Easy Home Renovation Tips for Indian Homes

If you hate too much furniture in your rooms and like them roomier with enough empty spaces to rest your eyes on, then you have to come to read the right article. We would provide you with some bizarre ideas that will not only give your home a unique get-up but a bit of serenity revolving in each of your rooms. Such interiors are a favorite for those who hate crowds, for readers and contemplators. It is also a pocket friendly approach to living if you have taken a small house on rent.

These home renovation tips can make your room look like as if you are inside your own mind where nothing extraneous is required. You can just arrange with the stuff you need to survive and renovate your home to make it look just perfect. The following tips would work best with one large rented room with attached space for kitchen and dining and maybe just a bathroom at the end of the room.

Easy home renovation tips and ideas

  1. Paint your walls white for this color has the ultimate becalming effect on your senses. Vibrant colors, let’s face it, are bound to produce some disturbance or the other in your mind so ditch them. Stick to basic plaster of Paris and coat it up with a nice ivory white shade. This adds to the sophistication.
  2. Fit lights on the walls with shade up so as to scatter the light of the bulb. Have not more than two or three such shade lamps fitted on the walls.
  3. Avid readers can have a single book-rack against one corner of the wall and alongside that furniture anything more would be overkill. Stick to keeping it in the living room. If you do not have a book rack, set up one nailed to the wall. This living room does not demand a sofa or any other conventional item meant to be kept in a living room, so here you save a lot of your money. You can keep one or two wooden chairs or garden chairs (they save space too, so why not?) at a suitable place. Keep in mind that most of the central section of the room has to be empty.
  4. For a bed, just drop a mattress on the floor and cover it up with a bed sheet white of color or any pale shade with minimum design on it. Place it against the wall near a corner and deck up with a few cushions and back rests of various sizes- colors, pale, check. Place a tall stand lamp shade just at that corner. There. Complete cozy corner for the slumber.
  5. Coming to the attached kitchen, keep not a lot of items on the slab because that will make it look clumsy. You would not want to break the rhythm, would you? Keep the dining table close to the kitchen slab. The light from the kitchen should be enough for both the kitchen area and the dining table. We are trying to save your money as much as possible.
  6. Always keep mild fragrances lingering in your room to give it the feel of the place of ultimate refuge, a place to talk to the inner self. Sounds philosophical but you are how you keep your room.
  7. The room should look a bit shady so set up lights of low power (not too low because you need to see).
  8. A couple of posters of renowned musicians or album art would suffice the need for art on the wall. If you are a passionate listener of music, choosing the right ones won’t be hard for you. You can also hang up some unused or damaged vinyl record discs for that extra effect.

The above tips are best suited to single people, loners or people who hate to be too loud and would want to keep to them and for people who just make ends meet and have recently got a shed to put their head under it. Improvisations to these basics can add to the wonder you will experience. Such a room is ideal for creative people so to speak because they need a lot of space to let their ideas flow freely and the best place for that being a room such as this.

Over to you

Home renovation need not to follow any specific pattern and style except what works for you and what suits your style. Almighty God has made you unique and gave you very different taste. These home renovation tips is jut to give you something to begin with. Be creative and renovate your home the way you would like it to be. Speak to an Interior Designer and express your desire for further help.

By the way how do you renovate your home?

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