How to Deal With Emotional Stress of Moving House to a New City

Moving to a new place is tough. Right from planning your move to finding, screening and hiring movers and packers who are willing to help you relocate in your budget to supervising and coordinating the entire move; it’s a tough and complicated process. But apart from these physically tiring and time intensive activities, there is another aspect that you can’t overlook and that is emotional stress associated with moving to a new place. Your kids, spouse and everyone else in the family are going to experiences so many new things. They will kind of disconnect from their old friends and life have to be started a fresh. This is not going to be easy, unless you know how to deal with emotional stress of moving to a new city. And if relocation is on your mind and you are wondering about how to deal with the emotional stress of moving and relocating house to a new place, then here’s the post worth reading.

How to Deal With Emotional Stress of Moving House to a New CityWe are humans with lots of emotions within us and so it will definitely be an emotional moment when you have to leave a familiar environment and move to an unknown city or place. Obviously, you will crave for all the old memories and your old companions and dear ones. You are going to miss them a lot, but you know that life is all about challenges and you have to know how to fight such mental battles and emerge victorious.

Handling the emotional stress of moving to a new city is never going to be easy, because in matters of heart, most of us get weak. But amidst all of the mental stress, there are ways to deal with the emotional stress of moving and relocating to a new city. I know it is going to be difficult for you and your family, but there are ways to deal with it. And today I am sharing a few important tips about how to deal with emotional stress of moving and relocating your house to a new place. I have relocated several times in my career and most of the times it’s been to distant cities with different culture and lifestyle.

No one wants to leave a comforting environment and move to a strange unknown place. But in life, you sometimes have to take bold steps. Be it for better job opportunities, higher studies or family issues etc, home relocation has become an important part of our life. And sometimes it is really needed for the betterment of one’s life. At times, there will be situations when you have to leave some things behind in order to achieve something good in life and that is what life is all about.

Home relocation is both a physical and emotional journey from one place to another. If you are an emotional person, who find it too hard to deal with the emotional stress of moving to a new place, then this article is a must read for you. The tips I am sharing below will help you deal with the situation better and so without wasting much time, let us begin with our today’s topic of discussion.

Tips to deal with emotional stress of moving house to a new city

Life does not stop anywhere, it has to go on no matter how much stressful the circumstances are. So, if you are in a situation where you have moved or have to move to a new city which is giving you a lot of stress, then there is no need to worry. Because there are ways to deal with stress associated with relocating to a new place and I am sharing it all right here in this post.

Listed below are the important tips to deal with moving stress efficiently and I am sure if you follow these tips, then you’ll be able to deal with the relocation stress much efficiently.

Plan the move ahead of time

Emotional stress of moving is quite a broad term. It not just involves the pain and sadness in leaving your old home but emotional stress can be a result of the whole moving procedure as well. To be more specific, the whole arrangement and the execution of the move can also give you a lot of mental stress and to address it correctly, you should plan and properly strategize your move. Moving in a hurry can be seriously stressful, so until and unless it is an emergency, plan much ahead of time.

Your early planning for relocating your house should broadly include the relocation schedule, finding movers and packers, taking approval from your office on moving costs, finding your new home, taking car of paper works like school leaving/transfer certificate for your kids and so on.

Hire movers and packers

This is basically an extension of my previous point where I told you about planning the move well in advance. If you want to lessen your headache and the emotional stress of moving a house to a new city, then you should always go with a professional packing and moving company. Do-it-yourself move is not easy, especially if you don’t have people to support you. Professional movers and packers companies can lessen your burden to a great extent, for they have all the resource and know how to get it right.

There is a misconception that a do it yourself move costs way too less than relocating through movers and packers. But let me tell you that, it’s not true. The difference is moving cost will be negligible given that you have no prior experience of working with independent transporters.

You can use our platform to receive free estimates from up to three different relocation companies in one click. You can create a request here, and even schedule a free survey to get most accurate relocation estimates. Since we make three companies relocation companies to compete with each other, needless to say that they are going to be competent enough with the estimates. You can quickly compare their prices, terms, quality of packing etc and schedule your relocation with a company that you think best suits your needs.

Basically, this will make your moving task far easier and less stressful for you. So, you can definitely consider hiring a good packer and mover instead of taking the whole responsibility on your shoulder and getting yourself stressed at the end.

Ask for help

To reduce your mental burden; you can always take the help of your support systems during the entire moving process. Sharing workload makes the task much easier and so you must never shy away from asking for help. For instance, you can ask your colleague about budget friendly and reliable movers and packers. Similarly, you can ask your friends if they can help you find a home in new city. The idea is pretty simple. We often hesitate in taking favor, but asking for small favors where someone can just help effortlessly should not be an issue. This one simple trick can help you avoid lots of hassles. This is one of the important tips on how to deal with emotional stress of moving to a new place that I would like to advise you.

Adopt a positive mental attitude

See, relocation to a new place may have been your natural choice or maybe you were compelled to do it. Whatever is your case, if you are emotionally stressed because of the move, then you have to deal with the problem by becoming mentally strong. One effective way to strengthen your mental health is by connecting with mental health experts, like the licensed therapists available at BetterHelp.

Whatever happens in life, happens for a reason and in most cases, the reason is for something good. So, once you have taken the decision of relocation or have already moved to a new place, simply think of the positive aspects or the positive chances that it can bring in your life. You will be meeting new people, creating new memories, having new experiences and who knows these may actually be better than the life you were so long leading. So, be positive and accept it with an optimistic mindset.

Basically, it is like a new beginning or a new chapter in your life and you must accept it with an open heart. Only, then can you leave behind the past and move on.

Research about the new city

If you have to be comfortable in a new environment quickly, then you have to become familiar with it. In other words, to develop your interest about the new location, do your research on the place. Find out about the various tourist destinations, about the culture, the specialty of the place, the heritage buildings, the schools, colleges, etc. Once you have a fair idea about the new location, you will slowly develop an interest and love towards the place, and this will help you deal with the emotional stress of moving to a new city.

Make new friends

Even if you are not much open, you will have to take the first step and make friends with your new neighbors. It is not that you will have to directly visit their home for your introduction but you can obviously give them a warm smile or a little “hi” and “hello” whenever you meet them. If you are lucky, you will also be warmly reciprocated.

This bonding is much needed, especially in early days when are you new to the lace, because you may need their help during any emergency and who knows they may turn out to be really nice people who may become your best of friends. So, bonding with your neighborhood people is important and it is one of the important tips on how to deal with emotional stress associated with moving to a new place.

Keep in touch with old friends

Do meet with your old friends whenever you get time. Moving to a new place does not mean that you cannot meet up with your old pals. Maybe you will not be able to meet that frequently as you used to do before but you can obviously do it once in a while. Whenever you get time, you can visit your old town and meet with your pals and other family members. This reunion will actually boost you, help you relive your past days and will eventually lessen your emotional stress to a great extent.

However, if you are too busy and cannot find time for meetups, you can easily keep good contact with your old pals through the video calls, social networking sites etc. These simple hacks can help you deal with emotional stress associated with relocating to a new city.

Keep yourself socially active

Keeping yourself socially active is one of the most important tips to deal with emotional stress associated with moving to a new place. This is because staying alone and aloof is boring and will lead to more mental stress. But, if you visit social gatherings, parties, important events etc., then you will meet new people, learn new things and will be able to spend time happily. In this way, you can forget your sorrows and learn to keep yourself engaged in something or the other.

However, if you are not much of a social person, then I would request you to get involved in any activity which you have a lot of interest in, and make that your favorite pastime to kill emotional stress associated with moving.

Take smaller vacations

After settling down in your new place, if you still cannot cope up with the emotional stress and miss your old place badly, then I would recommend you to plan for a small vacation. Search for all the nearby tourist destinations and visit the place during weekends or when you get time. The beauty of the nature will enchant you and will help you deal with your stress much better. It will be like a welcome break from your daily life and will make you happy.

Keep yourself engaged

Keeping yourself engaged in activities you like the most can do wonders in dealing with all types of stress, including stress associated with moving to a new place. So take up your favorite hobby and make it big.

Blogging is a craze among the younger generation and you can even take up blogging to relieve your emotional stress. You can share your new experiences in the blog with your readers and followers. This will help in passing your time and will also keep you active and away from emotional stress.

Blog can be related to simply anything. If you are a good singer or dancer, then you may post videos of that in your blog. Then if you are a fashion freak, you may share your makeup videos with others. And, if you love to travel, then you can definitely share your trip videos or stories. Your blog may also involve all of these.

Basically, all I want to say is make a blog on something that you are very comfortable in. Trust me; this will act as a huge stress buster.

Over to you: how you plan to deal with emotional stress of moving?

Moving and relocating home can cause a lot of mental and physical stress. Although the physical stress goes away after taking rest, it is the emotional stress that remains for a long time in most cases. Sensitive individuals find it really hard to accept the fact that they will have to leave their old familiar home and stay in an unknown place. But, let me tell you that if you want to make the new place your comfort zone, you will have to give yourself some time to do that.

Time is the best healer but if you want fast results, then you yourself have to take some initiative to help yourself cope with the emotional stress of moving to a new place or city. In order to help you deal with the emotional stress associated with moving, I have already shared a few of the best tips and strategies. These strategies are really easy and had worked for me wonderfully when I left my country and moved to the States. I seriously feel that if you implement these tricks properly, you will be able to deal with emotional stress much efficiently.

The very thinking that you will have to relocate and have to get your whole moving process done swiftly can give you a lot of stress. So, do not shy away from taking help from close ones and do most of your important planning and executing works well in advance so that you do not need to stress yourself much at the last moment.

So, are you planning to move to a new location that is giving you lot of stress? Well, then it is time to try some of the tips to deal with emotional stress associated with moving to a new place, that we have discussed above. These are really easy and effective, and I am sure if you try these hacks, you will be able to get rid of the emotional stress associated with relocating to a new place.

How do you deal with these kind of emotional stress? What is the best stress buster hack that you use most often?

And finally, if you like this post, then please share and helps us spread the word.

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