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What are the average charges for sofa cleaning services?

On average, sofa cleaning service can cost between Rs. 175 to 200 per seat. However, the cost can vary between Rs. 200 to 300 per seat at the higher end. The thing is, charges depend on multiple factors including the level of dirt, fabric, the cleaning technique being used, and the total number of seats. Per seat cleaning costs will be lower for bigger sofa and couches.

Sofa cleaning average cost summary

Average cost Rs. 200 – 300
Lowend cost Rs. 175 – 200
Highend cost Rs. 200 – 250

Sofa cleaning cost breakup

Sofa-cleaning cost varies according to the size of the sofa and the number of seats to be cleaned.

Take a look at the tentative rate chart below to get an idea of the costs for different size sofa.

Size of Sofa Price
Single seat sofa Rs. 400
2 seat sofa Rs. 600
3 seat sofa Rs. 900
4 seat sofa Rs. 1200
5 seat sofa Rs. 1500
6 seat sofa Rs. 1700
7 seat sofa Rs. 2000
8 seat sofa Rs. 2200
9 seat sofa Rs. 2500
10 seat sofa Rs. 2800

Also note, the sofa cleaning prices mentioned above may vary to an extent from cleaner to cleaner and according to your individual needs and expectations.

Updated 19 January, 2023

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