DIY Pest Control Tips to Keep Your Home Pest Free

My home is for me where I want to live happily with my family. Pests, insects and flies are not allowed here. It gives me a terrible feeling when I see pests like cockroach or ants around in my kitchen or dining area. I can’t take that and it scares me too much. Do you also think that way? I am sure you do.

Pest control and bug treatments should be done from time to time and you should have no doubt about that. But it’s not a bad idea to prevent these pests and insects by applying a few basic pest prevention methods. Did you know that you can prevent these pests of your own by following a few basic pest control tips and techniques? Yes you can and you can do it without any special equipment or chemicals. All of the ingredients that you may need are already in your kitchen like vinegar, baking soda, honey and water.

In this post I am talking to you about do-it-yourself pest control tips to help you keep your home pest and bug free. It’s not complicated and you don’t need any special equipment and dangerous or risky chemicals to do pest control at your home.

Different kinds of pests could appear in your home depending on whether its summer, winter or monsoon (rainy). But there are some basic measures that could help you prevent these bugs and pests from appearing in your home.

So are you ready to take control and remove these pests and bugs from your house?

Here’s how to do pest control at home

“Prevention is better than cure” – Desiderius Erasmus

Did you notice the power in this message? It’s better to prevent than to put efforts in curing. And when it’s about getting rid of the bugs and pests, it makes even more sense. That’s why I have divided this post into two different parts;

  1. Prevention of pests in your home
  2. Remedies for effective pest control at home

If you do the pest control at home and just forget it, chances are they will return after a few months or even sooner than that. But when you also work on prevention techniques of controlling these pests and bugs, you can enjoy a hygienic and pest free life.

Here’s how to prevent pests from appearing at home

Cleanliness is essential when it comes to pest and bug prevention. By cleanliness, I don’t mean to say just dusting and cleaning the floors. It’s more than that. Let’s check it.

  • Make sure to get your kitchen counter top and other surface cleaned every time you are done with cooking or wash your dishes.
  • Leftover food particles on kitchen tops or in plates or kitchen sinks could attract cockroaches or ants. So get them cleaned immediately.
  • In order clean the kitchen areas of your home, apart from the detergent that you already use, you can make your own solutions and cleanser.
  • To make your own cleanser to prevent pests, pour half cup of vinegar in half cup of water and mix them well and your magical solution is ready. Use this solution when cleaning or spray around affected areas and entry points of ants in the kitchen.
  • Fix any leakage in faucets or else it will attract ants and other bugs.
  • Clean drainage (pipe of the sink) regularly to ensure there are no food particles inside. To clean the drainage, you can use baking soda, vinegar and hot water. Pour in some baking soda, followed by vinegar and then pour hot water for better results.
  • Don’t throw leftover food in open packets, use a trash can/dustbin which is covered and always keep it covered.
  • Use air tight containers in your kitchen to keep snack and biscuits etc; else it will attract cockroaches and ants.
  • Cucumber slices can be used to prevent ants because they don’t like cucumber and if you put a slice at the entry point, you can control them to a good extent.
  • You may put bay leaves or pepper at the entry point of ants and it will prevent them because ants don’t like the fragrance of these spices.
  • When cooking, make sure to throw eggs after taking egg white in the bin and close it properly.
  • One of the most effective ways to clean cockroaches is to prevent them from entering your home and you can do so by sealing cracks near the window or any other entry point. Obviously they won’t enter through main entrance most likely.
  • Always clean plates immediately don’t stack them. And do basic cleaning of the kitchen when you are done with the cooking.

Pest control and bug treatment is a temporary solution because if you ignore these basic tips and techniques, you can’t imagine having a bug free home. Go and start applying these techniques from today itself.

Effective remedies for residential pest control

After learning about prevention of pests let’s check out the remedies and what can be done to get rid of these pests and bugs. There are certain remedies that will help you in your effort to do pest control at home much effectively and with greater results. Some of the most basic remedies that you can apply are as under;

  • Vinegar is a must to have and you can make different types of solutions using vinegar and spray them to get rid of pests and bugs. It’s a magical I say and not harmful to you.
  • To control the spiders, you can make a solution of vinegar and water and spray it in the effective area. Spray it at the point where you noticed spider or spider net and they will be gone.
  • You can make a solution of oil and vodka or any other grain alcohol like gin. To make a solution; add 2 teaspoon of oil and 1 cups of vodka to make a solution. Pour it into a spray jar and spray it properly to the effective areas of your home or where you noticed the bug to get rid of it.
  • Use boric acid to clean the bathroom, kitchen sink or other moist areas in and around your house. Be informed that boric acid could be toxic so be careful.
  • Boric acid can be used to clean cockroaches as well. When you sprinkle boric acid in the moist areas where cockroach may be hiding, you they will run away or die.
  • Solution of soap and water is also very effective in getting rid of cockroaches. Mix the soap and water in equal quantity to make a solution, put it into a spray jar/bottle and spray a few drops on the cockroach as you see it and it should be enough to kill them.
  • If you are tired of cockroaches then make sure you not only cleaning your home but outside as well. Stack of old woods near your home could be one such hiding place for them. Check it and get it cleaned.
  • In order to control house flies, you can simply create a trap. Take a jar, put a little bit of honey on the surface of the jar and make a funnel of paper so that flies can entre from the top. Put it on the jar; make sure it does not touch the bottom surface. Honey attracts the flies, they will enter from the top, once inside, and they won’t be able to come outside and die. This way you can catch lots of flies and empty the jar.
  • Solutions of mint and bay leaves can be used to get rid of ants. Make a solution and spray it in the area from where they appear, most likely they would appear from the window or kitchen sinks, spray it over there and see the results.
  • Basil, rosemary or marigolds flower are some of the best plant you can have indoor and outside in your home garden. They are some of the best insect repelling herbs and plants


In order to prevent bugs and to make your pest control efforts much effective, you have to prevent them and apply necessary measures to stop them from re-appearing. In order to make your pest control effective, you should clean your kitchen and dining area regularly and ensure that there are not leftover food particles around.

DIY Pest Control Tips

To prevent these bugs like ants, cockroach or flies, you can use commonly available ingredients and spices like vinegar, vodka, sugar, spice etc. And if nothing seems to be working, you can always hire a professional pest control agency and get complete pest solutions.

How do you ensure your house is pest and bug free?

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