Is It Worth Moving Your Home’s Generator When You Change Homes?

Transferring to a new home is tedious and stressful. You can be left wondering what things to pack and stuff to leave behind. If you have a generator at home, a possible dilemma is deciding whether to bring it or not when moving to a new location. Most homeowners know how important it is to have a backup source of electricity in case of outages.

Keep in mind there are several benefits to having a generator at home, such as:

  • Emergency power: The main benefit of a personal generator is the capacity to generate power during emergencies. Severe weather conditions, for example, can cause an outage, and owning a generator offers security and peace of mind.
  • Stay comfortable: You can never know when there will be sudden maintenance that needs to be done by the utility company. A backup power supply means you and your family continue to be comfortable inside your home while waiting for your power source to come back.
  • Prevents damage: A generator protects your home’s electrical system from surges and fluctuations, which is essentially damaging and hazardous.
  • Easy to operate: Some people may think that operating a generator is complicated, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. With the right knowledge, a regular person can operate a generator safely and properly.
  • Adds value to your property: If you’re planning to sell your house to move to a new city, a well-maintained home generator significantly increases the property’s value and appeal.

However, if you are contemplating on moving your home’s generator when you transfer to a new place, you should carefully consider if it’s worth the effort.

Should you bring your home’s generator when you move?

A power outage can happen anytime and can damage your home and inconvenience the entire household. It’s only fair to want to bring your generator with you when you change homes. But should you and is it worth it? The answer depends on various factors.

How much will it cost to move the generator?

One of the most crucial considerations when deciding to bring your generator to your new home is the expense associated with moving the device. A full-size home generator may weigh hundreds of pounds, so it may not be easy to move it without special equipment.

It’s also best to hire someone knowledgeable in removing the generator such as E&V and reinstalling it in the new house. To transfer the generator safely, you need to spend on hauling services and professional help.

After considering the removal, transfer, and re-installation expenses, you need to analyze whether it’s more cost-effective to purchase a new generator for your new home or move the existing generator.

How safe is your existing generator?

Moving an existing generator to a new home is an option that you may want to deliberate on carefully. Home generators are typically permanent fixtures like your property’s HVAC system and can’t be removed or transferred easily. To help you decide between moving or not, look at your existing generator’s status.

How old is the device? Did you invest in generator maintenance or upkeep? Keep in mind that every state has regulations that may affect your decision to bring an older generator into your new home. It may be a great idea to transfer your generator if it’s fairly new.

However, to avoid any problems, it will be best to check with the local authorities if your existing power generator passes size requirements and current emission standards.

Should you buy a new generator?

It would be best if you answered this question based on two things: cost and effort. Is buying a new generator going to be more cost-effective and time-efficient for you? Keep in mind that while buying a new generator means shelling out money for something that you already have, you may have to spend more money and effort to remove and reinstall an old unit.

The good news is that there are portable generators you can purchase, which offer reliability and mobility at the same time.


Deciding whether it’s worth moving an old generator to your new home should be answered based on different factors. The most vital consideration is whether your used generator meets the standards set by the new home or location you’re moving to.

In conclusion, if your existing generator is safe for transfer and you can find a reliable company to help you move the device to your new abode, there should be no problem with bringing it with you.

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