Mosquito Control: 10 Natural Ways for Mosquito Control in India

Mosquito menace in India has increased over the past couple of years.  Mosquito are the most menacing bugs that you will find almost everywhere in India, irrespective of the city. They are known for spreading all kinds of vector borne diseases such as dengue, malaria, chikungunya, elephantiasis etc.  If not treated on time, these diseases can even turn fatal and even cause death.

I have diagnosed with dengue few months back, it has done a great deal of damage to my health ever since by increasing my hair fall, deterioration of health, lose count in blood platelets and several other ailments. After having this bitter experience I have nearly researched a lot of information against mosquitoes with small bites and big threat kind of image.

I have spent good time in learning techniques to do mosquito control quite effectively using ingredients that’s usually available in our homes. Of course you have the option to call pest control expert for mosquito control, but that’s when you can’t get rid of it of your own. Also pest control experts can eliminate it for the first time and then on, you have to learn the these mosquito control techniques yourself. After all spending money every month on mosquito control is not the right way to get rid of mosquito at home.

Seriously, I don’t like to spend money on something that I can do myself, given that I have plenty of free time and I don’t get bored easily while learning new techniques. This has motivated me to write this post and I am sure there are many who are like me. If you are tired of mosquito and want to get rid of them then just read this post till the end and you will be able to get rid of mosquito yourself using just a few natural ingredients, hurbs and plants.

Mosquito control in India using natural ingredients

So are you ready to learn the techniques to get rid of mosquito? Let’s dive in.

Using citronella for mosquito control

Citronella oil is a natural mosquito repellant made from Citronella grass. You can make a candle made of citronella oil extract to control mosquito. It is an extremely good substitute to other chemicals you may have used to prevent mosquito bites.

Planting trees for mosquito control

Usually people assume that having more greenery at your garden attract more mosquitoes to your home. Even I used to believe this till the time I learned about trees that can be used as good mosquito repellant.  Planting right set of shrubs and plants can actually help you in mosquito control. Plants and shrubs like tulsi, mint, marigold, lemon, neem, citronella grass etc are very effective in preventing mosquito breeding.

Use lavender for mosquito control

Use lavender plants in your garden to shoo these pests away, in case you do not have access to lavender plants, then consider using lavender oil as room freshener. The smell of lavender is good to human but mosquitoes hate the odor of lavender flower. Hence, use of lavender will be effective against the mosquitoes for sure and the divine smell of lavender aroma will be soothing to your home environment too.

Tea tree oil for mosquito control

This is not only a good for hair and skin but also a very powerful antibacterial and antifungal agent. But many of us didn’t know that they are very good mosquito repellent as well. The strong odor and its antibacterial and antifungal characteristics prevent the mosquitoes from biting. There are two ways to apply this method. Rubbing the tea tree oil on your skin or you can also add few drops to a vaporizer. As the scent of this oil fuse into the air, it makes it hostile for the mosquitoes to hang around your vicinity where the smell of the tea tree oil is present.

Control mosquito using mint

The scent of mint is often refreshing and soothing to human nose, but it gives extreme discomfort to the mosquitoes and keeps them at bay. They prefer staying out of the range of mint odor, there are various ways for applying the mint technique. You can apply the oil on your body. If you are uncomfortable with it, then try using it as a vaporizer to induce the mint odor into the whole room. You can also use mint flavored mouthwash with water and spray it around your home especially in the windows, doors, from where these intruders make their way into your home.

Use camphor as mosquito repellant

Camphor is a great mosquito repellent made from a special tree extract, camphor is found to be the most effective against the mosquito menace, as the effect of camphor stays for longer. Light camphor in a room full of mosquitoes and close all the doors and windows. Now this suffocating trap will kill all of them within fifteen to twenty minutes.

Note: Inhaling camphor is not good for humans as well. It is known to cause brain cancer over inhalation. So make sure you go to the room after the smell is gone completely. I would have not mentioned this technique but it is really effective against mosquitoes.

Neem oil is very effective for mosquito control

Neem has numerous benefits for human body. Eating neem leaves can cure a lot of infection and diseases, using small neem branches for cleaning teeth can make them stronger, and several other perks are there. Apart from all these qualities it has the ability to prevent mosquitoes from invading your premises. You can use neem oil and coconut oil (in equal proportions) together to make an extremely powerful mosquito repellent. You have to apply this oil in your body it will keep you protected from mosquito bites and the effect of this last for at least 8 hours.

Tulsi plant

Tulsi can be effective in killing mosquito larvae and do not let them breed. Even keeping a tulsi plant near your windows and any potential entry points of the mosquitoes can prevent them from getting inside your rooms.

Use eucalyptus oil and lemon oil

The combination of lemon oil and eucalyptus oil in equal proportions produces a component called cineole. It has both insect repellent and antiseptic properties so it is safe to use on your skin. As it does not have any harmful side effects like its chemical counterparts.

Using garlic as repellent

This is another strong agent against mosquitoes. They cannot tolerate the pungent odor of garlic. But most of us do not like garlic either so if you are okay with the smell of garlic then you can use this technique crush few garlic pods and boil them in water. Sprinkle the water around the mosquito prone zones and they will not bother to come and disturb you again.

Disclaimer: All the above techniques are natural but, some of us may be allergic to some of these plants or ingredients. It is advisable that you should first determine which elements are you allergic to and you can use the rest of the techniques.

Over to you

Usually it’s a good practice to hire an expert for mosquito control, but remember it would cost you money and after a few months, you have to find a way yourself or hire a pest control agency again. If the infestation is beyond your control or if you live in a mosquito prone area, you must safeguard your family’s health and well being by dealing with these extremely harmful pests of your own or with help from a professionally trained expert.

How do you get rid of mosquito by the way?

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