Ants and flies in the house? Here’s how to remove ants and flies

Are you tired of ants and flies in the house? I was also attacked by ants and flies in my house. Nuisance like ants, flies, wasps, bees, hornets etc can bring you to your knees while your try to keep them away from your house, especially kitchen. Cleaning your house using good quality herbal cleansers and solutions is a good way to start, but that may not work all the time. May be the problem is somewhere and you are putting all your efforts in removing these ants and flies. Keeping them away from kitchen is very important as these bugs are not only irritating but also can physically harm you by stinging or biting. Their stings can be very allergic and painful sometime.

Ants and flies in the house

Here’s how to remove ants and flies

Trust me there are several ways to get rid of these ants and flies and I am sharing a few of those tips for DIY pest control here in this post. So if you are ready, then just let’s see how to do it.

Ants removal

Whenever you keep some sweet stuff in open for an hour or two, these little bugs invade it like it’s their own property and even threaten you from disturbing them as they can bite you if you try to go on a melee fight with them. There are few natural ant removal solutions that I am going to share with you now.

Ants removal using natural repellents

You can use cinnamon or chili powder to draw a line between them and your food (Although chili powder is very effective but it can cause harm to you or your family as well since it is a very strong cooking spice and can cause heavy irritation if it accidently ends up in your eyes or nose).

You can also use cayenne pepper for this purpose. Chalk can also serve the purpose though many people doubt its efficiency; you can try it once to check yourself.

Corn meal, black pepper and baby powder can also come in handy to shoo them away in no time.

Spray some undiluted vinegar on a large group of ants to send jitters along their whole civilization.

Keeping lavender and mint sachets in closets, drawers and pantry is a cool way to hold these ants at bay.

Ants removal using homemade solutions

  • 1 table spoon of dishwashing soap (not detergent)
  • 1 table spoon of cooking oil (olive oil can be effective)
  • 100 ml of water

Mix the solution in a spray bottle and spray them on ants the moment you see them

If they are still coming back after all your light efforts, now it’s time for you to remove them permanently. Use non toxic poison to deal with them, so that they take the poison home and contaminate their friends too.

Non toxic homemade ant poison trap

You can make a non toxic ant poison trap at your home (You should still keep it away from the kids).
Use an index card, cut into half. Use equal proportion of corn syrup and borax. Sweet delight waiting for these small buggers; let them feast on it in peace and take the poison to their nest and die properly along with their whole army.

Wasps and bees are greater threats than ants, as bee or wasp stung can cause extreme irritation, pain & discomfort.

Bee removal

Bees can do fatal damage if they sense any harm coming their way. I will strictly recommend you to take help from professional pest control companies. For bees you can call a professional bee keeper. Since we are in a bit of honeybee crisis right now, they might even do it for free as they are getting more bees for their stocks. But if the bee hive is difficult to reach then they might charge you a little. Another advantage of calling a bee keeper instead of an exterminator is that exterminator will kill the bees but the smell of dead bees and a dead hive is attractive for other bees, who will invade the hive again. Eventually you will have to deal with them all over again.

Wasp removal

I still remember during my childhood days, I use to kill these wasps with a badminton racket. But they keep coming back and I felt like a hero while killing them as if I am doing a favor on everyone by saving them from their wrath. I learnt a lesson when one of them stung at my hand, during my vain attempt to kill them with my usual weapon and my hand swelled and pained like hell.

Anyway coming back to them, you will be amazed to know that the homemade solution we have earlier used to kill ants works perfectly fine in case of wasp too.

How to keep them away for longer

The best time to kill wasp is during evening (after dusk) when they come back home after their busy day. You can make a wasp killing cleanser yourself by filling around ¼ cup of dishwashing liquid in a house-end-sprayer. Shake it a bit until froth is produced by the soap.

Do wear long sleeves and pants to avoid any injury (just in case).

Blast the nest with the spray from as far as you can (Just make sure you spray it properly).

These wasps have a thick skin/surface protecting their body from outside. Although water’s cohesive property prevents the solution from entering their exoskeleton but the soapy solution breaks the surface tension of water.

Over to you

You can prevent these bugs and flies from invading your home by maintaining a proper hygiene and keeping your house clean from leftover foods and wet wastes.  Some time you may feel like removing these ants and flies is not something that’s beyond your control then you may simply book a professional pest control company who can help you with ants and flies removal services.

How do you keep them away from your kitchen?