Pest Control Checklist: Booking pest control services in India

Pest control services can be used to get rid of various types of pests, rodents and bugs; which may otherwise damage your property, crops or even health. Different types of pests require different kind of treatments and hence when you call a professional pest control service provider, you know they have a solution and treatment for it.

In India, you can find pest management companies in almost any city, but then there are many companies who may not have professional license, expertise and even tools to eradicate pests and bugs from your house or premises. If you end up working with such pest removal company then you may not get the optimum results post pest eradication and I am sure you don’t want that.

If you are struggling in dealing with pests like cockroaches, bed bugs, lizards, termites or mosquito and you have decided to avail pest control services though a pest management company then this post is for you. I am writing this post in the form of a checklist that should help you in finding, screening and booking professional pest control services in your city, in India.

Pest control checklist to book services in India
Integrated Pest Management – cycle

Pest control checklist: booking in India

This pest control checklist is primarily for working with Indian pest control agencies but most of the points discussed here is universal and could work for finding and hiring pest management companies across the globe.

So where do we start? Let’s start from the start 🙂

Finding relevant and available pest management companies

Usually pest control agencies will be occupied during holidays and weekend because that’s the time when people want to get pest treatments done at the home or workplace. So if you are planning to get the pest eradication done during the weekends then be prepared to start your search early, else you may have to pay additional fees or you may not find a pest control agency that is available.

How do you go about finding a pest control agency in India? We will be discussing it all in this checklist; from finding and screening to booking services.

Obviously you can search on the internet – Google plus, facebook, linked in and what not. Social media can do wonders especially if you are well connected on social sites and you can use these sites for searching pest control agencies and other local service as well.

So take help, take opinion and ask your friends and co-worker to recommend a few pest removal companies that they have worked with in the past. Depending on the kind of connections you have, you may get multiple recommendations and that is just great because you can evaluate them all and then choose the one who looks impressive, competent and who offer value for money.

Booking pest control services in India

Since you already have basic information about a few pest management agencies, it’s time to get to the work. Start discussing your pest problems with each of those recommended pest management companies. You should understand their pest removal plan and know about the remedies they suggest and come up with. Usually it starts with preliminary investigation to understand the level of infestation. After assessing the infestation, they should be able to suggest remedies and share plans to eradicate pests from your place. Having multiple choices is a great thing and when you have choices, you can evaluate well and even get the opportunity to bargain. By this time you should have enough understanding of these companies, their plan and what kind of service and value addition they are proposing. Based on your assessment you can shortlist the companies you like and move to the next step.

References and checks for pest removal services in India

Process understood and estimates received!

Now is the time to do some reference check and ensure that these pest management agencies are fit for the kind of pest control services you require at your house, workplace, garden or any premises. As you know different pests need different kind of mechanism and tools. Hence it is important to check that the pest management companies you are evaluating have the expertise, tools and experience to deal with that kind of pests.

So here’s what matters and how to do it right.

  • Check for appropriate licenses to perform pest control services. Usually pest management companies get license, but just double check.
  • There is something called integrated pest management which is complete cycle from investigation to eradication and infestation patterns.
  • Ask for detailed plan for pest control services like one time or twice or more than that and what kind of chemicals or pesticides are being used.
  • There are many professional organizations like PCI, so just check if the agency you are evaluating is affiliated with such organizations?
  • Since the eradication is performed by technicians, just ask your agency about the training and experience of their executives, including background checks.
  • Check references and testimonials of past customers who have worked with the pest management agencies in the past.
  • Review the contract, terms of service, minimum guarantee etc before signing the contract. Different agencies have different policies and prices for services and hence warrantee may be available and may be not, so just check that too.
  • Just make sure if you have to leave your premises during the application or pesticides if any and what are the precautions that is to be taken.
  • If you have kids in your family, then check if it’s okay to use the kind of pesticides they plan to use. If you need to keep your kids away then for how long?
  • What kind precautions and preparations have to be done before the application?
  • How long does it take to let it dry or ventilation time before everything get to normal?

These are some of the important factors that should be kept in mind before booking a pest management company for pest control services in India.

Over to you

Pest control is a very local service and you can find lots of pest control agencies in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi, Gurgaon and other cities in India. But it is very important to find credible and licensed pest management companies with right set of affiliations and regulatory licenses for pest control. Doing proper check about the company, understanding their approach for pest removal and comparing rates are some of the most important things to do before you book a pest control agency. I hope you liked this pest control checklist and if so, please spread the word by sharing this checklist with your friends on social networks. Helping your friends and earn good karma.

What else one should do before availing pest control services in India?

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