7 Ways to Keep Dengue Mosquitoes Away from Your House

Mosquito may seem to you as a tiny pest lingering around the house, buzzing and biting people. But surely, you must have heard how they can inject us with deadly diseases like malaria, dengue, Chikungunya, and yellow fever. Therefore, don’t underestimate these tiny buzzing creatures, or else they can easily infect you with either of these dangerous diseases mentioned above. But, all these diseases are not caused by a common mosquito; there are many types of mosquitoes who cause different kind of diseases.

For instance, the mosquitoes that cause malaria is called anopheles, whereas the dengue-causing mosquitoes belong to a different kind of mosquito called Aedes. In this post, we are going to completely discuss in depth about how to keep dengue mosquitoes away.

Dengue is the common type o disease in India that is caused by Aedes mosquitoes, especially in the monsoon season. Hence, it is really important to keep dengue mosquitoes away from your home at least during the monsoon season, so that your family members don’t get affected by this bad disease. Do you know the right ways to keep dengue mosquitoes away from home? No? Relax, we are going to discuss the various ways in which you can keep dengue mosquitoes away.

Ways to keep dengue mosquitoes away

7 ways to keep dengue mosquitoes away

If you want to keep dengue mosquitoes away from your sweet home, follow these seven ways mentioned below:

1. Clear stagnant water

Stagnant water is the core reason behind the dwelling of dangerous mosquitoes such as Anopheles and Aedes. If you have places around your home having stagnant water, then immediately clear it off before the mosquitoes start dwelling there. If you have few empty buckets outside your home, try to turn them upside-down or cover them up, so that they do not collect water or cover them up so that the mosquitoes don’t breed.

2. Use camphor

Camphor is a natural element that can easily repel the mosquitoes. Just light some camphor in every corner of your room, after closing all the doors and windows of the room. Leave it that way for fifteen minutes, and you’ll see your home is free from mosquitoes.

3. Close entry points

If you have an open drainage system near your home, which has been devoid of any chemical treatment from the government pest control employees, then you can either complain about it to the municipal corporation, or else close all the entry points of these pests(windows, doors, ventilators, etc) from the area that is near the drains.

4. Window nets

There is a variety of window nets available in the market, so you can just go to your nearest market and order window mosquito nets, to keep dengue mosquitoes away. This is a great alternative for those, who don’t like to shut their doors and windows just for the sake of these pests. Another important fact is that, the dengue parasites or Aedes mosquitoes bite during the day, so it’s really tough to keep doors and windows shut during the day. Therefore, be wise and buy mosquito nets for windows to keep dengue mosquitoes away.

5. Using Neem Oil

You know, Deepawali is round the corner and I am sure you have plans to light lots of candle and Diyas. But what if I tell you can actually keep mosquitoes away by lighting a diya in your house? Yes. You heard that right, but instead of using normal mustard oil, light diyas with NEEM oil. Neem oil is easily available in the market and this probably is one of the best ways to keep mosquitoes away when you go to sleep at night.

6. Grow Tulsi plants

Another natural method, which can help you keep dengue mosquitoes away from home is by planting Tulsi plants in your garden or around your home. This plant has a special property that keeps mosquitoes away, and they won’t even dare to breed near your home.

7. Clean up trash

Where there is dirt and trash, there is a battalion of pests. That’s why, always try to keep your surroundings neat and clean, and avoid keeping the dust bins open. Clean away the trash from your home and also from its surroundings. This will not only keep dengue mosquitoes away from your home and family but will also keep many other pets such as cockroaches, rodents etc away from your home. You can do it yourself or get someone to clean your house, but it is important and should be taken seriously.

Many may feel agitated about sleeping under mosquito nets, but this is a great way to keep dengue mosquitoes at bay. So, buy mosquito nets and hang it around the bed, in order to prevent yourself from mosquito bites.

Over to you

If you feel that the number of mosquitoes has increased in and around your home, especially in the monsoon season, then beware. Because, this could be the Aedes mosquitoes that can cause dengue to you or your family members. Hence, keep these seven points in mind and act accordingly.

And, if you still need help, we can help you find professional pest control agencies for mosquito fogging and mosquito control services to help you keep the dengue-causing mosquitoes away.


Original img source: Wikipedia / Muhammad Mahdi Karim

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