How to Plan and Throw a Housewarming Party After Moving

So, you have finally got a new home. The feeling that you will be residing there with your family once and for all makes you immensely ecstatic from inside, right? However, simply moving to your brand-new residence and organizing everything in the proper and expected way is not enough. Aside from that, you would also like to throw a ravishing housewarming party after performing a rigorous Griha Pravesh Puja at your home.

Why not? Since, moving into your recently built abode is no way less than a dream come true, arranging a fab housewarming party is something you got to do for sure.

Best housewarming party ideas to consider

Not so certain about how to throw the finest housewarming party right after shifting to your most-awaited home? Then, here are some amazing housewarming party ideas to consider.

Take a quick look.

Furnish and decorate your entire house first

This is the key to arranging any sort of event and not only a house-warming party. So, first of all, decorate each and every part of your room with elegant furnishings that can be a combo of both old and new pieces.

If need be, you can also, eliminate a few of your previous furniture to make your house look more spacious. Doing so will be an added advantage since so many people will be there on the day of your Griha Pravesh and Housewarming Party.

Lighting up some fragrant candles is also an amazing way to enhance the mood of your invitees within a matter of minutes. Plus, candles lit-up everywhere will also exude the feel of a well-illuminated house, isn’t it?

Also, leave adequate space for sitting arrangements even if you have to get a couple of things out for some time.

A decluttered and well-organized house is the stepping stone to throwing the most appealing housewarming party to be precise. Later on, you can alter and arrange these stuffs otherwise once the party gets over.

Make a realistic guest list

Throwing a housewarming party is indeed the best experience one can ever have as a new homeowner. However, the budget and financial stress that it incurs is worth paying attention to.

In fact, any party is not complete without the presence of guests. So, you must create a list of invitees to avoid spending unnecessarily on an influx of individuals. Hence, make sure that you devise a realistic guest list and stick to it as hard as possible to evade any unforeseeable expenses.

While making a checklist like that, ponder over the fact that who are your nearest and dearest friends, relatives and acquaintances. Accordingly, invite only those people to keep an expensive housewarming party celebration at bay.

Avoid making your housewarming party too showy

After all, you are throwing a housewarming party to have a great time with your closed ones. So, in no way shall you try and show them off a grandiose arrangement in the form of this event.

Doing so will not only cost you like anything, but, it may also hurt some of your invitees’ emotions without even having you realised that. Look, it’s just a small housewarming party, so, there is no point in making it an opulent arrangement as the occasion will be over within a few hours.

To make things easier, you can also set realistic objectives for your housewarming party and try and achieve them to your best ability. The point is you know your budget and your limitations.

Hence, it’s better to spend wisely and host a party for your new residence that is budget-friendly yet impressive enough to steal the heart of your guests.

Select a specific date for shifting to your new abode

Decide on a particular date when you wish to move into your new home. The reason is it’s one of the major factors that can affect the overall cost of your housewarming party. So, pick a date wisely and with utmost discretion.

What does that mean now? It means choosing a date when you can avail all kinds of facilities ranging from hiring moving services, event organisers, caterers to that of interior decoration specialists.

That’s why, it’s better to go for time-frames when getting these perks and benefits become the most effortless for you. Hence, make sure you select a date by keeping these factors in mind.

Meanwhile, consider your budget as well as comfort zone while doing so. The date can also be chosen at a time when you get the maximum of your furloughs, or it can be fianlized on the weekends too, whatever you consider feasible.

In case, you aren’t comfortable in organizing the event immediately after moving, then waiting for a couple of days would be good enough. Don’t hurry and do everything with a calm and composed mind even if the date has to deferred a bit.

Subsequently, arrange your Griha Pravesh and new house warming party on that date, so that you end up in making a smooth and hassle-free arrangement for all your guests out there.

Be pragmatic with your budget

How much can you shell out for your housewarming party? This is one such aspect that you must think about before even organizing the event. You can seek the suggestions and advice of your friends and family members also if need be.

Based on that, make the entire arrangement. In case you see that what you have planned is exceeding your budget, then, it’s better not to go for it. Actually, the thing is, you are throwing a housewarming party for your own mental gratification and not to please others.

Hence, spending unnecessarily to organize a magnificent housewarming party will be of no use. After the event gets over, people will hardly remember that for a month or two, so why being extravagant with it?

Remember, if you have a strong sense of aesthetics and the mentality to stick to your intended budget, then a great housewarming party can also be thrown at a cost as low as rupees 10,000.

That’s pretty affordable, isn’t it?

Throw a second to none housewarming party!

Hope you like these housewarming party ideas like anything and would arrange one for your new home as well. If you want, you can create your own DIY housewarming party hacks too and implement them accordingly. Striking that perfect balance between the two would let you organize a budget housewarming party without losing on its aesthetics.

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