Why Moving House is Stressful and How to Overcome Moving Stress

Moving your home is overall a stressful task, because you need to take several decisions, think a lot about various things, work to get your belongings packed, and finally be ready to relocate to a new place. If you are relocating for a job or to study out of state/country, you will no doubt feel stressed about it, but it won’t exceed the stress of those who will relocate with their family. Moving house is extremely stressful when compared to just relocating for job/education. And moving house in India is tremendously stressful. Why? Then this post going to answer all your queries.

Moving house is stressful in India even when you are relocating for you and your family’s betterment, or for some other positive change. Moving house becomes more stressful because of the pressure created in our mind by over-thinking about too many things. Packing is undoubtedly stressful, but don’t we think about how and when to pack? Exactly, this thinking process makes us feel stressful. But there are many other reasons too that contribute in making the move stressful.

Why moving house is stressful and how to deal with it

6 reason why moving house is stressful

If you have no clue why moving house is stressful in India, then here are six main reasons that will give you a clear idea about why it is stressful:

1. Thorough labor

The main reason why moving house is stressful in India, and in any other country is due to the thorough labor and efforts one has to give for packing and moving house. Packing your goods isn’t easy if you have a huge family. You’ll have to buy different packing materials for different household goods and appliances because, every good has its own requirements. So, you need to find good packing materials and give time to pack things properly.

2. Finding home

When you get a better opportunity out of state, and you want to carry your parents, wife and kids with you, then the first thing you’ll need to find is a home. India is a vast country and harbors millions of people, but finding a home here is very difficult because it is overpopulated. You either need to know someone who stays in the place where you’ll be shifting, or else a broker will be the last option. So, obviously finding a house in the new city is going to make your move quite stressful.

3. Moving expenses

Money is not everything, but it surely matters a lot. Anyone would think twice before spending money on anything, whether it is a tiny thing or something large. Similarly, before one is moving their house they would think a lot about spending money on the labors, means of transport, and other services needed to relocate. Because, they wouldn’t want their money to get wasted on something useless.

4. Safety of goods

Everyone has some precious belongings to be transported such as all the electronic appliances, costly antique decorative items, and etc. Now, when you are moving them, how would you know whether they are alright or not? And god forbids, if the truck meets an accident(it keeps happening in the national highways of India), how would you cope with it? Would you get any insurance? Yes, these questions evoke a lot of stress in a person.

5. Language barrier

This is really a big problem that’s faced by most people who relocate. If you have someone staying in the state where you are relocating, then he/she might help you. But, what if you have no relatives or friends there? You are surely going to face problems at least for a couple of months because you’ll have to learn their mother tongue. Hindi and English are mostly known by all, but some people may not know it, especially the auto drivers, maid-servants, and etc. Therefore, if you ain’t able to communicate when you need help, you’ll certainly feel stressed.

5 Ways to tackel moving stress

Above where the six reasons why moving house is stressful in India. Now, wouldn’t you want to know how to cope with such stressful relocation? If yes, then here are few tricks to cope with stress while relocating:

1. Make yourself comfortable with the move, because if you ain’t comfortable you’ll keep building up stress within you, especially mental stress. And when someone is mentally stressed, how would he/she stay physically well?

2. Organize yourself long before the move, especially if it is for the first time you are moving house. If you start planning about packing and moving at the peak hour of your relocation, then you will undoubtedly be stressed, both mentally and physically.

3. Make a checklist so that you can clearly understand what you need and what you don’t. This way you can easily start planning and packing your essentials, and dispose of the ones that are not useful.

4. Reduce unwanted items by disposing of, selling or donate all the stuff that is unwanted or extras. This way you will reduce your burden to pack too many things, and at the same time you’ll reduce the budget as well, because the size of the good carrier sometimes depends on the number of goods you have.

5. Lastly, the best thing that you can do is hire Packers and movers to make your relocation easy and smooth. They have professional or skilled men who will take care of the entire process of relocation, right from packing to loading-unloading and moving.


Whether you do it on your own, or plan to take help of professional moving companies, there will be some stress but there are ways to overcome those stress. Planning your move properly and hiring movers after proper verification can certainly help you overcome most of the moving stress and we can help you too.

Have other ideas to deal with moving stress? feel free to share by commenting below.

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