How to Pack and Move Potted Home Plants Safely?

Moving plants when you are moving elsewhere isn’t easy. This is because moving plants is not like the other chores of your household.  If you are passionate about gardening, then you would understand this thing really well.

However, you don’t need to stress at all as there are many way-outs and strategies to move potted house plants safely and without hampering their comfort in any way.  As you implement each of these steps of moving home plants back to back, you can bring along your potted plants to your new home in the most seamless way, and enjoy their beauty down the road.

All said, below are some useful tips and tricks that would ensure a hassle-free plant moving all the way to your new abode. Let’s dive in!

Keep them hydrated during the move

Make sure that you bring your plants along with you maybe during or after the shifting. Plants are no way less than your kids. So, taking good care of them during the move is seriously important.

To do that, make sure that you carry adequate water for your green friends and water them daily. Meanwhile, keep the aspect of weather in mind for sure. If the surroundings are too hot, you must water your plants extra as and when needed.

On the contrary, never leave them in a freezing car if you are bringing your plants during the winter. Remember, house plants need a great deal of care and attention just the way you do from your near or dear ones.

This way you can keep your plants within a favorable temperature, away from harsh sunlight and underneath a well-ventilated area.

Seek the assistance of professionals

Sometimes, it’s not easy for us to move our plants all by ourselves. The reason is we are not always equipped with the correct bits of information to carry out this task well. In that case, you can hire professional packers and movers who would do everything on your behalf from start to finish.

Needless to say, if you are moving from Delhi then selecting the best packers and movers in Delhi would be a great idea in this regard. The plant removing specialists there know how to move your favorite plants with great care until they reach your new house safely and securely.

However, recognizing top-notch packers and movers is not an easy thing to do. For that, you have to check out their individual testimonials and Google reviews as carefully as possible.

Which of these companies do you think has got the highest positive feedback from their customers? Select the one that you consider the most feasible while factoring in this aspect. It’s good to know that trusting a reliable packers and movers company is way better than making goof-ups while moving plants and spending exorbitant costs on them.

Go for excellent transportation

If you are on a DIY endeavor while moving your plants to the intended destination, it’s better to carry them in your vehicle instead of a paid truck or lorry.

Doing so has many benefits. First, you do not have to expose your plants to extreme temperatures while shifting them. However, that doesn’t mean that you will bring your plants to your new abode in extreme cold temperatures as well.

More so, it would be wiser if you can move your plants at least a day or two before making the actual move. As you do that, it will allow you to escort your beloved plants to your imminent home in the safest possible way.

If the distance is too long, then you might have to stay inside your car for a couple of days too. While you stop at the roadside in the nights, you will have to ascertain that your plants are in the most favorable condition ever.

Look for parasites and insects

Before moving your plants, check that no parasites or insects have made them their breeding grounds. How you will do it will depend on the types of plants you are nurturing, and the extent to which your home has been affected by pest infestations.

Google a flurry of tips and tactics on this and you will get led to many posts guiding you with removal of parasites and other insects from your house plants.

So, what are the most popular plant pests and insects to say the least? White mealybugs and aphids being the most sought-after ones. These critters are destructive enough to destroy all your plants grimly.

YouTube has many videos on this, posting contents on how to debug your plants as effectively as possible.

Pack the bigger and smaller plants nicely

When packing the bigger plants, make sure you pack them in packing paper equal to their size. After that, place each of the plants in an open carton.

As a result, the plants will remain protected and upright all through this while.

Conversely, when packing the smaller plants, place each of them inside a solid moveable box. Before doing that, dig hollows into the lead of each of these boxes so that your plants stay well-ventilated until safe arrival.

Place the plants in new pots

Are your plants potted in costly clay or China Pots? Then, consider shifting them to shatter-resistant plastic pots before making the move. Make sure you do this at least two to three weeks prior to the move.

Do you know why? This is because your green friends need time to adjust before they arrive in your new house.

Take good care of your plants

Implement the steps below and take care of your plants like a pro:

  • Prune all your taller plants so that you can pack them easily and effortlessly
  • Wipe the leaves of your plants with a moist cloth by dipping it into a solution of soap and water
  • Also, trim and cut your plants regularly

Continue doing all these things at least for the next two to three weeks. As a result, you can make your plants compact and proportionate enough to fit within the diminutive space of your car.

Moving plants has never been so easy!

Applying the ideas above and moving potted plants would be as simple as that for you. Just a bit of planning and careful approach can go a long way in moving your potted house plants safe and sound. Also, to get your plants shifted by the best packers and movers in Delhi, contact Servicesutra immediately. What else do you think one needs to do to move potted plants safely while relocating to another state? Share your favorite live plants moving tricks and ideas by commenting below.

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