Snake Control in India: keep snakes away from your home and garden

Snakes are generally harmless creatures unless they are not messed with. But even if you accidentally step on them, chances are it’s going to bite you. And if it happens to be a poisonous one then it may be fatal for you. Snakes are one of the deadliest reptiles in the world and a snake bite (if it’s poisonous) can even claim lives. Hence it is extremely important for you to keep these extremely dangerous creatures out of your vicinity at all cost. And to do that, you should know about snake control. Snake control in India is done by several pest control agencies that have the expertise to catch snakes from your home or garden and then they let it free at a place away from human population where it can live freely.

I have recently cleaned up my backyard from several deadly snakes. Although I have taken help from a professional pest control agency to deal with this problem, they not only dealt with the problem in a professional way but also shared several tips on how to do snake control and keep them away.

In this post I want to talk about some of the interesting things about snakes and how snake control can be useful if in case you see snakes in your house, garden or your backyard. It is extremely important for you to know their whereabouts as it will help you to avoid bumping on to them accidentally.

Important: But before you continue reading this post, let me alert you that trying to catch a snake could be dangerous and risky and hence don’t try to deal with them. There are professional who know all about snakes and its better you find one instead of dealing with them directly of your own.

All about Snake Control in India

Check their access to your house

Check that all the potential entry points from which these deadly creatures can enter your home. Explore any possible holes and crevices at your house through which the snakes can enter. In most snake prone areas, it is advisable to keep the door close at all times as even if you keep your window or door open momentarily, these filthy reptiles can sneak in and lurk behind some place to scare the shit out of you later. Or even hurt you fatally if you are not cautious enough and end up accidentally stepping on them. When you bring wood (for your fireplace) from outside, make sure that you did not bring a snake along.

How to keep snakes away from your garden

The best way to keep them away from your backyard is to keep it clean at all times. Do not let old wares to get stuffed in your backyard as they make very good hiding place for the snakes. Do not let rodents, frogs, lizards etc to get into your yard snakes feed on them. Snakes will end up in your backyard eventually by following their favorite food like frogs and rodents.

Snake repellant plants: Wormwood or Artemisia vulgaris

It is one of the powerful snake repellent plant or rather an invasive weed as considered in many places, it is found in waste places and roadsides.

How to remove and plant it in your backyard

manually removing them might not be a good idea as their roots are very hard (almost as hard as wood) hence it is expensive and time consuming to do it manually,

Soil pasteurization technique

Using solar power to kill the mugwort seeds and larger roots of the plant.

Appling Herbicides

It is not a recommended method as it is toxic and pollutes the soil, and it can also cause harm to the surrounding living beings and even you while applying it.

Andrographis paniculata

This plant is a kind of herbaceous plant. It is found in India and Sri Lanka and it is cultivated in south Asia especially for the purpose of treating infectious disease. The leaves and roots of this plant are used for creating antibiotics. And of course they are very good snake repellents.

Other common repellents

You can also use a solution made of garlic cloves, garlic oil or vegetable oil and water. This makes an excellent snake repellent. Cinnamon oil & clove oil mixture are also good snake repellents.

Check the entry of snakes to your property

This might seem a little weird to you but trust me if you can apply this technique I guarantee you that you will never see another snake on your premises plus you don’t even have to use any chemical or trap for removing them.

This is a sure shot way of preventing the snakes from invading your yard. Just get a young mongoose and raise it as a pet, they will make sure that not even the deadliest snake can invade your property. Mongooses are loyal pets and they are more intelligent than the average domestic pets. One of my friends has a mongoose family living in their backyard. They somehow ended up in his yard and ever since their arrival; my friend has never felt the presence of snakes and rodents at his house again. Moreover in his case he don’t even have to make them pets as he simply allowed them to stay in his backyard for fighting the snakes. So you can do that too, if you are not comfortable of letting a wild animal into your house, you can simply take one raise it until it starts taking care of itself and then you can release them on your backyard as they can survive in the wild, if you have enough plants and trees in your garden then it will not much of a problem for the mongoose to stay there.


Snakes are the most dangerous creatures made by the almighty. They can deal severe physical damage by biting you. And their poisonous fangs are capable of doing fatal damage to you. It is best if you consider hiring a professional pest control company in order to take care of snake menace at your home or backyard. They will make sure that these creatures are out from your sight and such that they do not return anytime soon.

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