch to give a cozy feeling.
  6. Change the cushion covers to some bright or happy colours just like the curtains. You can match the colours of the cushions with the curtains if you want a monochrome look.
  7. Keep the walls in neutral shades as then you will have ample opportunity to experiment with the accessories. The buttery white, the creamy shades, pale blue or pink are some of the bets options for your home interiors.
  8. Keep the ceiling white, and here you can add some décor items too, like wall hanging paper lights.
  9. Paint the accent wall with darker shades, so that you can create a contrasting ambiance in the room.
  10. The darker accent wall can be the perfect place for some accessories like hanging a mirror or a wall painting or even a clock.
  11. Adding mirrors in your room will make the room look bigger and brighter, as it will reflect light in all directions.
  12. Make use of items that will remind you of winter, for example, the yarns, the pine cones, bells and stars which are used in Christmas trees, faux furs etc.
  13. The pine cones can be decorated with colourful yarns, wrap the pine cones in the bright colourful yarns and keep them in a bowl. Add some colourful pebbles and green grass in the bowl. This can be a perfect centre piece or an accent piece in your sitting room.
  14. Decorate the curtains with the glass beads, which will reflect the sunrays during the day.
  15. The curtain tie-ups can be used, you can make your own with the help of your necklace that you do not wear.
  16. Instead of on rug for each room, you can use a layered texture. Place a rug, and on top of it place another rug, fold it, and thus form a layer. In my house, I have a blue carpet, and on top of it, I have placed a furry white rug, which has given the look of multiple textures and layers.
  17. Open the windows and let the sunlight come in, if you have snowfall, and then there is no chance of keeping the windows though. But otherwise, letting the sunlight in is an important part of décor.
  18. Make the curtains long and wide, the curtains must touch the floors to give a fuller look.
  19. The curtain rods can be decorated with the green stems of the plants. You can use the artificial plants to decorate the curtain rods too. The artificial plants look bright and beautiful and require no maintenance.
  20. The candles can be the great source of warmth and also décor in the winter months, place some scented candles in the room.
  21. Use the mason jars as the candle holders, place the candles in them and then light them up.
  22. Place some colourful pebbles in the jars, some tiny bells and stars and then put the candles, it will look amazing art.
  23. Put the twinkling starry lights in the mason jars and then switch on the lights.
  24. Hang paper lights and paper lanterns in the porch, balcony and also the entry way.
  25. Set a mini bar in the sitting room where you can enjoy drinks complementing the weather.
  26. Keep the colourful wine bottles, the glasses and goblets on display to make the place look interesting.
  27. Set a crescent shaped table across the bar to separate the space from the formal sitting room.
  28. The book shelves that you have are piled with books in proper rows and columns. Change the order, and instead keep some book horizontally and some vertically. Place the books haphazardly to make it livelier.
  29. Paint the interior of the book shelves with some popping colours like magenta or blue to go with the décor.
  30. Instead of using one curtain, you can use double layered drapes, of contrasting colours like white and yellow.
  31. The grills of the windows can be decorated with starry lights, and switch them on in the evenings.
  32. The sight of the water is not very soothing in the winters, so you can avoid the transparent vases. You use solid opaque vases for keeping the fresh flowers.
  33. You can paint the glasses and the mason jars with glass paints, like red and green, and then use them as show pieces.
  34. The coloured glass bottles can be used as vase for keeping flowers like deep dark red roses and white roses paired together.
  35. Do not throw away the empty drink bottles, wash them well, and keep them near the window sills. The sunlight will pass through them and the rooms will have the colourful lights all over.
  36. Winter is a time of seasonal fruits like apples and oranges. These colourful fruits can make the home look beautiful Keep them in a fruit basket and place them in kitchen or dining table.
  37. Take a small colourful glass plate, spread some almonds, cashews and walnuts and keep it in the drawing room, in front of the sofa or couch.
  38. Winter is also the time of cakes and pastries, so use these food items for the home décor. Keep them in the specific cake plates, and put them on display.
  39. Make a DIY card holder using two cardboard or thermocol structures, attach the ribbons or the threads in between, and then hang the greeting cards in these threads.
  40. Cover the dull walls with huge mirrors or wall clock.
  41. Hang beautiful natural scenery on the wall of your drawing room, the happy picture which will cheer up your mood instantly.
  42. You can also put up some beautiful winter quotes like “Keep calm and welcome winter”, “Eat, drink and be cozy”. You can get some more quotes here.
  43. Make the posters of the quotes and hang them on the wall.
  44. For your dining room, you can give some appropriate pictures regarding yummy foods in winter like a hot cappuccino or smoking delicious soups or even colourful veggies and fruits.
  45. Place a carpet in the dining room as you will hate to touch the cold floors during eating meals.
  46. Attach some sitting mattress and cushions in the chairs so that you do not have to sit on the cold hard wood.
  47. Use the mattress and cushions of same colours to complement the ambiance of the dining area.
  48. Place the long candle stands on the dining table, with lit candles to give a feeling of warmth.
  49. For the table mats, you can use the designs pertaining to the snow and winter, like the snowflakes.
  50. Christmas is on its way, so mark a place to keep the Christmas tree.
  51. Are you bored of the blank wooden table top? Well, not anymore. Place a glass piece as the size of the table top, and tuck some colourful nature pictures underneath it.
  52. Keep a candle stand on the table top and light it after the sun set.
  53. The framed family pictures are a great way to cover up the blank walls.
  54. Use a collage of family pictures, frames of various shapes and sizes places together.
  55. Hang some small golden Christmas bells on the doors, so that the doors do not look boring.
  56. A wind chime near the windows will add some music to your décor.
  57. Spice up the dull corners of the room by placing a red or shocking pink bean bag.
  58. Keep some potted plants in the room.
  59. Use doormats at the entrance.
  60. If the weather is windy and you want to close the windows, then spray some air fresheners positively.
  61. Use bed sheets and bed covers so that all the legs of the bed are covered. Do not use short bed covers in winters.
  62. Keep the blankets and the quilts in separate cupboards if you do not want them 24*7 on the bed.
  63. Use the extra storage spaces that you get with the box beds. Do not keep the bedding anywhere.
  64. You must spread a carpet around the bed so that you do not have to touch the cold floors after waking up in the morning.
  65. Use velvet curtains in the bedroom to mark the privacy of the space.
  66. Use dark shaded curtains for your home in the winter.
  67. Use lamps in the frosted glass in winter for your bedroom to enjoy the winter season.
  68. Hang bright pendant lights in the balcony, porch, and also bed room.
  69. The chandelier lights look classy in sitting room and dining room.
  70. The floor lamps installed near the sofa can serve the purpose of reading light as well.
  71. Is the top of the shelf and cupboard empty? Well, you can place some smaller framed pictures here, but before that create a soft layer of snow with the help of cotton wool and glue. Then amidst it place the pictures of your choice.
  72. Make your own delicacies and display them in your home, on the centre table, near the Christmas trees, on the dining table etc.
  73. Take hot molten chocolate or Hershey’s chocolate syrup, dip the almonds walnuts and cashews in the chocolate, and then deep freeze it. The chocolate candies thus prepared can be gift wrapped and displayed on a beautiful platter.
  74. Use red, golden and green gift wraps for making the delicacies look interesting and appealing. If you have kids, then they will love it.
  75. If you are placing a Christmas tree, then place it on a small colourful rig, or may be a green rug which will be matching with the tree.
  76. Decorate the tree with bells, stars, ribbons, santa clause, and of course the gifts.
  77. The candies that you have prepared can also be a perfect décor items during these times.
  78. Use bright lights for your rooms; you can sue LED or CFL for your rooms.
  79. In your bathroom, you cannot open the windows as there is cold weather outside, so switch on the exhaust fan for ventilation.
  80. Air fresheners will give out nice smell in your bathroom.
  81. Install side lights near the mirrors in the bathroom to make the place brighter.
  82. Spread the doormats near the bathroom too, which can soak water easily. You will obviously not want water on your floors, especially during winter.
  83. Display all the white dinner sets and utensils in the glass cabinets, the white plates and dishes will set the mood of winter.
  84. Take a tray, place some pine cones, and sprinkle some salt and white flour, to make it look like snow. Then keep the tray on the dining table or the sitting room as an ultimate décor accessory.
  85. You can use bright colours and turn the walls in to graffiti. Winter is the time when the bright colours will not dazzle your vision.
  86. Give a fresh coat of paint for the instant fresh and vibrant look.
  87. Winter is dry season and there is lots of dust particles in the air. Make sure you clean all the appliances and furniture and vacuum the carpets and rugs. Maintain proper hygiene.
  88. Do you have the same sofa covers? Time has come to change them. With the onset of new season, you can use rough textured covers with dark shades.
  89. Paint the sides of the drawers and shelves with some bright colours.
  90. Keep a Santa Clause in your kids’ room so that your kid can play with the soft toy and enjoy the Christmas.
  91. Stitch the socks with some colourful designs, you can also paint with fabric colours and then stash the socks with some gifts. These socks will be in your kids’ room, they will look for the gifts during the Christmas.
  92. Place some cotton wool on the tree too to signify the presence of snow.
  93. You can make your own posters using golden glitters, glue, marble papers, bells and stars, cotton wool. These things mark the onset of winter and also the upcoming celebrations. You can make the posters for your kids’ room, as your kids love the colourful bright pictures on the wall.
  94. Keep the coffee maker in the kitchen handy as this is the time you will need it the most.
  95. You can keep some beach pebbles, oyster shells in a bowl and place it anywhere you want. A touch of nature is likeable in all seasons.
  96. You can use warm water and vinegar and clean all the doorknobs and hinges to make them shining again.
  97. In the kitchen, keep a set of two or four coffee mugs on display. The mugs can be of same colours and also of different designs.
  98. Stash small transparent glass jars with dry fruits and nuts, and keep them on display.
  99. Spread the blankets and the quilts in the sun during the day. They will be soft and warm when you will use them in chilly nights.
  100. You can make small ice man with thermo cols and cotton wool, and place them in the shelf and also the kids’ room.

Over to you

The points that I have mentioned are specifically in reference to the winter months. You can do all of these with little effort and simplest of ways, but what you need is creativity and imagination. The décor items will remind you of the beautiful winter, you will be able to host winter parties at your home and your guests will just love the décor. So, try these out today and be prepared to welcome the winter.

Happy Winter!

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