How to Obtain ISO Certification in India: ISO certification process

Do you want to apply for ISO certification in India? But unable to figure out the right way to find an ISO consultant, who can help you get ISO certification done for your company? Obtaining an ISO certification in India for your product or services is not complicated at all. All that you need is an experienced consultant, who can help you through the process of ISO certification.

ISO Certification in India is done through ISO consultants who work under different certification bodies. Finding an ISO consultant is essential because, they are the ones who have proper understanding of all the certification processes, and offer accurate consultancy for ISO certification in India. They will help you right from creating documents to conduct training, and also throughout the entire process.

Process to obtain ISO certification in India

Getting your company certified for ISO quality standard begins with the selection of the certification, that you want to be implemented for your business.

There are various types of ISO certification series, and each of them addresses different issues. ISO 9001 is one of the most widely used ISO certificate, because it addresses Quality Standards issues in general, and it can be implemented in any type of organization that want to increase the efficiency and effectiveness in its day to day operation, and also delivery of products and services.

Process of ISO certification in India

ISO Consultants can be hired to get ISO certified in India. You may not have much access to resources, and time to learn everything in such scenario. Hence, having an ISO consultant by your side will be of great help. Getting ISO certified in India is not a complicated process. Infact, ISO certification process is very easy when you have a professional ISO consultants. ISO consultants can help you through the process of ISO certification. They prepare manuals, documentations, guidelines, and also offer training to your team that will help you get an ISO certificate. But for big corporate with hundreds of employees presence in different parts of India, getting an ISO certificate won’t be very easy. In bigger companies, the number of forms, records and documents will be more, so it’s going to be much more complicated than a smaller organization. Also certain companies or industries require more documentations than others, and that matters a lot in getting your organization ISO certified.

Decide what you want to improve

ISO certification can improve lots of things in an Organization. Depending on your needs and the industry that you operate in, you may like to take a call on which ever ISO certificate you want to implement in your organization. There are various ISO series e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000 etc. Involving an ISO consultant at this stage should be the best thing to do, because they can help you identify the problem and suggest appropriate ISO certification to address those issues. ISO consultants can offer basic consultation for free, and when you decide to hire them and want to take consulting throughout the ISO certification process, then they will charge you consultation fees.

Documentation as per ISO Guidelines

Every organizations maintains a certain types of documentation for their day to day operation. Right from making sales calls to post delivery support, everything is documented in some way or the other. The very first thing that you need to do is build a quality manual as per your business operation, and one that meets quality standards defined by International Organization for Standardization (ISO). In order to get ISO certified in India, you have to follow that quality manuals and also maintain certain forms and documentations. These documentations should meet the ISO quality standards, or else how would you benefit if you don’t maintain those documentations and work randomly? Over a period of time, your process should improve automatically and it will get aligned with the ISO quality standards.

Training of the team

Depending on the size of your team and how much responsibility an individual is taking, your team should go through some training. The idea behind such training is to help your team understand the quality standards, and how the process will improve and all will be benefited. Depending on the size of your team, training may run for a week, or a couple of weeks. Once the training is over, they’ll need to implement what they have learnt during their ISO training through their day to day work.

Practices and improvements

After training, your team has to maintain all those documents while working on their day to day assignments, and all of these documentations have to be maintained properly. When you are ready and you start noticing the improvements, you can apply for final audit to get certified.

ISO Audit

Finally, the ISO Auditor will come over to examine all the documents and records that you have maintained so far. If needed, they would love to speak with some or all of your team members. But that’s only when an auditor need clarification, or has any suggestion to improve the process. Based on their audit report, they will make observations and suggestions if needed, and then grant you certificates.

And that’s it. You will be good to get ISO certification.

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