How To Start An Interior Design Business In The USA

Starting your own interior design business can be exciting. If you have the expertise to design spaces in aesthetically unique ways, you can create stunning new looks for your clients. All you need is the right entrepreneurial skills and business acumen to operate your company to meet your client’s needs. 

Meanwhile, your company’s ability to attract clients and make profits depends on your credibility and reputation. If you’re based in the United States, it’s best to plan the company’s legal framework, design aspects, and marketing strategies to help make the business more feasible. 

Here’s how to start an interior design business in the USA. 

Register Your Business Name And Entity 

The first step to launching your interior design business is choosing its name and getting it registered. Your company’s name is vital for building a recognizable brand. In most cases, interior design entrepreneurs use their name, as it guarantees availability and uniqueness. If you choose not to use it, ensure your business name is distinguishable and sets you apart.

Meanwhile, depending on your state, you can register your business name at the secretary of state’s office or small business bureau. You’ll also need to choose a business entity as part of the registration process, such as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or limited liability company, LLC. 

Choosing the right legal structure for your business is essential when you register with the IRS to obtain your employer identification number for tax purposes. You seek help from a legal professional if you need guidance establishing your company. 

Alternatively, if you want to register your business under LLC, you can hire companies like Northwest Registered Agent or similar ones. You can also read through the review of Northwest Registered Agent service to determine if they’re suitable for your needs. 

Apply For A Business License And Bank Account

Once your business has been registered, you can apply for a business license or permit to legitimize your trade as an interior design business. Your licenses and permits will depend on your state requirements and business structure. You can check your local state laws to determine the ones you need for your company. 

You may have to apply for a seller’s permit if you’re planning to sell your creations. In addition, you can open a bank account and get a business credit card to manage your finances or apply for extra funding if needed. 

Establishing a business bank account is necessary for the success of your company. You can keep your earnings safe and manage your finances with the help of a bank account. Depending on the bank, you can also offer modes of payment and fee structures for your clients.

Prepare Your Marketing And Branding Materials 

One of the most critical steps in starting an interior design business is creating high-quality marketing materials. Doing so can help you attract new clients, establish your business as a brand, and set expectations for potential clients. 

Prepare Your Marketing And Branding Materials

You can create an aesthetically designed digital portfolio and website that displays what services you offer and highlight your specialty, such as designing and optimizing small kitchen spaces. It should also include your design style, products, and mood boards of previous projects. You can also use interior design software to showcase 3D-rendered ideas. 

Use high-resolution images and videos for your website. It’s also best to carefully choose your website’s theme, color palette, and font to showcase your professional image and persona. If you want to add traditional marketing materials, you can opt for business cards, flyers, and outdoor signage if you have an office. 

Promote Your Business And Network 

The final step to officially launch your interior design company is implementing your marketing and branding strategies to promote your business. It helps to establish an online presence using social media accounts. Using visually stunning images on your website and promotional posts can attract potential clients. 

Also, you can create digital adverts displayed on design-themed websites to get potential clients to find you and bring visibility within the design industry. Additionally, content marketing can be an effective strategy for promotion. Your website can feature informative blog articles that show your expertise in the field. For high-end clientele who prefer exclusivity, you can promote your business at trade shows and private networking events for a more intimate approach. 


You can start your interior design business by choosing a distinct name and registering it in your state. It’s also necessary to apply for permits and business licenses in your state. Once the company is registered, open a business bank account to manage your finances, future payments, profits, and taxes. 

From here, you can create marketing strategies for your business. They can help promote and establish your company as a trustworthy brand. Doing so can attract ideal clients and generate profit to grow your business.

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