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Moving to Kanpur? Here’s All You Need to Know About the City

As one of the oldest cities in Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur is a historically prominent region. In 1857, the city played an imperative role in the first revered battle of India to gain independence. Fondly called the 'Leather Capital of India' by many, every year legions of families are migrating to Kanpur as they choose to settle down in the metropolis for the rest of their life.

Be it for the abundant employment opportunities, serene lifestyle or affordable living cost, you are never of reasons when it comes to staying in Kanpur happily. Below are a few more of them.

Mouthwatering Food

If you are a voracious foodie, then Kanpur is where you need to come. Home to some of the finest food joints and restaurants so far, the street foods in Kanpur are equally yummy. In fact, without gorging on the delectable Shammi Kebab and Biryani, no trip to Kanpur is complete. Should you have that incorrigible sweet tooth, you can also give it a try Khoya Laddu, Imarti and Kheer or whatever your tummy craves.

Amazing Transportation

The transportation system in Kanpur is worth appreciating. Starting from AC Volvo Buses, local buses and buses under the JNNURM scheme and state transport, commuting here is not a hassle at all. Besides, cycle rickshaws, tempo rickshaws and auto rickshaws are also available in certain parts of the city while the taxis operate on a meter system and are primarily run by the Kanpur Transport Authority.

Excellent Healthcare Services

Currently, Kanpur is abreast of many other cities for providing world-class healthcare services to its residents. In fact, many reputable clinics, nursing homes and government hospitals are operating from the metropolis at the moment.

The most revered being the Anurag Hospital and Research Center, Suraj Medical and Diagnostics Pvt Ltd. Amba Hospital and many more.


In Kanpur, you can render your child with the finest of education and the presence of various renowned schools and colleges within the city is the key to it. So, whether your son or daughter is in their schooling phase or wishes to pursue higher studies, you can get them enrolled at institutes like the Allen house Public School, DAV College-Kanpur, Ashoka Public School, Dayanand Dinanath College or Delhi Public School to make their dream come true.

Enjoyable Climate

Monsoon generally occurs in Kanpur from mid-June to early October and for the remaining part of the year, the city remains totally dry. In a word, the climatic pattern of Kanpur is downright subtropical, hence you can expect favourable weather over here every single day. To the best of suggestions, try and visit between mid-October to early-June to relish your Kanpur sojourn to the full.

Home Maintenance Services

Do you need first-rate home maintenance services while residing in Kanpur? Be it related to pest management, packers and movers, bike or car transportation or interior design for that matter, hire a reliable company and your desired solution will be at your doorstep.

So, what are you waiting for? Should you find the aforesaid reasons compelling enough, migrate to Kanpur once and for all as you expect to live the most gratifying life over there and that's for sure.