Natural Bug Repellents: These Homemade Bug Repellents Works Magically

After a long hectic day, when you finally get back home to take some rest, how would you feel to see different bugs moving all around your space, terrible right? Well, yes, I can thoroughly understand your situation as such disgusting sight freaks me out a lot. Bugs are a very common thing in every household and their removal from home is mandatory not simply because you are afraid or disgusted to see them around you, but because, most of them spread germs leading to several health issues among family members. Using chemical based repellents may not be the wise choice, because it may have side effects and costs you a lot. But did you know you can use homemade natural bug repellents easily at home to get rid of the common pests and bugs. And if you are wondering how then continue reading this post. Today I am discussing about how to make and use the homemade natural bug repellents that work wonders in keeping the various bugs away from your home.


Natural Bug Repellents: These Homemade Bug Repellents Works Magically

Bugs all around your home are not a good thing and that’s the reason we call on the professional pest exterminators for help.  Even pest control companies these days offer the choice of natural, herbal and chemical based repellents. You also have the option to buy commercially available repellants from the next grocery shop. But , let me tell you that market products are nothing but chemicals, constant exposure to which may harm you, even more than the bugs themselves. The most common health problems reported due to such chemicals are cancer, respiratory problems, skin rashes and many more.

So it’s always better to replace the chemical based bug repellents, especially if you have little kids at home and trust on things, which are natural and safer. Pest exterminators can certainly help to a good extent, but if you are Do-It-Yourself kind of a person like me, then you are going to love these homemade natural bug repellents, because they are easy to make and work great.

There is always a better way to deal with every problem and in this case, it is advisable to switch to the natural way. So, let us start our discussion on how to make the natural bug repellents at home, and get rid of the most commonly found bugs easily from your home.

These homemade natural bug repellents work magically

The increasing number of bugs has made them roam around your home like a boss and give you a serious headache whenever you see them. But, now it’s time you throw them out of your home and show them who the real boss is. Well, jokes apart; it is important for you to get rid of them and here are my easiest and essential tips on how to make the most effective natural bug repellents that will help you achieve it.

Different types of bugs require different kind of repellants and what works on cockroaches, may not work for mosquitoes. Hence I am categorizing the repellants specific to various bugs.

Natural homemade ant repellents

Ants are one of the most common bugs that you get to see in possibly every nook and corner of your home. While some are harmless, others can bite you and hurt you a lot. Besides, it can spread filth everywhere and can also get into any food item that comes their way. So, here are the ways to get them out of your home.

Vinegar and water mixture

Whenever you see ants, you may wipe that space with a solution of vinegar and water. They dislike the smell of vinegar and would immediately move away from that place.

Baby powder or chalk

The baby powder and chalks contain talcum powder that is a natural bug repellant. Therefore, if you want the ants not to enter your territory, you can easily draw a line of chalk there or sprinkle some baby powder.

Borax powder and sugar syrup mixture

If you see a trail of ants and want to kill them instantly, you may use the mixture of borax powder and sugar syrup. This solution causes damage to their digestive system and kills them.

Coffee grounds

The coffee that you drink everyday besides freshening you up can help you get rid of ants as well. Just sprinkle some coffee grounds wherever you find them and see them running away from that place.

Citrus peels

Often you see the ants roaming around the plants in your garden, so you can put few citrus peels in hot water and keep it overnight. Then pour that around the plants.

Herbs and spices

The herbs and spices that we use in our day-to-day lives are often ant repellents and so you can definitely use them to drive the ants away. Some of the essential herbs and spices that are ant repellents are bay leaves, chilli powder, cayenne pepper, black pepper, turmeric powder, mint leaves, cinnamon etc. The smell of these ingredients drives the ants away.

Sweet fern

If you want to deal with the red ants, you can scatter some sweet fern. This remedy also works great.

Tansy plant

If you have a garden, you can plant a tansy plant there. This will increase the beauty as well as repel the ants from entering your space.

Natural homemade Mosquito repellents

These are by far the most irritating bugs and you desperately want to get rid of them. They not just bite but also are the reasons behind the occurrence of various diseases, some of which are life threatening. So use the following mosquito repellents and make them out of your home.

Garlic juice and water

Whenever you are fed up with mosquito biting, just spray some mixture of garlic juice and water. This will be restricting them from entering that space for a good 5-6 hours.


Planting marigold plant in your garden is another good way to repel the mosquitoes. The mosquitoes generally hate the fragrance of the marigolds and avoid coming to that space.

Thai lemon grass

You can also plant Thai lemon grass to get rid of the mosquitoes.

Natural homemade Cockroach repellents

Seeing cockroaches all around can give many of us a serious jolt and so these filthy creatures are best avoided. There are few natural ways to deal with the problem. Here are few cockroach repellents worth mentioning.

Borax powder and sugar mixture

Borax powder works not just for the ants but for the cockroaches as well. Therefore, you can make a mixture using borax powder with sugar, and keep in places where cockroaches are found. It destroys their digestive system thereby killing them.

Mixture of garlic, white onion and cayenne powder

Make a mixture with garlic clove, white onion, and cayenne powder in equal amounts in a container and boil. After that, cool it, fill it in a sprayer and spray in places where cockroaches are common.

Hedge apple

Cockroaches somewhat has a distaste for hedge apples and so you may keep one in your home to repel them.

Soap water

You can spray some soap water in places where cockroaches are more frequent. This will repel them and make them avoid that place.

Natural homemade termite repellents

Termites are other irritating bugs and can cause nuisance in your home. So it is better to get rid of them and here is the termite repellents highly recommended.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is not just for good looks but its mixture with water has the ability to repel termites. So spray this solution on their area of activity.

Castor oil

Castor oil is an important ingredient to get rid of the termites. Take its seeds, roots and leaves and then soak in water for 24 hours. After that, strain it and spray the solution in the termite-affected portions in your home.

Mexican poppy

Make a solution with Mexican poppy oil and water and then spray the solution on the infested areas.

Natural homemade Spider repellents

Big spiders roaming around certainly look creepy and by any chance, if it comes in contain with your body, then it gives an even more disgusting feeling. So if you have many spiders at home, you may use the following method.

White vinegar and coconut oil mixture

Just make a solution with white vinegar and coconut oil and fill it in a sprayer. Then spray all over the cobwebs. This will repel the spiders and make them go away from your home.

Natural homemade Plant bugs repellents

You surely do not want your plants to be filled with plant bugs right and in fact, if you have indoor plants, they may enter your home as well. These bugs sometimes transmit viral plant diseases. So, here are the ways in which you can get rid of them.

Mixture of garlic and cayenne pepper

You can make a solution using garlic, cayenne pepper and water and spray on the areas where you find plant bugs. This will keep those bugs away.


Garlic itself is capable enough in repelling the plant bugs, so you can keep garlic under the soil of the plants that are indoor.

Lime or lemon solution

The solution of lime or lemon works great and so you can spray some of it on the leaves of the plants to get rid of bugs.


You can plant marigold plants in your garden to get rid of the plant bugs.

Sweet potatoes

Often it is seen that when you spray water from boiled sweet potatoes, it has a repelling effect on the plant bugs. So you can definitely try it out.

All the above methods are natural and easy and are specific to the bugs under which category they are mentioned. However, besides these, many essential oils have the ability to repel maximum varieties of bugs. So let’s talk on them a bit.

Popular essential oils that work as natural bug repellents

Many popular essential oils are used as effective bug repellents. These oils are sometimes mixed with other ingredients and the solution is sprayed over the bug-infected places. In other times, they are applied on the skin to repel the various bugs. In fact, they not just repel the bugs, but their sweet fragrance lingers all over your home and freshens up the air.

So let us know the list of some best essential oils that can help you get rid of the bugs from your home.

  1. Citronella essential oil
  2. Lemon eucalyptus essential oil
  3. Catnip essential oil
  4. Neem essential oil
  5. Soybean oil
  6. Cedar essential oil
  7. Lavender essential oil
  8. Peppermint essential oil
  9. Rosemary essential oil
  10. Basil essential oil
  11. Tea tree essential oil
  12. Pine essential oil
  13. Lemon grass essential oil
  14. Sage essential oil
  15. Geranium essential oil

All the above-mentioned oils are good for killing or repelling bugs. While some of them like neem essential oil, lavender essential oil, cedar essential are said to be safe for application on skin, others may damage skin and lead to allergies or rashes. So you can mix them with water and spray on the bugs affected places to be safe yourself as well as get your purpose served. Also, remember, that although lavender, cedar is thought to be ok for kids; my personal suggestion will be to keep these oils away from little children.

Apart from mixing these essential oils with water, you may also mix them with little vinegar/ witch hazel/ carrier oil/coconut oil/ olive oil etc to make them even better natural bug repellents.


Bugs are very common in every household and these creatures keep creating problems in our daily lifestyle. However, with natural bug repellents like garlic, onion, citrus peels, white vinegar, borax powder, marigold plant and various essential oils, you can drive them out of your home and at times kill them instantly.

As far as the essential oils are concerned, they not just kill the bugs or repel them but also act as room fresheners that enlighten the whole space with their sweet aroma. However, being natural does not always guarantee safety, so it is better if you keep them away from kids. Some oils like neem, lavender etc are found safe and can be applied directly on skin but still it is preferable to go for the spraying technique as I have already suggested.

Are you also pissed off with bugs roaming all around your home? Have you checked my tips on how to make the most effective natural bug repellents? Have you ever tried out these techniques? If yes, then feel free to share your opinions with us.

Until then, stay happy, like and share my post and keep your homes bug-free with my amazing tips on how to make the most effective natural bug repellents.

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