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All You Need To Know About Ludhiana

Ludhiana, synonymously called the Manchester Hub of India is a beautiful city in Punjab. Having a population of around one crore, the city boasts a prospective economy for all its residents. Interestingly, Ludhiana offers a convenient living for people who want to migrate and settle here permanently.

In this context, below are some quick reasons that will make you the next citizen of Ludhiana.

Excellent Education

The education system of Ludhiana is wonderful. Top schools and colleges include the Gitanjali International School, Ryan International School, Christian Dental College, Dayanand Medical College and Hospital and Christian Medical College etc. Your child can get admitted to these institutes and get the best learning experience instead.

Enjoyable Climate

Summers are very hot but not uncomfortable in Ludhiana while the winters are short and chilly. Overall, the sky remains clear in Ludhiana and its proximity to many pools and beaches has led to some fun and amusing hot-weather activities in the city. So, try to visit between September to October or from mid April to late May to make the most of it.

Street Foods

Ludhiana is surely known for its mouthwatering street foods. So, when out on the streets of Ludhiana, do try out their famous Samosa, Golgappe, Parantha, Chaap Tikka, Pakodas and so on. And if you have an innate sweet tooth, you can't miss out on the popular Dodha Barfi and that's for sure.

Wonderful Connectivity

Citizens of Ludhiana enjoy a good connectivity. In fact, you will get buses, autorickshaws and taxis at every hop, skip and jump of the city. Coming to the city's railway system, it is linked with the most prominent cities in India and the fares are pretty affordable. Overall, 15 trains are running through the Ludhiana Railway Junction, allowing you to reach your desired destination on time.

Serene Atmosphere

The surrounding atmosphere in Ludhiana is generally very calm and peaceful. So, staying in this city means enjoying a serene environment all the time. Also, the traffic pollution in Ludhiana is very less as compared to other cities of India. And the good part is there are many parks and resting zones where you can spend quality time with your friends and family. Isn't that wonderful?

Home Maintenance Services

Now, you can get home maintenance services in Ludhiana related to pest control, interior design or packers and movers at your own pace and the rates are affordable. So, just call or email a reliable agency and they will connect you with the top service provider that caters to your unique needs and requirements effectively.

Job Opportunities

As a major commercial hub, many IT companies and industrial sectors are situated in and around Ludhiana. And each of them offers plenty of job opportunities to both skilled and unskilled workers based on their individual profiles.

Considering all the facts and figures stated above, hope you too would migrate to Ludhiana with your entire family soon. In return, you can expect to live a life that is second-to-none.