Preparing an SEO Plan that actually Deliver Results

For anything and everything you do, it cannot be just perfect in one shot specially search engine optimization. SEO is a time taking process and you have to make a perfect plan for better search engine optimization results. Let me help you make a perfect plan for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

In order to get better results your SEO effort must be balanced. You should have good content that people would like to read and use, use better title to ensure good conversion, monitor everything and keep on improving based on the results. For better SEO results, you have to monitor and analyze everything every effort and make changes to improve your search engine optimization results. There are several free and paid tools that can be used to monitor and improve your search results. Continue reading Preparing an SEO Plan that actually Deliver Results

Stop fooling google in your SEO Practices – Black hat SEO

I was contacted by an expert SEO professionals who claimed to bring my website up on search results of Google and other popular search engines. But when I had a detailed discussion and saw some of his past work, I realized he was doing it all wrong. He was trying to fool Google and apply unethical techniques to manipulate the search results. When I asked him, he says by the time Google will find it, you will have lots of traffic coming to your site and your site will start appearing on top of search results. Really? Continue reading Stop fooling google in your SEO Practices – Black hat SEO

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization Tips

Off page Search Engine Optimization or SEO involves tasks, that you usually perform off web pages, in order to get better search results on popular search engines. Once you have fixed the basics on your web pages, and made it search engine friendly, its now time to considers the factors that might affect the overall search results. But the process is not from on your own domain or web pages, but outside the domain like posting on directories, building links or submitting your website to popular directories like the

In order to optimize your website, and to make it appear on top of the search engines, both on page SEO and off page optimization, it is equally important for you to balance the SEO process properly.

Why off-page optimization is Important for better search engine results (SER)
Every Search Engine has its own unique algorithm, and they use this algorithm to assign certain rank (page rank) to each of the web pages while scrolling. But in general each of these search engines assign page ranks to every pages, that they scroll. And this is how, the higher ranked page appears right on the top of the search results.

Link building and its impact on page rank
Now, there are several factors that are considered while assigning rank the web pages, but the important one is the back-link. Let us consider that your website is about Interior Designers, and if you are putting a link to another website of Interior Design magazine, then the magazine website will earn votes. In other words, you are endorsing that web-magazine in  Google and also in other search engines. Assumes that the magazine website is relevant, and they consider it very popular (also called as link popularity). Every Such link affects the page rank.

So, the other websites linked to your own website directly affect your page rank. And if the website linked to your website is popular, then its advantageous for. Always try linking to popular websites that are relevant to your website. This will help you build your website’s popularity, and increase your page rank. Also as discussed in on-page optimization tips, your anchor text for the back-links must have relevant keyword or phrase to make it more effective. Another important thing that is required to be considered, is the quality of the back-link.

Over to you

Quality is always considered more important that quantity. So, try to get back-link from top-notch websites, who command authority and earns a lot of fame and name in your industry/sector. Remember “SEO is all about Fresh and relevant Text, Links, Popularity and Reputation.” Keep these stuffs in mind and go ahead successfully with your website. 🙂