10 Best Places to live in Bangalore for Working Professionals

Are you relocating to Bangalore but don’t know which locality or place in Bangalore is better for living? I was staying in Bangalore and recently moved to Delhi and I had same question about Delhi. I was not sure where to stay in Delhi because I wanted to rent an apartment and I was looking for a locality which is nearer to my office, easy to commute and easier on my pocket. I don’t want you to face the same problem if you are relocating to Bangalore and hence this post.

Bangalore city the capital of Karnataka has emerged as a major IT hub of India. From fresh college pass outs to experienced IT professionals, Bangalore is the most preferred IT destinations throughout India. Due to this more and more people are coming to Bangalore to live there. Generally living standard in Bangalore is pretty high especially the cost of living and accommodation cost. So beware to keep your expenses in check. There are several types of accommodations that you can avail in Bangalore that will fit your budget. 

Best places to live in Bangalore

Paying guest (PG) accommodations are the natural choice of people who wants to keep their expenses in check either by choice or by compulsion. But if you are married or living in with someone then you can go for flats too, there are several places were you can find good PG’s to share or flats to rent.

PG’s are available on sharing basis, more the number of people less your rent will be. Bachelors tend to choose this mode. While overall flat rents are high and even if you manage to find a cozy flat with a reasonable tag, the caution money is very high for you to afford.

I am going to name few places to live in Bangalore where you can find accommodations which will be good for both your living experience and your budget.

Here’re the parameters that make a locality best for living

While compiling this list of best places to live in Bangalore, I have considered following parameters and in my opinion these are the parameters that make a locality better than the rest. Explore, evaluate and take a call accordingly.

Overall Cost of Living– It includes your overall expenses starting from PG/ flat rent, daily food expense, travel expense, other miscellaneous expenses. 

Accommodation costs– Cost of monthly/ weekly/daily rent, caution money expense etc.

Location – nearby hospitals, banks, malls, schools, eateries, restaurants, liquor parlors etc. Bangalore is surrounded with thick tree and plantation covers along with several botanical gardens and lakes making it an excellent environment for its inhabitants.

Connectivity and transport options (Distance from your workplace and other basic necessities)- connectivity with major commercial areas of Bangalore including airport, railway stations, major bus depot’s ,metro stations, IT hubs. Etc. Transport options ranges from AC/ Non AC buses, cabbie or autos, metros etc. I recommend you to make a monthly bus pass, if you have to travel a lot, which will cost around 1150 bucks with refundable of 100 bucks. Daily passes are also available for 70 bucks; choose wisely whichever suits you better. It will be best if you can afford a 2nd hand two wheeler. But if you are new in Bangalore, then it won’t make much sense.

Facilities provided in the PG’s- 3 time food, Wi-Fi connection, attached/ combined bathroom, hot water, TV, some PG’s even provide washing machine too(rare treat, fortunately I have availed one of those).  

Quality of food provided etc– It’s a major factor for especially people coming from other regions. But trust me; Bangalore food is still better than other south Indian cities like Chennai or Hyderabad.

1st best places to live in Bangalore: Indira Nagar

Living cost– High

Accommodations- You can find good PG’s here, I have stayed in 18th D Main, 100 ft road; its price is little high, around 6000 a month on 3 sharing basis, cozy place with all basic facilities, I have got to use the washing machine too.

Location- It is situated at the Heart of the city, quite posh area with all facilities mentioned above.

Connectivity and Transport– Well connected with all the major commercial areas of Bangalore including the IT hubs. Nearest bus depot is “Domlur Bridge”, Doopanahali, or 100 ft road bus stop. Nearest metro station is at Bommanahalli.

2nd best places to live in Bangalore: BTM layout

Byrasandra, Tavarekere and Madivala Layout is combinedly called BTM

Living cost– Moderate

Accommodations- Accommodations are reasonable here when compared to other areas in Bangalore with all the facilities mentioned above.

Location– It is situated in South Bangalore. It is a best possible location for working professionals since it lies in the vicinity of the Electronics City and ITPL.

Connectivity and Transport– It connects all the major areas of Bangalore like Marathahalli, JP Nagar, Banashankari, Kormangala etc. Ac and Non Ac buses along with shared cabbies are also available in abundance.

3rd best places to live in Bangalore: Marathahalli

Living cost- Reasonable (far more cheaper than the previous two locations)

Accommodations- Same as the other areas, price is little cheaper and most popular place of residence among IT professionals.

Location- It is situated in the suburbs of Bangalore and is near to HAL airport.

Connectivity and Transport- It is connected to Domlur, Electronic city, Whitefield, and other major IT hubs by the outer ring road. It is not so far from KR Puram station either. Marathalli Bridge is the place from you can get transport to any place in Bangalore.

4th best places to live in Bangalore: Hebbal

Living cost- High

Accommodations– Accommodation cost is quite high as it a well connected area and have other facilities too.

Location- It is situated at the north end part of Bangalore, It connects the NH7 highway through the hebbal flyover (India’s largest flyover) it is also near to the Bangalore International airport.

Connectivity and Transport- Hebbal has excellent connectivity to all the major areas of Bangalore along with the Airport thanks to the flyover connecting the national highway NH7 and exiting at Gayatri lake front.

5th best places to live in Bangalore: Kormangala

Living cost- Moderate

Accommodations- Accommodations cost is quite reasonable here regardless of the fact that it is a well connected area, and avails all basic facilities that others provide.

Location- It is situated in the south-eastern part of Bangalore, connecting various major parts of Bangalore. It also has the South India’s biggest malls called Forum.

Connectivity and Transport- It is cosmopolitan area having busy main roads that connects intermediate ring road, electronic city, hosur road, airport road etc. It is the major hub for boarding buses to all over the city.

6th best places to live in Bangalore: KR Puram

Living cost- Moderate

Accommodations- You can find good residential apartments or PGs here.

Location – Krishnarajapura (Railway station) is a suburb in Bangalore situated in old Madras road in the outer ring road. It is very near to Majestic too.

Connectivity and Transport- It is one of the sub railway stations of Bangalore (Yeshwantpur being the main station). It is also near to Majestic making it an excellent place to reach anywhere in and around Bangalore.

7th best places to live in Bangalore: Jaynagar

Living cost- Moderate

Accommodations- It is one of the major residential and commercial neighborhoods of the city. Cost is moderate. According to a survey by DNA Bangalore, it was ranked as the most livable area in Bangalore.

Location- It is one of oldest area of Bangalore it is well connected with neighboring areas like Basavangudi, JP Nagar, Banashankari 2nd stage, and BTM Layout.

Connectivity and Transport- Thanks to impeccable architectural sense of the engineers, it is well connected to all the major areas in the city making it an excellent place to stay.

8th best places to live in Bangalore: Ulsoor

Living cost- Reasonable

Accommodations- You can find places to stay there in moderate rates. PG with all facilities mentioned above.

Location- Ulsoor is situated in the eastern fringes of MG road terminal, it is also one of the oldest neighborhoods of Bangalore. It is also a popular tourist spot for the locals due to the presence of various temples, ancient architectures and the famous Ulsoor Lake.

Connectivity and Transport- MG road is situated near Ulsoor which is the terminal metro station (as of now) and it got proper connectivity with the rest of the city through buses, autos and cabs.

9th best places to live in Bangalore: Richmond Town

Living cost- As its name suggests it is for Rich people out there (Expensive).

Accommodations- Being one of the upbeat areas of Bangalore lined with plush apartments, it qualifies as one of the most posh area of Bangalore. It is suitable for people with fat salaries.

Location- It is situated near to MG road so it also got access to the major parts of the city.

Connectivity and Transport- It is well connected with MG road surrounding its vicinity. Bus, cabbies and autos are available.

10th best places to live in Bangalore: Whitefield

Living cost- Expensive

Accommodations- Whitefield is the home for most of the IT companies and IT parks, but still people tend to avoid the place as it is not very pleasant for living not only because its high price accommodations but also it is not very safe for living especially for women.

Location- It is established in the late 1800 and is situated in the east of Bangalore. Due to the IT boom, it has turned into a major suburb in Bangalore. Major IT and tech parks are located here.

Connectivity and Transport- It is well connected with the rest of the city. It is also the junction between major highways connecting Hyderabad and Vizag.

Common tips for traveling in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the most well planned cities in all of India. Every nook and corner or alley might look similar but all of them are designed in a specific manner to easily locate them. You’ll find that out in 1 month time if you pay attention to it.

Majestic and Shivajinagar are the two main bus depots which not only connects all the local areas in Bangalore but also all the major cities around it like, Chennai, Hyderabad,  Mumbai, Pune, Goa etc. Nearest pilgrimage place is Tirupati, other tourist destinations are Nandhi hills, Salem, Ooti etc. Anyway if you ever have difficulty in reaching your destination, then drop into either of these two bus depots, and you will surely find a way back home. Majestic is also near to the major railway stations like Yashwantpur and KR Puram.

First of all I will recommend you to pick a place which is nearest to your office or work location. But if you have got no problem in travelling, then you can pick from the options we have already discussed above.

Over to you

Bangalore has an awesome whether all around the year. But the quality of water is worse there, the hard water can deal great damage to your hair and skin. But trading a bright career in the IT industry with a hansom salary even it means that you come back with a bald head. You can bear that loss isn’t it. Jokes apart, Bangalore is really a marvelous city worth exploring, especially if you are from Kolkata, you can feel the difference and will not be willing to go back to your hometown any time soon. So if you are new to Bangalore hope this article will help you too pick a place to stay.

PS: There is a small little disclaimer I would like to make. Don’t treat this post like a ranking because I have ordered them based on my personal experience and my discussion with a few friends who are living in Bangalore, Karnataka. The idea is to give you wide array of information so that you can check your own feasibility and take a call. Img: Wikipedia
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