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What's the cost of 1 BHK full house cleaning?

Although the actual cost of full house cleaning services depends on the size of the house, the full house cleaning cost for 1 BHK flat can range between Rs. 1400 to 1500. That's for dusting and mopping all the areas including appliances. Depending on your specific cleaning needs, and the size of your house, the full house cleaning cost can be higher.

Full House Cleaning average cost summary

Average cost Rs. 1400 – 1600
Lowend cost Rs. 1400 – 1500
Highend cost Rs. 1500 – 1700

When to use a full house cleaning service?

The cost of cleaning services can vary significantly based on the cleaning activities required at your place and the size of your house. Although deep cleaning covers the complete cleaning of the house, the basic full house cleaning includes dusting, vacuuming and mopping.

Most ideal for anyone too occupied to take care of basic daily cleaning needs. For instance, if you are working professionally and not getting enough time to look after the cleaning and sanitizing of your space, you may like to use a full house cleaning service on weekly basis and get your space cleaned by a professional cleaner.

Aside from that, you can also use a full house cleaning service in other situations like if the house was locked for a long time and you just want to make it spic and span before moving in.

With regard to prices and cost of cleaning services, the cost can vary depending on the actual scope of work, appliances and furniture you may have and the overall scope of cleaning service.

Charges start from Rs. 1400-1500 on the lower end and can go up to Rs. 3500-4500 depending on the number of rooms and cleaning activities involved.

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Updated 20 February, 2023

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