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HouseYog Architects, Kolkata

HouseYog Architects

Golf Club Road, Near Atlanta Club, Kolkata - 700033

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Architect Fees and Charges in India for House Designing

Basic architectural service fees and charges for house floor plan can range between Rs. 4000 to 6000 for up to 1500 sq ft plot. However, the architect fees can be higher depending on the number of drawings (e.g. structural and working drawings, elevation plans, plumbing and electrical drawing, sanction and approval etc.), deliverables and supervision they provide. The national average fees for house plan drawing, along with structural and operating drawing can cost between Rs. 12000 to 20000 for a single floor building project.

Average cost summary
Average cost Rs. 4000 - 6000
Lowend cost Rs. 4000 - 5000
Highend cost Rs. 12000 - 20000

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Recent customer reviews



3 reviews

testimony person


06 May 2022
  HouseYog Architects
I recently used houseyog to get my house designed. Although I was unsure initially to hire a remote team to design my house, but I am happy that I selected them. The entire house designing process is so streamed lined that I didn't even felt that it was a remote team. Great stuff guys. Looking forward to our next project together that is the interior design.

testimony person

Vivek Yadav

14 Jun 2022
  HouseYog Architects
I am constructing the house as planned and designed by houseyog. If you are designing your house, this is the best team to work with. They offer many iterations and their prices are very affordable. Excellent job done by Houseyog.

testimony person


21 Apr 2023
  HouseYog Architects
Easy to work with. Very responsive.

Frequently asked questions

How much does a professional architect charge?

The professional architects can charge anywhere between Rs. 4000 to 6000 for single floor building floor plan. Similarly, for exterior elevation design in 3D, the charges can range between Rs. 4000 to 6000 only. Structural and working drawings can cost you around 8000 to Rs. 9000 only. The thing is architect fee can vary depending on factors like the sewage planning, plumbing and electrical drawings, structural and working drawings, elevation, designs, floor plans and schematic drawing etc.

When to hire an architect?

The best time to hire an architect is when you are building a new home or extending your existing living space a bit. Professional architectural services are needed even more indispensably if altering or revamping your existing space is more your thing.

What is the standard per sq feet charge of an architect?

The standard per sq feet rate for architectural services varies between Rs. 8-15 per square feet for smaller projects and depending on the level of engagement and scope of work.

On a lump-sum basis, some of the architects usually charge 4% to 6% of the total project expenditure. Hence, the cost will differ depending on the type of project assigned.

What are the different types of architecture?

There are six basic types of architecture e.g green designs, landscaping, industrial, commercial, residential interior design for which you may need to hire a qualified architect.

Should I hire a contractor or architect?

Depending on the type of your construction project, you need to hire an architect or that of a contractor. Say, if your project involves solely constructional fieldwork, then a general contractor would be of great help. In contrast, if you want to keep up with the latest interior design trends or wish to make a specific design for your commercial or residential building, then hiring a professional architect would be a feasible option.

How do I hire an architect?

When hiring an architect, there are certain factors worth considering. These include the rates charged, the complexity of the project, versatility of your architect, his or her experience and reputation in the market etc.

How much do architects charge for house plans?

The standard fees and charges for house plan drawing can vary between Rs. 4000 to Rs. 6000 per floor and for up to a plot size of less than 1500 sq ft. However, in case of bigger plots for larger construction projects, drawing charges may be higher. Besides, the service charges also depend on the number of visits and iteration required to finalize the house blueprint.

Is it worth hiring a professional architect for construction projects?

Yes, architects are specialists who can design any type of commercial or residential building that too within the constraint of one's budget. Depending on your financial needs and unique requirements, your architect will provide you with accurate estimates so that you get the design that you want without paying extra.

Are architects and interior designers the same?

No, the role of an architect is to design buildings while the interior designer is responsible for designing the interiors of the building which includes fixtures, furniture and other accessories etc. While the architect helps develop the plan and looks at the construction side of the building, the interior designers help make the aesthetically nice and good-looking.

Best Architects and Building Designers Near You

Finding a professional architect who can bring imagination to the design and help you create a masterpiece is not easy. When searching for an architect, you would want to work with someone who is qualified, experienced and someone who can understand your needs and offer you custom architectural services to construct a residential or commercial building project.

In case, you are wondering about who are the best architects near me then we have got you covered. We can help you find the best professional residential architect for your upcoming construction project.

Depending on your tailored architectural service needs, we will connect you with the best architect who can help design your house in the best possible way.

The service network contains highly reputed and reliable architects who provide space-optimized and functional floor plans, beautiful 3D exterior elevation designs and another set of architectural drawings you may need. While doing so, they will make sure that you don't compromise with your construction and renovation budget at all.

We are hooked up with some of the finest architectural firms near you that offer unmatched services for both residential and commercial projects. In a word, when you hire an architect on our service network, you will not only get top-quality services but also at affordable prices.

Irrespective of what kind of architecture you want, experienced architects can deliver it to you all. Tell us your requirements and we will connect you with the architect of your choice who will create the dream architecture you've been waiting for.

Get in touch with our experts today; compare the costs of the top architects near you and make an informed decision accordingly.

Get professional architects for end-to-end architectural services

The architects we have on our service network know their craft really well. So, they can make the most of their skills and expertise to create architecture for your building that is visually pleasing and adequately functional at the same time.

Starting from planning, and designing to that implementing and supervising the building project of your choice, a qualified architect will do everything meticulously on your behalf so that you attain a prim-and-proper architecture, be it for your residential or commercial building project.

In fact, our service network comprises only the top-notch architects so far. They possess the essential skills and knowledge to complete any building project to perfection. They are licensed professionals and hold degrees and certifications from reputed colleges and institutions. So you can trust them when implementing the much-awaited architecture for your home or office.

No matter if you need indoor-outdoor architecture, sustainable architecture, landscape or interior design architecture, they can help turn your preferred layout or design into a reality.

Talk to our experts today.

Different types of architects services

We understand that different persons have different architectural needs. So, we have included various types of architects in this network so that you can hire the one as per your individual needs and preferences. Right now, we are in contact with these seven types of architects to meet your varying architectural service needs.

  • Industrial architects
  • Green design architects
  • Urban design architects
  • Interior design architects
  • Landscape architects
  • Residential architects
  • Commercial architects

Discuss your architectural service needs and expectations with any of them and they will create any sort of architecture for you that will be the perfect blend of both art and science. This is what modern architecture is all about, a space that is aesthetically appealing and functional too. In a word, the best architects will ergonomically devise an architecture for your home or office that serves both the practical as well as visual purposes of all its users.

Through effective space allocation and utilization, these dynamic professionals will create a fantastic architecture that you had never thought of. Irrespective of your architectural criteria, they will design any type of architecture for you efficiently, making sure that the space is appropriate for use and looks extremely beautiful too.

So, to actualize a superb yet functional architecture for your building, hire an expert architect from our catalogue today.

Get accurate estimates and fees from architects near you

We bridge the gap between you and the architect of your choice. On our service network, we have onboarded some of the most reliable and reputed architects for you to choose from. Talk to our customer support expert, and they will wade you through the complex waters of this process in just three simple steps.

1. Tell us your needs: To begin with, tell us the architectural service you need and where exactly you will need it.

2. Get free quotes: Next, we will send you free quotes from the first three architects that are located within your area.

3. Hire your favourite architect: Through effective price comparison and calculation, we will help you choose an architect that best serves your needs and budget.

We make sure that the experience of hiring an architect gets totally worry-free for you, devoid of any hassle. Architects that we connect you to are capable of providing complete architectural services including master planning, architectural engineering, 3-D rendering, site planning and construction supervision of your project.

So, no more scrolling through the plethora of architectural service companies list. Just give us a call or email us your requirements and we will help you hire an architect that saves both your time and money favourably.

What steps are included in the architectural design process?

The entire process of designing and constructing a building is indeed very complex. Hence, we all must adhere to a step-by-step procedure to do that properly. Executing each of the steps on time and completing them in smaller units would allow one to build their residential or commercial space in an effective manner.

An architect follows a strategy of a similar sort while designing a building. Hence, the Architecture sector complies with the five crucial phases that the American Institute of Architects first introduced. This allows an architect to deliver a timely and error-free project. They generally include:

Schematic Layout

In this phase, the preliminary discussion between the client and his or her project takes place regarding the purpose, functionality and scope of the work. Then, the architect conducts a comprehensive field survey and proposes a few design ideas for their clients to choose from.

Design Development

Now the architect will confirm the design by his or her client and then start developing its structure accordingly. These include placement of the windows and doors, selecting the proper materials and working on the crucial details of the building etc. Creation of construction documents

During this phase, the architect has already zeroed in on a particular project and has started working on its blueprints aside from getting its applications permitted and doing all the other things related to the recommended construction. Subsequently, the architect will prepare the pertinent documents after knowing the individual specifications of their client.

Bidding and hiring

In the phase of bidding, the architect assists his or her client to identify the top construction company. Thereafter, the designer will submit bids to the various bidders out there so that the client can make an informed decision accordingly.

Construction administration

The whole of the documentation part is completed in this particular phase. Besides, the selection of the construction contractor is also done at this time. After that, both the client and the architect need to visit the site and make the necessary changes there.

Architects that we connect you to are capable of providing complete architectural services including master planning, architectural engineering, 3-D rendering, site planning and construction supervision of your project.