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Preparing an SEO Plan that actually Deliver Results

For anything and everything you do, it cannot be just perfect in one shot specially search engine optimization. SEO is a time taking process and you have to make a perfect plan for better search engine optimization results. Let me help you make a perfect plan for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

In order to get better results your SEO effort must be balanced. You should have good content that people would like to read and use, use better title to ensure good conversion, monitor everything and keep on improving based on the results. For better SEO results, you have to monitor and analyze everything every effort and make changes to improve your search engine optimization results. There are several free and paid tools that can be used to monitor and improve your search results. Continue reading

Stop fooling google in your SEO Practices – Black hat SEO

I was contacted by an expert SEO professionals who claimed to bring my website up on search results of Google and other popular search engines. But when I had a detailed discussion and saw some of his past work, I realized he was doing it all wrong. He was trying to fool Google and apply unethical techniques to manipulate the search results. When I asked him, he says by the time Google will find it, you will have lots of traffic coming to your site and your site will start appearing on top of search results. Really? Continue reading

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization Tips

Off page Search Engine Optimization involves tasks that you usually perform off your web pages to get better search results on popular search engines. Once you have fixed the basics on your web pages and made it search engine friendly, its time to considers factors that affect the overall search results but its not on your own domain or web pages, but outside like posting on directories, or building links or submitting your website to popular directories like Continue reading