How to Celebrate Eco-friendly Diwali in 2016

Diwali, the festival of lights, is one of the most important and fun-filled festival of India. This festival is celebrated throughout India and everyone loves it, especially the kids. Diwali is that one day, when our country India is entirely lit up, and shines brighter than probably all the other countries. But apart from being a very bright festival, it is risky as well if you do not ensure safety measures because, fire is involved a lot in this festival.

Whether it is the Diyas that enhance the beauty of everyone’s home or the crackers that makes the festival fun, both are connected to a common unsafe natural agent, and that’s the fire.

But other than the risk factor fire, there are few other things that may harm the entire locality or the environment. Therefore, this year try to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali. If you celebrate eco-friendly Diwali, and ask others to celebrate Diwali in an eco-friendly way, then you have no idea how much it is going to save us and our environment from toxic.

Celebrate Eco-friendly Diwali

Diwali is just knocking at the door, and surely most of us have started preparing to celebrate this festival in the grandest way possible right? But, this time try to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali, so that the celebration can be safe as well as grand at the same time. Would you love to pollute your environment, especially the air? Surely you wouldn’t want that, because air pollution will trigger loads of complicated issues. Therefore, for now and for the upcoming years choose eco-friendly Diwali over the risky Diwali.

Here’s how to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali in 2016

If you want to save your surroundings especially the air from getting polluted, then do follow the five essential ways to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali for this year, an for the rest of the years. So, here are the five best ways to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali:

1. Switch to Diyas: What most of us do is celebrate Diwali in a Chinese manner. Wondering how? Of course, because we use those Chinese fairy lights or string lights, instead of using our traditional ‘Diyas’. The string lights no doubt make your home look beautiful and well decorated; yet still, Diyas are anytime better. Diyas don’t just illuminate the home, but they also add an aesthetic value to this festival. The best part of using diyas instead of the lights are, it is going to save electricity. And saving electricity is definitely an eco-friendly activity.

2. Buy eco-friendly crackers: We all know that Diwali is incomplete without crackers. But, we also know that crackers are hazardous because they emit harmful smoke. You cannot control the smoke at all, because they are always made of chemicals. But one thing you can surely do is use eco-friendly crackers. To celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali, use crackers which are made up of paper that can be recycled easily, and produce sound that is under the decibel limit, as per defined by the Pollution Control Board. Therefore, since eco-friendly crackers aren’t harmful, one must definitely buy these.

3. Use eco-friendly colors for Rangoli: Rangolis are a very special part of our Hindu culture. And we draw rangoli in almost every auspicious occasions, whether it is a festival or ceremony. But, the powdered colors we use to draw Rangoli are mostly made of harmful chemicals. Therefore, from now onward, try to use colors that are made of natural ingredients such as rice, turmeric, and etc.

4. Make less noise: We have already mentioned about opting for eco-friendly crackers. And in case you don’t find any in your nearest cracker stall, then play with crackers that do not makes huge amount of noise. Noise can be harmful for many, especially the people who are old and grey and also for those who have heart problems. But apart from the humans, the stray animals too have to suffer immensely because they are scared of fire. Therefore avoid noisy crackers.

5. Use eco-friendly decorations: Since it is Diwali, it is obvious that you are going to decorate your home beautifully. There are many who have a tendency to decorate their home using plastic streamers for Diwali. But, as we all know that plastic can’t be recycled, why don’t we use products that can be recycled or reused every year? So, instead of using plastic decorative items, use things such as flower garlands and duppattas to decorate the home.


Right from cleaning your home using herbal cleansers to decorating and lighting, use eco-friendly materials this Diwali. None of us will ever like to do anything that’s not good for the environment. Therefore, just see if you can follow the above mentioned ways and celebrate a complete eco-friendly Diwali this time.

What else one should do to celebrate Diwali in eco-friendly way?

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