Benefits of LED Lights and Why Its Better Than CFL

Light emitting diode or LED lights are the most efficient lighting solutions available today which consume less electricity and has better lifespan. There are many benefits of LED lights over CFL and other bulbs and lights. Longevity, less power consumption and brighter lights are just a few benefits of LED lights, but there are many other benefits of LED lights.

One of the most important thing that we all must be looking for in our home is proper ventilation and illumination. Since this post is all about illuminations and lighting solutions, I am going to talk about top five benefits of LED lights and why you should buy right set of LEDs for your home or workplace over other lights such as CFL.

Benefits of LED lights over CFLs

Many of us, usually find it hard to decide and confused about which type of light to choose, LED, CFL or other lights? This question must be lingering in your mind too if you are planning to do interior work or looking for efficient lighting solutions for your home or workplace? Well, the common answer would be to choose LED lights. Whether you ask this to your neighbor, an electrician, or the shopkeepers, they would always ask you to buy LED lights over CFL lights.

Top 5 benefits of LED lights over CFL

Nowadays, most of the people choose LED lights over CFL because of its qualities and benefits. If you are still stuck in the dilemma of choosing the right type of bulb, then here are the top five benefits of LED lights over CFL and why you should use LED lighting solutions for your home or workplace.

1. LED lights use less energy than CFLs

One of the main benefits of LED lights are that they consume very less electricity and they are efficient. Yes, this is absolutely true that LED lights consume less energy when compared to CFL lights. This is because LED lights are very much efficient at converting electrical power to lights easily and quickly, which the traditional bulbs or even CFL bulb cannot. Therefore, using LED lights over CFL lights is definitely a wise choice.

2. longevity of led light is best

When it comes to the longevity, LEDs can anytime beat the CFL lights at ease. Like the CFL lights, LEDs don’t have any filaments, there’s no chances for oxidation or evaporation of electrical components, and lastly, there is no metal fatigue. That’s why they live longer than the CFLs. Given the price of one good quality light bulb, longevity is certainly a concern and LED lights easily satisfy that and thats the second benefit of led lights.

3. LEDs saves more money than CFLs

Another benefits of using LED lights is to save money. Wondering how? As we have already mentioned that LEDs consume less amount of energy in comparison to CFLs, therefore, isn’t it pretty clear that it will save your money to a greater extent? Obviously, the lesser it uses electrical power, the lesser amount you’ll have to pay to the electricity supplier.

4. LEDs have lesser impact on us and surroundings than CFLs

You might think that, how can a mere light have impact on our surroundings, the environment, or us; isn’t it? But according to science, it definitely has some great impact on the environment and us. LEDs do not contain mercury like the CFLs, which makes it absolutely safe because mercury is anytime toxic to both environment and health. The infrared or ultraviolet radiation emitted through LED light is also extremely low when compared to CFLs.

5. LEDs are more resilient than CFLs

If you have noticed the CFLs, they always take some time to turn on, and they flicker as well. But, in case of LED lights, this doesn’t really happen. The heat emission of LED lights is also very low when compared to the CFLs. LED lights are sensitive to temperature, but CFLs are highly sensitive to temperature, which certainly makes them weaker than LEDs.

Over to you

Longevity, efficiency, less consumption of energy and hence saving money on electrical bills, there are many benefits of LED lights over other types of lights. If you are planning to do interior work and looking for best lighting solution that can complement your interior work, you should go with LED lights. Now a days, we are more concerned about the environment, family health, and of course, the electricity bills. And LED lights can be a better solution than other lighting options.

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