Right Ways to do Storage of Household Goods in India

There may come time when you would have to consider storing your household goods in storage and warehousing facility. For example when you are moving out of country temporarily or considering to renovate your entire house or just to store some extra household furniture that you purchased in an auction and want to store it safely.

Whether you are simply downsizing your household goods due to limited space in your new house or you are moving completely for a few months and want to save on room rents, storage and warehousing facility can be considered.

Household goods can be stored at warehouse meant to store mostly household goods, furniture, appliances etc. In India, storage of household goods can be done with the help moving and storage companies who usually have a large size godown to safely store goods of many customers. Some time they offer private storage facility as well, but at other time you may have to go with a shared storage space depending on the city and options available to you. Continue reading Right Ways to do Storage of Household Goods in India

5 Ways to Cut the Cost of Household Storage in India

Cost of household storage services is a recurring one. That means if you want to store your household goods in warehousing facility in Bangalore, then you will be charged depending on the length of time. Volume of goods which is to be stored and the period for which you want to rent out the storage space are two major factors that affects the costs of household storage in India.

There is hardly anything that you can do as far as the length of time is concerned. Because if you are moving abroad for say one year, then you have to store your goods for one year, there is nothing that can be done. But you can certainly fix the inventory and volume of goods which you want to store in the storage space to cut the cost. Can’t you? Give it a try and I am sure you will be able to get rid of some of the materials. Continue reading 5 Ways to Cut the Cost of Household Storage in India

How to Pack Household for Storage in a Warehouse

Storage and warehousing services are offered by movers and packers companies where you can store all types of domestic household goods and appliances like TV, Fridge, Washing Machine, Sofa sets, dining table and chairs etc. The process of household storage and warehousing is pretty simple.

When you are moving out on temporary assignments or planning to renovate your home, you can transfer all of your household goods in a storage facility. All that you have to do is, call a movers and packers who offer storage services and ask them to give you an estimate. They will come over and look at everything physically and based on the space you need, they will offer you a price for storage.

But that’s not all. Before your goods can be stored, it has to be packed as if you are moving your house. After properly packing your goods, the mover will transport it to their warehouse. So naturally apart from the cost of storage, there is packing cost and cost of both ways transportation involved in it. Continue reading How to Pack Household for Storage in a Warehouse

Household Goods Storage: Finding Rates of Storage Services

You may require household goods storage service for various reasons such as storage of useful furniture because you are moving away for a few months or perhaps you are moving to a new house and you want to store some of your larger furniture for just a few months. Some time people buy extra furniture for wedding or other purposes in auctions and there may be many more reasons for you to use Household goods storage service. Or in case you are going abroad on project assignments and will return only after a year or so, then you can avail household goods storage services to store your home appliances, furniture and other domestic materials for any length of time by paying nominal storage fees for storage facilities.

There are number of moving and relocation companies out there is nearly all of the major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad or Chennai who offer complete packing, transporting and storage services to their customers at affordable rates. Although rates of household goods storage services depend on the volume and size of goods, it does not cost more than what a rented room could cost you. Continue reading Household Goods Storage: Finding Rates of Storage Services

Storage Facilities in Gurgaon for Household Storage

Do you want to store household goods for a few months in safe and secured storage facilities in Gurgaon? There are many storage facilities in Gurgaon where all types of household goods and furniture can be stored safely. Storage facilities in Gurgaon can be rented for any length of time. Right from household furniture to home and kitchen appliances, you can store all types of household goods and items.

Household storage facilities are offered by most of the packers and movers companies in Gurgaon. But since you would be storing your goods for longer period of time, essentially you should just double check and ensure that you are dealing with the most efficient and affordable storage service provider.

Storage and warehousing companies in Gurgaon would charge you based on the volume of goods and length of time for which your goods will be kept in the warehouse. When you hire a storage service provider for full service, they will come over to your home and do the entire packing. Continue reading Storage Facilities in Gurgaon for Household Storage

Storing Household Items at Storage Facilities in India

Storing household items at storage facilities in India will help you ensure that your goods are safe for as long as you want to keep it in a storage facility. But irrespective of the city and volume of household materials that you want to store, if you want to ensure that your goods are stored safely for longer period of time, you ought to know a few things. Proper precautions have to be taken while storing your goods and if you do so, you can store it safely for longer period of time.

General convention is that your goods will be taken from your home and storage service provider will simply keep it in the storage facility. But that’s not how storage services in India works. First of all, your household items have to be packed properly and then it will be moved and stored in a proper way in the warehouse. How your items are placed or stacked also matters. Continue reading Storing Household Items at Storage Facilities in India