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What's the cost of bedroom interior design?

Although the cost of bedroom interior design and execution depends on factors like the size of the room, the number of elements and the kinds of furniture and finishes you would need, a standard-size bedroom interior design can cost you anywhere between Rs. 150000 - 200000. Including a queen-size bed with headboard cushioning and two side tables, a standard side two door wardrobe, one dresser, paint, and a false ceiling with lighting.

Bedroom Interior Designing average cost summary

Average cost Rs. 150000 – 250000
Lowend cost Rs. 125000 – 225000
Highend cost Rs. 200000 – 300000

Bedroom interior design cost breakups

The thing is, the cost of interior design solutions depends on several factors, the size of the space being designed and the specification and grade of materials being the two most vital factors that affect the cost significantly.

For instance, a standard-size bed, with a headboard cushion and a pair of side tables with one drawer in each can between Rs. 60000-65000 with good quality branded ISI marked plywood from century or green ply.

However, there are multiple plywood variants even from the house of century and green ply and thus if you opt out to use a more premium quality range of plywood and laminates, the cost will shoot up by 15-20%.

Similarly, for lighting solutions, a standard-size bedroom will have at least 6-8 ceiling lights, followed by a few spotlights here and there and strip lights in the ceilings. The led lights and drivers are vital components for perfect lighting.

You can opt for a mid-range lighting solution from Panasonic or go for the premium brands like Havells and the difference in price will be a minimum of 30-40%.

So, instead of looking at the overall bedroom design cost, it is important to consider getting details and customized quotes from an expert interior designer near you. In fact, to get the best value for your budget, you should reach out to multiple interior design experts near you, and compare the material specification against the quoted prices.

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Updated 20 February, 2023

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