Smart Tips To Buy The Best Water Purifier for Home

Consuming safe, clean drinking water is imperative for you and your family members. However, choosing the best water purifier for home is not as easy as it may seem. There are quite a few factors you should consider while buying a water purifier for home.

Since, the market is already filled with a wide range of water purifiers, including both UV and RO variants, each of these water purifiers has their own requirements to be met and purposes to serve. Besides, the quality of water that you receive in your area also plays a crucial role in selecting an appropriate water purifier for your home.

Apart from that, you must consider your budget as well as the technologies used before making a final decision. Also, you must pay attention to ”customer feedback” about each of the water purifier brands that has come up on the market.

Having said that, here are some amazing tips that will help you to buy the best water purifier for your home smartly and efficiently.

So, let’s dive in and chek them out!

Factors to consider when buying water purifier for home

It’s easy to get overwhelmed while choosing the right types of water purifier for your home. There are several options, from different brands. However, when you consider some of these crucial factors, you get to choose the right purifier as per your need and budget.

So, consider these factors to get it right.

Type of water  

Is the water type in your home hard? If yes, then it’s better to choose an RO water purifier.  On the contrary, if the contamination level in your water is high, then go for an UV water purifier. However, if the water is both hard along with a high contamination level, then opt for an RO+UV water purifier model.

So, first of all consider the type of water in your area, and then choose a water purifier for your home accordingly. Also, don’t forget to take the contamination level into consideration so that you can make an informed decision pertaining to buying your water purifier. Doing so will help you pick the finest water purifier for you and your family.

Storage Capacity

Storage capacity is so far the most important factor to consider when buying the best purifier for your home. Particularly, when you are living in a country like India, frequent power cuts are something that you will surely come across.

So, make sure that the water purifier you’ve chosen offers a high storage capacity. This is to ensure that you get access to safe and clean drinking water even when there isn’t any power in your home.

In fact, there are many automated water purifiers in the market that resume the water-filtration process the moment the water level goes down. So, it’s better to choose a model of that sort.

Contamination level

Lead, pesticides, dissolved particles and nitrate are a few of the contaminants that water is composed of. You can  easily get the contamination level of your area tested at any of the laboratories nearby your area.

In case you find that the contamination level in the water of your area is a bit high,  opt for a water purifier that is a perfect combination of UF, UV and RO filtration technologies. Remember, the UF effect helps penetrate the viruses and bacteria in your water, thereby irradiating them even more and destroying their ability to reproduce again in the future.

When these creatures cannot multiply in number, they gradually die. In addition, the RO membrane removes the contaminants and dead germs from the water, making it ideal for consumption.

TDS Level

Measuring the TDS level in the water of your area is really essential before buying a water purifier, no matter for your commercial or residential space. Suppose, the water in the area of your home or office needs to have a certain Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) level. In a word, if it’s 500 ppm or even more, then it’s better. So, in case you’ve purchased an RO water purifier, it’s going to reduce the TDS level in your water furthermore.

Subsequently, the water that you will drink will be away from all the vital minerals like magnesium or calcium etc, making it totally inappropriate for human consumption. So, first  of all ascertain that the water in your locality has a TDS level of 500 ppm or more and then purchase an RO water purifier accordingly.

Performance of the purifier

Taking the performance of your RO or UV water purifier into consideration is equally important. Auto signals, multi-layered purification systems along with an optimal purification rate are some of the essential features that assure that your selected purifier will function in the best possible way. Last, but not the least, get a clear idea of your water purifier’s  warranty so that it lasts for many years to come, a half-yearly or annual servicing being sufficient.

Water filter price

Ponder over how much you can spend on your  water filter. Depending on that, buy a water filter that best fits your budget as well as tailored needs. According to the different requirements of different individuals, a lot of eye-catching and well-functional models have come up on the market.

In India, brands such as Kent, Aquaguard and Pureit are trending right now and you can surely take your pick from there. Make sure that the water filter you choose is not only affordable but serves the desired purpose for you and your family as well.

Filter replacement cost

Once your water filter has exceeded its desired capacity, you need to go for a water replacement that certainly incurs a cost. This expense may again vary a bit according to the water purifier brand you have gone for and the model you have chosen.

So, make sure that you take a peek into the service policies of your water purifier company thoroughly first and then pay them what you need to for getting the replacement done. In case, your water purifier brand assures complimentary services for the next few years, then don’t forget to make the most of it.

Water purifier types and technology

There are various water purification technologies that are trending in the market right now. Getting a good knowledge of these water purifier brands and specific model is very important before you make a final decision about buying.

Take into consideration your budget as well as the quality of water in your area and choose a model that best suits your unique needs. Some of the most popular water purifier types can be considered below.

UF (gravity-based) water purifiers

These are pocket-friendly water purifiers and don’t need any power to operate. If the TDS level in your area is low, then opting for these water purifiers would be the best decision. Particularly, an UF gravity-based water purifier can eliminate chlorine, dust and bacteria effectively from the water, making it the safest and healthiest to drink.

UV water purifiers

UV water purifiers are appropriate for purifying municipal and  tap water in an effective manner. These water-purifiers use a high-power UV lamp that disinfects  water. As a result, the contaminants from the water are easily removed. However, UV water purifiers cannot eliminate dissolved impurities from water.

RO water purifiers

Does the water in your area have a high TDS level? If yes, then, Reverse Osmosis Purifiers are the finest options to opt for. More importantly, these water purifiers can remove Fluoride, heavy metals, Arsenic and other harmful toxins from the water. But, some RO water purifiers remove the essential nutrients from water as well, so make sure that the variant you buy is integrated with a TDS controller, that too without failure.

As a rule of thumb, purchasing your favorite water purifier from so many options out there gets easy when you know the type and quality of water in your area. Plus, the water consumption needs of your family is an imperative factor to consider. Based on that you can select the best water purifier for homethis time.

Best budget water purifier brands and models for home

Wondering which brand of water purifier will work well for your home? Well, it totally depends on the factors we have already discussed, your lifestyle needs and of course the budget you have for the water purifiers.

However, these are the most popular water purifier brands available in India that you may like to check.

1. Aquaguard Water Purifier

2. Kent Water Purifier

3. Eureka Forbes Water Purifiers

4. Pureit Water Purifier

5. AO Smith Water Purifier

6. V-Guard RO Water Purifier

7. LG Water Purifier

8. Hindware

9. Havells

10. Blue Star

Water purifier models available in under Rs. 15000

Aside, if you have a budget of Rs. 10000 to Rs. 15000 for the water purifier, you may consider some of these water purifier models for your home.

1. KENT MAXX (11013) 7 L UV + UF Water Purifier

2. HAVELLS GHWUPRL015 8 L UV + UF Water Purifier

3. V-Guard Rejive 5 L UV + UF + MIN + Cu + SS Water Purifier

4. Aquasure Desire 7 L RO + UV + UF + MTDS Water Purifier

4. Sure from Aquaguard Desire NXT 6 L RO + UV + UF + TA Water Purifier

5. Aquaguard Enhance NXT Ultraviolet (uv+) purifier With Active Copper Zinc Booster Technology

6. Aquaguard Glory 6 L UV + UF Water Purifier With Active Copper technology


8. AQUA Pearl Copper Alkaline RO + UV + TDS Water Purifier 12 L RO + UF + UV + UV_LED + TDS Control

9. Pureit CLASSIC NXT 7 L RO + MF Water Purifier

10. Aquaguard REGAL UV+UF 6.5 L UV + UF Water Purifier

11. AO Smith X2 5 L UV + UF Water Purifier (White, Black) 5 L UV + UF Water Purifier

12. Pureit Classic G2 Mineral 6 L RO + MF

13. Pureit Marvella with Fruit and Veg Purifier 8 L RO + MF Water Purifier

14. V-Guard Rejive 6.5 L RO + UF + Minerals + Alkaline

15. KENT Ace Lite 8 L RO + UF + TDS with Mineral RO Technology

Aside, there are many more budget water purifier options to choose from. However, be careful to prioritize the after sales service and the recurring maintenance cost while buying the water purifier for your home.

Final Words!

Buying the best water purifier for homeis not an easy task. It needs discretion and the ability to make a conscious choice. When there are a hell lot of RO, UV and gravity-based water purifiers available in the market, it’s easy to feel confused and daunted.

Read the buying guide above for that matter and get over all your worries and stress when it comes to selecting only the top water purifier for your home. Compare the water purifier model and prices, storage capacity and most importantly TDS-controlling capacity in each of the water purifier models. And, then zero in on a brand and water purifier model that best fits your budget and water purification requirements.

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