Wedding Planning for Indian Brides and Grooms – DIY Tips

As you are here, reading this post I hope you are planning to get married and look forward to make it one of the most memorable events and rituals of your life. Getting married is one of the great things that is not going to happen in the rest of your life again. There will be lots of excitements as well as concerns because you have to plan your wedding in such a way that all your guest feel comfortable and remember it for rest of their life. But relax, take a deep breath and live every moment of it. Wedding planning is not all that complex, all it takes is some planning and supervision.

Wedding Planning tips for Indian brides and groomsYou got live every moment and feel it. Right from deciding a date to inviting guests, everything should be a great and exciting moment for you. Within these excitements, there will be a time where you will feel confused and that oblivious. I am going to share a few quick and easy tips for you to arrange your wedding properly and make it memorable and one of the sweetest moment of your life.

Decide a Wedding Date

Once the bride and groom have decided to get married, you should seat together with your family and decide a date for your wedding. Few couples like to get married in winter and other preferred summer season, it’s just about your choice. But when deciding your wedding date, consider holidays or other vacation to ensure all your guests could attend it. Ideally you should opt for weekend, so that most of the guest can attend your wedding.

Choose a Wedding Venue

There are number of wedding and community Halls out there and you can very much Google it. Choose a wedding and reception venue. During wedding seasons, venues could get booked easily, so the moment you know the date, get a venue booked for your wedding. You need to decide this fast, as you have to get wedding invitation card printed and sent.

Wedding Invitation Cards

Since you have already decided a date, the next thing is to announce this big day. Go, select a nice wedding card and get it printed. Both bride and groom can go together and decide a card, or both of you can do it individually with the help of your family. While getting your wedding card printed, choose a language that all your guests can understand. English is a preferred choice in urban society, but still in rural India, people get their wedding cards printed in their regional language.

Another good suggestions would be to get it printed in both the language. Usually you have two pages and can choose two separate languages.

Book Wedding Vendors

Since date is fixed, venue is booked, Wedding invitation cards has been sent, the next step is to book wedding vendors like wedding decorators, caterer, Lights, sounds, music and so on. What ever you do, but ensure to spend on good food and decoration. After all, this is one of the best and sweetest event and ritual of your life

Go Shopping for Your Wedding

Its time to go for shopping now. Make a detailed list of all the jewellery, clothes and everything that you can imagine. Contact your vendors if they want you to buy materials specially the caterers.

Honeymoon and Post Marriage Trips

Everything has been just managed, so now go ahead and be a little personal. After all its your marriage. Book a honeymoon package or you can do entire booking of your own like booking hotels, tickets etc if you are too much busy and don’t have time at the moment, you can plan a short trip somewhere within country and have fun.

If all of this looks like lots of work, you can always hire professional Wedding Planners in India, who can help you organize your wedding.

Feel free to share your ideas and tips by commenting on this post.

Updated: November, 23, 2015

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