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How much does the house cleaning service cost?

Professional cleaning services start from as low as Rs. 499.00 for bathroom cleaning, and Rs. 2100 to 2400 for empty 1 BHK house cleaning. However, for an occupied 1 BHK house deep cleaning the cost can range between Rs. 1500.00 to Rs. 1700.00 on the lower end and between Rs 2400 to 2900 on the higher end. The thing is, cleaning service prices can greatly vary based on the level of dirt, the quality of cleaning supplies being used, and of course the expertise of the cleaner near you who is taking up the job.

Cleaning average cost summary

Average cost Rs. 1800 – 3500
Lowend cost Rs. 1500 – 7500
Highend cost Rs. 2500 – 10000

Professional house cleaning service cost breakup

Cleaning services rates and charges may depend on several factors including the square feet area of the house/office which is to be cleaned, kind of cleaning required, kind of cleansers being used and of course based on the overall cleaning qualities. Being a service oriented task, the overall cleaning quality is always of highest importance, and therefore cleaning service rates may vary from company to company.

But here's a quick rate chart that explains the tentative rates and charges for cleaning services in India.

SrlScope of cleaning/sizeAverage price
1 Bathroom cleaning (1 No.) Rs. 499
2 Bathroom cleaning (2 No.) Rs. 899
3 Bathroom cleaning (3 No.) Rs. 1299
4 Bathroom cleaning (4 No.) Rs. 1599
5 Bathroom cleaning (5 No.) Rs. 1999
6 Occupied flat deep cleaning (1 BHK) Rs. 2999
7 Occupied flat deep cleaning (2 BHK) Rs. 3999
8 Occupied flat deep cleaning (3 BHK) Rs. 4999
9 Occupied flat deep cleaning (4 BHK) Rs. 5999
10 Vacant flat deep cleaning (1 BHK) Rs. 2499
11 Vacant flat deep cleaning (2 BHK) Rs. 3499
12 Vacant flat deep cleaning (3 BHK) Rs. 4499
13 Vacant flat deep cleaning (4 BHK) Rs. 5499
14 Sofa cleaning (3 seat) Rs. 599
15 Sofa cleaning (5 seat) Rs. 699
16 Sofa cleaning (6 seat) Rs. 799
17 Sofa cleaning (7 seat) Rs. 899
18 Sofa cleaning (8 seat) Rs. 999
19 Water tank cleaning Rs. 699
20 Chair cleaning (1 No.) Rs. 49
21 Carpet cleaning (per sq ft) Rs. 05

As the cleaning service prices vary on so many factors, it's always better to compare free cleaning quotes from expert cleaners near you to get the job done affordably. While comparing prices helps you understand the various options and respective prices, it also helps you save money by negotiating right deal. You can use servicesutra to get free cleaning service quotes from expert cleaning services near you.

Updated 25 November, 2022

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