Home Shifting in Mumbai: mistakes you can’t afford to make

Relocating your home from one city to another or within the city of Mumbai from one locality or suburb to another could irritate you; especially when you hire a movers company without adequate research and in hurry for home shifting in Mumbai.

Recently a friend relocated his house in Mumbai from one locality to another and he told me how frustrated he was that day. There were many mistakes from his side I would say and most of us make such mistake unconsciously and then regret later.

If you are planning for a local or long distance home shifting in Mumbai then this post is for you. I am going to tell you about what mistakes you could make unconsciously and how to avoid such mistakes during home shifting in Mumbai.

Home Shifting in Mumbai - Mistakes to avoid

Mistake 1: Not searching for movers when you had time

This is probably the very big mistake and it could cost you a lot. At ServiceSutra, we often receive call from people who are in hurry to find a movers packers in Mumbai for local home shifting needs. They call us at around 9:30 in the morning and they wanted to get this shifting done the same day.

My friend was not any different and he too made this mistake. On a fine Sunday morning, he started looking for movers and packers companies. He called a random phone number after searching on some directory and ended-up finalizing a mover over the phone.

Obviously he did not have that of much time in hand to research and he thought they are professional. Was he wrong? Yes.

The movers and packers company he hired reached his house at around 11:30 and started packing. Not even half of his good were packed and they realized they need more packing materials. And that’s just the beginning of trouble.

Lesson: One should not hire mover at the last moment. Do it when you have time

Mistake 2: Not making list of goods to be packed and moved

The moment Brajesh (my friend) noticed that they have run out of packing materials, he got upset and arguing with the movers and packers people. They were blaming my friend because he did not tell them about the entire list of things; he always kept on saying there are not many materials and that a small vehicle will be good enough.

But the mover managed to get some cartons from a nearby local market and managed to get everything packed. Now they had a bigger a problem. Once the packing was over, they noticed that these many items can be moved in one singe trip and they have to do two rounds to get everything moved. Obviously neither the movers and packers, nor my friend Brajesh was prepared for that. Another arguing session and this time the mover wanted to charge more and my friend was not willing to pay more because according to him the deal was done for certain amount and they should have checked everything before packing. And finally they both sorted it out.

Lesson: Always insist on inspection, cost over phone may not be accurate

Mistake 3: not understanding the terms and charges of services

Even for local home shifting in Mumbai, movers and packers companies should come over to your place for inspection of goods. Or alternatively,  you should send your probable movers a detailed list of all of the major items, minor items and mention about anything miscellaneous.

But what we normally do is, call the mover and tell him there just a few items like TV, fridge, washing machine and bed. But forgot to mention there are 3 ceiling fans and 3 tube light, geyser and water filter that need to be disassembled? Did you tell your mover that they have to park the vehicle some 100 meters away from your main gate?

Obviously there are costs associated with these little things and unless your mover know about these silly things, they may not get accurate estimate and that’s when dispute happen. So you better think of clarity and when possible ask the mover to come and look at everything and give a written estimate, inclusive of everything with clearly mentioned payment terms.

Lesson: Think of clarity. Clearly discuss overall cost and terms of payment

Mistake 4: Hiring movers without verifying

This is the most common mistake you would make. Usually people assume a mover is a mover and what they do is pack, load and move stuff. It’s true to an extent, but we should understand that there are various companies out there; some really nice, well placed and professionally managed and there are some very cheap movers and packers companies out there.

You are taking a service from a company assuming they have the expertise, resource and knowledge to take care of your local or long distance home shifting needs in Mumbai. But what happens when you discover that the movers and packers you have booked falls in the second category, not so professional staff or inexperienced labor? You know that things won’t go as expected.

It’s a must to do good research, make everything clear, understand pricing and then choose a mover. In order to do all of these checks and balances, you ought to have time in hand and hence early planning could be the differentiator.

Over to you

If you are planning to avail home shifting services in Mumbai from a movers and packers, you better start your search for movers’ packers companies when you have time. A weekend is normally busy for them and chances are it will cost you more if you look for them at the last minute. Invite movers for a survey of goods so that you can discuss and evaluate their credentials and also get all inclusive written estimates for home shifting services.

Whether you are planning for a local home shifting in Mumbai or looking to do intercity home relocation in Maharashtra, these are the common mistakes that you should avoid, else it could cost you.

Before I end this post, let me tell you one basic fact that the movers and packers trade in India is most unorganized and what it looks from outside may not be the same. You should be smart enough to clearly understand to whom you are hiring and at what terms and cost. Never trust verbal commitments and go by assumptions. It’s better to trust the fact that can be established.

Hope you don’t commit these mistakes, do you?

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