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How much does Bike Transport Service cost on average?

The national average cost for bike transport service may vary within a range of Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 7,000 depending on the size and type of the bike and distance. Similarly, for low-end bikes and scooties, the transportation cost can range between Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 6,500. For premium model bikes, the shipping cost may range between Rs. 6,500 to Rs. 8,500.

Depending on whether you need the service for your Apache, Glamorous, BMW HP4 or Bullet Bike, the prices stated above may vary considerably. Read this detailed cost guide to know more on the different bike relocation prices and how to hire the best agency providing similar services.

Bike Transport average cost summary

Average cost Rs. 5000 – 7000
Lowend cost Rs. 3500 – 6500
Highend cost Rs. 6500 – 8500

Average Bike Transport Service Cost

Primarily, bike shifting charges in India is calculated based on the total distance and type of the bike. Having said that, you may like to check the tentative bike shipping price list below to get better idea of the shipping costs.

Type of Bike Up to 1000 km Up to 2000 km
90 cc to 125 cc bike Rs.4,000-Rs.7,000 Rs.4,500-Rs.9,000
125 cc to 150 cc bike Rs.4,500-Rs.9,000 Rs.5,000-Rs.11,000
150 cc to 200 cc bike Rs.6,500-Rs.10,000 Rs.7,000-Rs.12,000
200 cc to 350 cc bike Rs.6,500-Rs.11,000 Rs.8,000-Rs.12,500
300 cc and above Rs.7,500-Rs.11,000 Rs.7500,000-Rs.12,000

To get custom quotes and estimates regarding the bike relocation services near you, feel free to contact us on: 7044123404

Intercity Bike Relocation Cost

A lot of Bike transport service companies in India offer intercity bike shifting services as well. Depending on which city to which city you want to relocate your bike, you may expect to shell out these prices to your bike transport agency

Source and destination Approx cost
Ahmadabad to Delhi Rs. 3,500-4,000
Chennai to Mumbai Rs. 4,500-5,000
Gurgaon to Mumbai Rs. 4,500-5,000
Delhi to Bangalore Rs. 4,500-5,000
Delhi to Kolkata Rs. 4,500-5,000

Please note that these are not exact costs pertaining to intercity bike relocation services in Indi. So costs may differ a bit based on the company you choose to work with. Other factors like the model, size and weight of your bike can affect the said charges reasonably.

Intercity bike transport cost by Train

When shipping your most beloved bike by train in India from one city to another, it may cost you differently depending on the type of your bike and the total distance to be covered. Take a quick look at this cost breakup.

Source and destination Approx cost
Delhi to Bangalore Rs. 12,500-14,000
Delhi to Mumbai Rs. 13,000-15,000
Jaipur to Pune Rs. 10,500-12,000
Delhi to Chandigarh Rs. 7,000-8,500
Delhi to Ahmedabad Rs. 8,500-10,000
Delhi to Chennai Rs. 10,500-13,000
Kolkata to Bengaluru Rs. 10,500-14,000

Packing comprises the most essential part when you are relocating your bike by train, and the overall cost may vary according to that. In fact, you have the liberty to choose between maximum vehicle packing, medium vehicle packing and basic vehicle packing, depending on the level of protection you want for your inexpensive or costly, high-end or low-end bike.

Updated 19 January, 2023

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