How to Decorate Porch Beautifully and Easily

How to Decorate Porch Beautifully and Easily - ServiceSutraPorch or the entryway to your sweet home is probably the most ignored area of the house. We spend time and money in decorating the interior of the house, but porch and the balcony are usually not in the priority. But as you know, the porch is the first place to come across before entering your home. And a properly decorated porch can transform the look and feel of your entire house. I seriously feel the need to decorate porch because, not only it will look good, but the functionally of the space will also improve.

There is a saying, first impression is the last impression, and it is true in this case too. If the porch, which is located in the main entrance to your home, is dirty and untidy, then it will give out a negative vibe. I am sure you do not want that to happen. And that’s what we are going to discuss here in this post. We’ll be discussing quick and simple ideas to decorate porch so that it remain functional as well as look great.

A porch is an open space in front of your house, and in certain cases where there is a scarcity of place, it can be constructed at the back of the house too. The porch is not a room; it is an open space with a roof on top. The porch is somewhat like a balcony because it is a part of both indoor and outdoor space. But the porch is generally bigger in size than a balcony and it can be used differently.

Simple ideas to decorate porch

In most of the cases, porch is going to be the main entryway to your home. And thus, it should look great and inviting. A properly decorated porch can also change the functionally of the space. What sounds like just an entryway can be decorated and transformed into a functional area.  Here are the simple and elegant ways of decorating the porch.

Decorate porch with happy furniture

Festive seasons have arrived, you can welcome the fall with some bright and happy furniture. The porch is not the place where you place the old and worn out chairs and tables which you think are not suitable for your sitting room. Furniture should be of correct size and type and of any style. Do not put too many furniture, or else you will end making it look cluttered.

If you plan to put old furniture then make sure to paint it, add some cushions and pillows, and make them look new and cozy. You can use bright colours like orange and red for a bright and cheerful ambiance. Sitting in the porch and shipping the coffee while watching the sunset is just amazing.

Paint the porch to get monochrome looks

You can give the place a monochrome look, in colours of your choice. The place is located very closer to nature, so if you want to make the porch peaceful and calm, you can use light neutral pastel shades, and then do some experiments with the sitting experiments. For example, if the walls of your porch are of light blue shade, and white ceiling, then you can select white covers for the chairs or the sofa. This way, the place will also look bigger than the actual size.

Darker ceilings

The ceilings of your rooms are white, but here you can do some safe experiments. You can select some darker shades for the ceiling if you want; there is no harm in it because the space is open. In fact, if the ceiling is of dark shade, then you can hang some bright lights using pendent light fixtures for a classic décor.

Usage of curtains

Depending on the size of the porch, you may like to use curtains. But make sure to choose right kind of fabric or materials because we are talking of an exterior part of the house. Properly folded curtains can simply make the space look good great.

Symmetry is important

You can decorate your porch with symmetrical décor items like a pair of big vases or other such decorative items. You can put plants and shrubs of your choice, fill them up with various colourful pebbles, or put some fresh flowers in them. Whatever you do, but there is a balance created by the pair, one piece on each side. Similarly, you can use two rugs, two chairs, four cushions, two pendant lights, two wreaths etc. The symmetry will make the place balanced and organized.

Collage of house plants

Collage of decorating items or plants can improve the look and feel of the porch. And as you know, creating collage of something is not an issue. Collage of house plants can be creating by putting up some pots, randomly on a rack or a tool kind of furniture. Depending on the size of the space, you may take a call. Similarly, you may place a few statues or anything similar to make a collage for the porch.

Make it look clean and tidy

I have mentioned this point at last, but I think this is by far the most important point. The porch has to be clean and tidy, and the unwanted and unused things must be kept away. Your porch is a place where you can enjoy the setting sun, the sparkling stars of the night sky and the cool autumn breeze. You will obviously want the place to be clean and tidy, not just for beauty, but also for a hygienic home environment.

Over to you

The porch is an important part of your home, and it is up to you to maintain the beauty and décor of the place. We often pay less attention to the porch, which should not be the case. When you decorate porch properly, not only it looks great, but the space will also become functional.

Use these tricks and ideas to decorate porch and share the experience. What are the other simple ways to decorate porch?

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