List of Household Items Needed for New Home Setup

Recently I met one of my school friends who is constructing a new home and planning to move in there within a couple of months. Although it is a moment of pride for him as he is moving to a home, he is puzzled about how to setup the new home and where to start. Based on my personal experience and suggestions from my interior designer friend, I prepared a checklist of all the essential household items needed to setup new home and gave it to him. If you are also planning to move into a newly built, unfurnished home and wondering about how to setup and make it perfect for living then here’s the post worth reading. In today’s post, I am going to discuss about the list of household items needed along with how to budget and get it right. Continue reading List of Household Items Needed for New Home Setup

List of Essential Things Needed When Moving into a New House

Almost all my early life, I have stayed with my parents. After completing my education, I had to stay away from my family for a couple of years. I was staying in a PG with another room mates. After getting married, I had to rent out a new house before brining my family. Was I excited? Yes. But I was scared as well, because I was moving into a new house and I had to setup everything from scratch. I started creating the list of essential things needed when moving into a new house and it really worked to a good extent. Continue reading List of Essential Things Needed When Moving into a New House

21 House Shifting Hacks to Save Time and Stress

Here’s the list of 21 House Shifting Hacks to save time, money and stress when you’re moving household stuff.When it comes to house shifting, overall cost, time and effort required can give you shills down your spine. Both local and interstate house shifting can be tiring and stressful, especially if you have never relocated in the past. There are so many tasks to look at and it’s not going to be easy, and hence you decide to book movers and packers services. But even if there is a mover to help you relocate, having a bit of prior knowledge or experience of house shifting can be phenomenal. And if you are planning to house shifting and wondering about the stress, time, money and everything else, then here’s the post worth checking.

House shifting can be a messy affair, because there are several uncertainties. Finding rates of movers, proper packing, loading, unloading and transit insurance are some of the important concerns. And the mantra to have a stress free house shifting is prior planning and adequate understanding of the process and people involved (read movers).

On the basis of your research, you can decide what to do and what not to do. There is no shortcut to this, planning a month before the actual move will make the home shifting hassle free, and you will have enough time in your hand to relax and enjoy some quality time with friends and family.

House shifting hacks to save time and stress

Here are the quick and simple hacks to help you save time, money and stress when shifting a house, and all household articles.

  • Start to maintain a diary or a writing pad where you can jot down all the smallest details. This way you won’t forget anything, and you will find all the things at your fingertips.
  • Start packing prior to one month, at least so that you do not run out of time.
  • Visit the local retail stores and see for the boxes and crates if they have some. If you are well acquainted with them, then you can get some of the packing supplies from them.
  • Do the packing yourself (for smaller and hardy items) using original boxes, to cut off the extra budget on packing.
  • Ask your friends and cousins to help you packing, you cannot do all the packing yourself.
  • Arrange fun foods like pizza and drinks, and then involve all your acquaintances to help you packing your items. This way, you can spend some time with them too.
  • Collect all the newspapers and bubble wraps that you can get, and use them while packing.
  • Apply lots of packing tapes; use the tapes in the box joints. Taping is not to just close the box, but it also gives strength to the box to carry appropriate weight.
  • Wrap the brittle items and glassware in towels so that you do not have to buy them again after you reach your new home. Pack them well so that they can endure the journey.
  • Use bed sheets, linens and crumpled newspapers as cushions while packing the items.
  • It is best to use the original boxes of the appliances so that they can be in good conditions.
  • Do not hire the professionals for packing and unpacking as this can save some extra money.
  • Pack the items which you use daily and frequently, which is necessary for you, do not include the items that you do not need.
  • Get rid of the unwanted items, or the items that you do not use. You can donate them, put them on sale and also throw them. If you put them on sale then you can earn some extra bucks for you too.
  • The more the number and weight of the items, the higher will be the rate of home shifting.
  • Choose a weekday for shifting, as the rates tend to go higher in the weekends.
  • Be flexible with the dates and time, have detail conversation with movers.
  • Talk to at least 3 moving companies of your city before freezing one. Comparing often gives you best of ideas and helps you bargain and get better deal.
  • Always take chance with bargaining, but don’t do too much of bargaining, else the mover may compromise with the quality of packing.
  • And last but not the least, have a post move plan in place.

Over to you

You may have many concerns when you’re moving house, and each of the concern can be addressed by adequate planning. In most of the cases, inadequate planning results in plenty of hassles and stress.

And the mantra of moving house without any stress is to plan properly, research well and know everything in detail. Figure out the date of moving, check quotations; find the detailed process of packing, packing supplies being used and terms of insurance.

Apart from that, just ensure that you have sorted your inventory well, compared and negotiated with potential house shifting companies and finalize everything well ahead of actual moving day.

Try these hacks when you’re moving house next time and share your experiences. And if you know any other hacks that may help in saving, time, money or stress when moving house, then feel free to share it by commenting below.

Wishing you a happy and peaceful relocation!

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How to Setup Kitchen Easily After Moving In

How to set up kitchen after moving to a new houseRelocating a house locally or interstate is one of the most complicated projects that won’t get over easily. Right from hiring a movers and packers agency to getting everything packed and moved, it take lots of efforts and it won’t get over even after the delivery of goods by the movers. Once they have transported and delivered the household goods and articles, the obvious next step is to start unpacking. All you want at this stage is to settle in peacefully by gradually unpacking the items from the boxes and crates. And kitchen is a place which is needed every day as that is the place where you prepare foods. Unpacking and setting up the kitchen in your new house will be on the top of your mind. If you are planning to move your house in next couple of weeks or even months, I am sure you have to setup new kitchen after moving and that’s what I am going to discuss in this post; how to setup kitchen after moving into a new house. Continue reading How to Setup Kitchen Easily After Moving In

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There are various kinds of appliances in your home, but the common factors with all of them are, they are all extremely heavy and odd dimension, thus creating hell lot of problems and difficulties in packing and moving. But if you can plan your move properly and have a couple of hands to help you out, you can easily pack and move home appliances, furniture and other domestic household goods easily and that’s what we are going to discuss in this post. Continue reading 7 Best Ways to Pack and Move Home Appliances Easily