Tips to Migrate to Canada from India

Canada is one of the most captivating and prospective nations all across the world. Legions of migrants especially from India are settling down to this amazing country for various reasons.

Some come here for an unwinding staycation whilst others are on the lookout for academics, jobs or may be business opportunities. Whatever the triggers are, Indians are never short of excuses when it comes migrating to their dream Canada.

Are you also someone who is wondering how to settle in Canada from India in the proper and expected way? Today’s guide is for you. As you continue reading, you will know about the many ways to settle in Canada permanently.

Why Choose Canada?

Both in terms of career growth and migration pathways, Canada is regarded as second-to-none. In fact, Canada offers quite a few immigration programs to applicants, allowing them to permanently settle in the nation.

Sincemost of these visa options are points-based, you will find it super-easy to turn up in Canada and attain a PR over here. Let’s take the burden of finding the several Canadian points-oriented visas off your shoulders.

Consider this checklist.

Family Sponsorship

Do you have a potential relative staying in Canada? Then, rest assured that you can apply for the Family Class Sponsorship. Canada already gets its residents the privilege of sponsoring their family members through many visa programs.

Needless to say, the Family Sponsorship Program is also one such immigration pathway. By applying for and obtaining this visa effectively, you too can sponsor any of your family members to migrate from India to Canada.

Intra-Company Transfers/Work Permits

There are tons of Indian dwellers who can qualify for a Canadian Work Permit. To apply for a work permit, the candidate must show a substantial job prospect to the immigration department.

However, individuals who are already eligible for intra-company transfers need not obtain a work permit. You may wonder why but it’s an added advantage for those possessing the same. If your boss owns a multinational corporation consisting of several Canadian offices, then you can easily come down to Canada without having to complete much paperwork.

So, in case you have access to the former, you need not acquire the latter.

Quebec Skilled Worker (QSW)

Quebec, a province in Canada, has introduced this skilled worker immigration program for all its applicants. Hence, the Quebec Skilled Worker (QSW) program is primarily run by this Canadian region. 

Candidates who have skills and expertise can apply for this visa option. Furthermore, by using their professional knowledge and acumen, the individual has to make a significant contribution to the Quebec economy and its workforce.

Each of the applicants will be ranked as per a certain points-based system. After the evaluation is done, only a few candidates will get an invitation to apply.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

Canada and its thirteen territories and provinces operate their own immigration programs. In alternative terms, they are also known as Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). With each province having a different economy and population, the immigration programs have been designed accordingly to best fit their demographic and economic requirements.

PNPs are excellent options for those who presently don’t have adequate CRS points to get an ITA. By applying for any of them, candidates can easily get access to a Permanent Residency in Canada.

Immigration of this sort, especially through a Provincial Nominee Program comprises a huge part of the nation’s comprehensive immigration system. In fact, a whopping eight thousand eight hundred individuals had already applied for a Provincial Nominee Program out of a total two lakh thirty-two thousand five hundred economic immigrants.

What’s more, in 2021, Canada had issued invitations in the PNP-relevant Express Entry pathways three times more as compared to 2020. Hopefully, you understand how in-demand the PNP permits are particularly amongst the Indian immigrants out there.

Express Entry – Federal Skilled Worker

Do you have at least a year’s skilled work experience? If you say yes, then the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) visa pathway is what you must apply for. Candidates have to obtain a certain points-oriented score to become eligible for this immigration option.

Apart from that, it is based on the intricate Comprehensive Ranking System, hence is considered one of the most sought-after visa programs so far. Candidates who have gleaned exceptionally decent points and have met all the other eligibility criteria will get access to Canada via this particular visa.

In fact, in 2021 alone, Canada had issued more than fifty percent invitations to skilled workers in India. Fortunately, most of the applicants got their ITAs under the Federal Skilled Worker Stream.

You too can make the most of it and settle in Canada as a permanent resident.

Financial Assets Needed to Settle in Canada

When settling in Canada, it’s always good to remain handy with some substantial financial assets. It will allow you to support your entire stay in Canada without any fuss or worry.

Get access to Canada without a job offer

It is not mandatory for every person to showcase a job offer for getting an entry to Canada. The Express Entry Program exactly allows you to do that. In case you have applied for it, you need not display any job prospect from an eligible Canadian employer.

Language perquisites to settle in Canada from India

Indians have an innate liking towards the cultural diversity, liberal mindset, communal harmony and bountiful employment opportunities Canada offers them. So, if you are wondering how to settle in Canada from India then you need to showcase certain language-related skills to the country’s immigration authority.

To do that, you must obtain the desired score in IELTS for proficiency in the English language or French. The main reason is French, and English are the two most prominent languages of Canada.

Migrate to Canada once and for all!

So, what are you waiting for? Read the post above and know how to settle in Canada from India in the finest possible way. Alternatively, you can buzz a company like Service Sutra, and they’ll lead you to an immigration agent, satisfying all your visa-related needs down the road. 

Also, if you are unsure about relocating goods to Canada, you can use professional international movers and packers services from India to Canada.

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