How to Pack Kitchen Utensils for Moving it Safely

In India we have lots of ‘Jugaad’ (temporary alternatives) for almost anything, but unfortunately it doesn’t workout all the time. Here in this post we are going to discuss about ways to pack kitchen utensils for moving, in order to prevent them from being damaged. Kitchen utensils are usually very costly and are very fragile in nature. A little bit of mishandling could damage all your utensils and crockery. Hence, the ‘Jugaad’ technology is not going to work in case of packing and moving such fragile items, especially crockery.

If you are planning to relocate and don’t want to hire packers and movers companies, then there are no issues. Sometimes it’s better to pack and move your stuff yourself, especially when you can’t find a relocation service provider near your locality. In India, you can find packers and movers companies in almost any city and town. But, when you don’t have lots of household materials to move, then no movers and packers’ service provider would not agree to shift your goods. For instance, it would not be feasible for a movers and packers company to send just a box full of kitchen utensils from Shillong to the desired place. In a city like Shillong, there are only few people relocating every month to a new place/city. Therefore, the movers can’t hire a truck to shift only a few goods, they have their own limitations.

best ways to pack kitchen utensils for moving

Ways to pack kitchen utensils for moving

If you are finding it difficult to pack kitchen utensils for moving then this post is a must read. I am going to share a few useful tips and ideas to help you pack kitchen utensils so that you can move it safely.

Arrange packing materials to pack kitchen utensils

Before you pack your kitchen utensils for moving, you have to arrange sufficient and good quality packing materials to ensure all your items are safe and undamaged. Depending on the volume of the kitchenware you want to move, you should arrange good quality packing boxes, packing paper, bubble wraps and etc. You can also use old newspapers, packing paper and even unused cloths to wrap them up, in case you don’t find bubble wraps. Boxes can be easily found in any grocery shop or a drug store in your neighborhood, and it won’t cost you much. Once you have packed all the utensils, you can put them inside a box and seal it for shifting.

Pack your kitchen according to usability

Since you are packing all your kitchen utensils yourself, it would be great to start early and pack few of your kitchen items when you have ample time in your hand. Packing at a stretch for long hours may not be easy, so start packing items that you are not planning to use immediately. Follow the same method and pack the other goods according to its usability. Therefore, the items that you have planned to use will be packed in the end. Utensils that are lying in the cabinet can be packed earlier, and this way you can pack smoothly without any hassle.

Nest your kitchen Utensils when packing

When you are packing your kitchen utensils, it would be safe to assume you will be moving it yourself. So, it’s important to pack them in such way that you can accommodate all of your utensils in just a few boxes. If you end up packing them in plenty of boxes, then you’ll have to hire a truck.

Nesting is very useful while packing kitchen utensils. Nest packing is done by putting the smaller bowls inside the larger ones, or smaller plates inside the larger plates. When you nest or stack them one after the other, you save lots of space. But while stacking, just remember to do proper cushioning at their bottom, or else your bowls or plates could easily meet scratches or get damaged due to collisions.

Don’t put excess of utensils in one box

Since you are moving the kitchen items yourself, you have to balance it well. I mean, it would be great if you can manage to pack most of your goods in one box, so that you don’t have to carry too many boxes. But at the same time, you ought to ensure that you are not packing lots of item in one box, because if you pack more than the capacity of the box then it would get damaged, and you will end up messing everything. There is no harm in making some smaller boxes because, you can lift and handle them easily. But handling heavy boxes may not be that easy.


Packing your kitchen essentials and kitchen appliances does not require any special skill. Use items and materials that you have access to, and pack everything in such a way that it does not collide with one other. Stacking is okay, but it has to be done with proper cushioning using packing paper, cloths, bubble wraps or scrambled newspapers, especially in case of long distance domestic relocation.

What do you think is the biggest challenges in packing and moving kitchen utensils? Share your experience by commenting below.

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