Stop fooling google in your SEO Practices – Black hat SEO

I was contacted by an expert SEO professionals who claimed to bring my website up on search results of Google and other popular search engines. But when I had a detailed discussion and saw some of his past work, I realized he was doing it all wrong. He was trying to fool Google and apply unethical techniques to manipulate the search results. When I asked him, he says by the time Google will find it, you will have lots of traffic coming to your site and your site will start appearing on top of search results. Really?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)There are several factors that a search engine use as parameters and then using their own algorithm, they assign ranks to a website or a web page. There are some professional who use some unethical techniques to kind of fool or confuse the search engines to gain quick rank. Any such practice or technique is known as black hat SEO technique/Practice. Unless you want to commit suicide, never even try to do these and if you are hiring a professional Search Engine Optimization Company (SEO company) then make sure they are not using any such techniques. Because these practices may bring your website up on search results, but it will disappears even faster and get penalized/banned

Avoid Doorway or Hidden Pages
Some professionals use doorway pages that is usually hidden and it does not appear on your website’s main link. Purpose of such doorway pages are to stuff lots of links, keywords, text etc that does not quite make any sense to the users. Hey use such pages to confuse and cheat the search engines.

Avoid Copying Contents
There is a saying “content is king in SEO” and rightly so. Both search engine and your customers would like to see fresh and new contents. Contents that are relevant to them and that can help them solve their issues, get answers to their questions and so on. Always use fresh and your own contents. Never ever encourage copying it or scrapping it from sites that is similar to your business.

Hidden Links
Similar to doorway pages, people use hidden links. Hidden links are text links but the color of the font would be same as the background color, so your customers and site visitors won’t see this. Such links are again used to confuse search engines and create an impression that your website is relevant and have more links.

Stop Spamming
Search engines can quickly figure out and consider these as Spam. Search Engine Robots are getting smarter and Google is making changes to their algorithm to bring more accurate and relevant results for the users. Search Engines won’t tolerate any such practice and penalize your website and remove your site from its index.

Stay away from any such practices. Hire professional SEO companies who don’t use black hat SEO techniques Whatever you do for optimizing your website, consider doing it for your visitors and customers, google and other search engines will find and display your site automatically.

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