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Moving to Lucknow? Check out these amazing facts about Lucknow

Fondly called the 'City of Nawabs' also, Lucknow has attained massive popularity amongst tourists and locals alike in due course. In fact, choosing to stay in Lucknow means living the life you have always dreamt of.

Whether it's the charming and serene atmosphere, mouthwatering food or the development of several IT companies in the city, Lucknow has many pleasant experiences to offer you and more.

So, if you want to migrate to Lucknow and settle there permanently, then expect these benefits instead.

Easy Transportation

Lucknow offers easy-going transportation to its residents. Many local buses are available and the fares are pretty affordable. To book taxis, you must contact a travel agent to move around Lucknow. Autorickshaws are available 24X7 and can accommodate four people at a time. These vehicles run on a meter system, so you can pay the fares accordingly.

Reputed Schools and Colleges

Lucknow is home to a number of reputed schools and colleges where your kids can study to attain their dream careers. Top schools include Cathedral Senior Secondary School, Seth M.R Jaipuria School and Captain Manoj Kumar Pandey UP Sainik School etc. Also, colleges like Amity University Lucknow, National Post Graduate College and King George's Medical University offer great education to learners pursuing their higher studies.

Spectacular Weather

Lucknow witnesses an extreme continental climate throughout the year. Just the way the winters are chilly, the summers out here are equally hot. During summers, temperatures can go up to 46 degree Celsius at the most while in winters the same can come down to 3-4 degrees Celsius. But overall the weather in Lucknow is very pleasant and worth enjoying.

Land of Foodies

Lucknow was once the Land of Awadhs and Nawabs. Their love for food has therefore given rise to various mouthwatering delicacies that are worth trying. So, when you are in Lucknow, trying to feel its history and bygone times, you must try food items like the famous Chole Bhature, Biryani, Kebabs, Kulcha Nihari, Malai Makhan and more.

Low Living Cost

The living expenses in Lucknow are pretty low. So, middle-class and lower-middle-class families can easily migrate to Lucknow and settle there forever. In fact, the costs of accommodation, meals and healthcare services are very affordable in the city as compared to other places in India.

Convenient Home Maintenance

Home Care and Maintenance has become an imperative part of our life. So, if you are living in Lucknow then packing and moving, relocation, storage, painting and other such home improvement services are just a call or email away. And the best part is such service providers are situated in every nook and corner of Lucknow and you can hire any of them as per your choice. It's that easy.

Metro Facility

A convenient metro facility is available in Lucknow, making commute faster, safer and much more hassle-free for the locals. In fact, the Metro System in Lucknow consists of a wide network, connecting different parts of the city seamlessly with each other.

So, hurry! Come to Lucknow ASAP, if not for yourself, at least for your family, getting them all the advantages mentioned above.