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Average Modular Kitchen Designers Cost in India

130000 - 180000

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How much does a modular kitchen cost?

Although the cost of modular kitchen design depends on the size and layout of the kitchen and the grade of plywood, laminates and fittings being used, the standard cost to design a small modular kitchen varies between Rs. 130000 - 180000 using BWR (Boiling Water resistance) plywood, approx 1 MM laminate and SS grade good quality fittings. However, the modular kitchen cost can increase if you decide to use premium-quality materials.

Modular Kitchen Designers average cost summary

Average cost Rs. 130000 – 180000
Lowend cost Rs. 90000 – 160000
Highend cost Rs. 175000 – 350000

Modular kitchen design cost breakups

The thing is, to design a standard size kitchen in a modern apartment, you can spend as low as Rs. 150000-160000 or end up spending up to Rs. 300000. Weird it may sound, but the fact is, there are so many variants and grades of materials that can be used while designing a premium modular kitchen.

From commercial plywood which is usually available in the range of Rs. 80-90 per sq ft to you can use super premium plywood that comes at around Rs. 120-130 per sq ft. Similarly, from a laminate that comes at around Rs. 1200-1400 per sheet to laminates that cost above Rs. 2200 per sq - you can use any grade and quality as you please.

The fact is, an expert interior designer can understand your requirements, conduct a free site survey to measure the space, discuss your budget and then plan everything accordingly. The best advantage of having a professional modular kitchen designer on board is that they can design your kitchen well within your budget and add value in multiple ways.

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Updated 20 February, 2023

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