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How much does the storage service cost per month?

Household goods storage and warehousing service costs typically range between Rs. 1500 per month to up to Rs. 4500.00 per month for a 1 -2 bedroom flat. However, the standard average cost for safe and secured warehousing services can range between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3000 per month. Aside, the cost primarily depends on the volume of goods and somewhat on the duration of storage. The thing is, if you are storing your goods for a longer duration, you can bargain for better monthly or daily storage fees. Besides that, the rates and charges are also market driven, which means a warehouse who has empty spaces, can offer cheaper monthly rentals than a warehousing facility which is nearly full.

Storage and Warehousing average cost summary

Average cost Rs. 2000 – 3000
Lowend cost Rs. 1500 – 4500
Highend cost Rs. 2500 – 3500

Understanding the storage service charges

Wondering how much it may cost to store household goods for a month? The average cost to store any type of used and domestic household items is about Rs. 2500 per month. However, the prices vary depending on the actual number of goods you are storing and for how long. Aside, the prices also vary significantly depending on the availability of the space at any given point in time. And, subsequently, prices also depend on the overall service quality and the storage facility you are booking.

For example, while some of the storage units may cost you around 1500-2000 per month for 1 BHK household goods, other facilities may quote you in the range of Rs. 2500-3000. The difference in price is because of the overall storage experience you get, and the demand and supply gap.

Consider the standard estimated cost chart below.

Vol of items Approx monthly storage cost
1 BHK Household Rs. 2000-Rs. 3000
2 BHK Household Rs. 3000-Rs. 5000
3 BHK Household Rs. 5000-Rs. 7000
4 BHK Household Rs. 7000-Rs. 10,000
2 Wheelers Rs. 1000-Rs. 2000

Aside from the monthly storage facility charges that you pay to rent out the space in the facility, there are other one-time expenses that you should consider. The expenses include packing, handling and transportation charges. The good thing is, that you don't have to worry about arranging packing materials or packing your goods. The storage service will take care of all these i.e. they will bring the packing materials, and their team will pack, load, and transport the goods to the facility where the items will be stored safely.

A storage unit that has plenty of empty space usually tends to quote lower prices to fill the space. However, a storage facility that has limited availability can afford to quote higher prices. Think of it like booking a room in the hotel.

Besides, the storage and warehousing charges are dynamic and therefore it's always a great idea to compare and check prices a couple of weeks before you actually intend to send your goods to the storage facility of your choice near you.

Is it worth using a storage facility?

Well, it usually makes sense to get your goods packed and stored temporarily in a storage facility. Short-term storage can be very beneficial as you get to store your goods safely and cheaply for a few months.

However, if you look at the long-term storage costs like 2-3 years, then the cost can be much higher and therefore you need to think through if it is cheap and feasible for you. In some cases, the cost of storing the goods for that long, can turn out to be higher than the value of the goods. Unless you are storing something of the highest emotional value, you should do the cost analysis and take a call.

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Updated 15 November, 2023

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