Deep Cleaning a Home – here’s how to get it right

Cleaning your home is very vital in order to make it look clean, clutter free and not to forget, to make it disinfected. It is guaranteed that everyone clean their house on a daily basis, if not a deep cleaning that includes dusting and sweeping and cleaning everything, but at least people sweep and wipe their floors regularly. The regular cleaning process is very easy because you need not make any checklist for it. But in case of deep cleaning a home, you’ll definitely require a checklist because, deep cleaning a home is much different than regular old day-to-day cleaning.

Since deep cleaning a home is not similar to the regular cleaning, it is vital to follow a system that will help us in cleaning the entire house thoroughly, in order to buff up all the dust and debris for once and for all that gets stirred up while cleaning the home.

Tips for deep cleaning a house

Easy Ways for Deep Cleaning a Home

The deep cleaning process may take loads of time depending on how big and dirty your home is. But, to make the task easy for you, we are presenting a perfect and detailed post on effective deep cleaning a home.

Pre-cleaning process

One should always list down a number of tasks that are needed to be done in the pre-cleaning process. The main reason to choose the pre-cleaning process is to clear the clutters and unwanted items from the floors, and also to deal with all the misplaced items, so that the home doesn’t look like a messed up place or a dump-yard. In case of the pre-cleaning process, it is essential to clutter free your home because when you start deep cleaning a home you’ll have to clean a little deeper than usual. So, the main tasks involved in a pre-cleaning process are:
– Pick up clutter from every corner of the house. Go room by room picking up trashes and throw it in trash cans, and pick the misplaced items and put it in a cardboard box. It will be great if all your family members join their hands with you to clean the clutters because in this way the task becomes much easier and time conserving.
– Wash & put away dishes.
– Clear & wipe down the kitchen counter.

Cleaning the high spots

The high spot areas may include anything above your head that are neglected, such as high windows, ceiling fans, light fixtures, air vents and etc. Therefore, you’ll have to keep in mind about all these high spots and keep dusting them. Dust or vacuum upper ledges and above cabinets, clean up the air vents and ceiling fans, dust the light fixtures, clean the high windows and lastly, change the light fixtures and replace air filters.

Cleaning the eye-level spots

The eye level spot includes anything and everything that you can see easily. For instance- windows, bookshelves, tall furniture and etc. So, dust and wash everything which comes under your eye-level or mid-to-top zone.

Clean the mid-to-low zone

This zone includes most of the traditional cleaning spots such as:
– Bathrooms
– Furniture
– Beds-lines
Just dust and clean them up much more intensely than the regular cleaning process. Under the deep cleaning process, you should clean the furniture, bathroom accessories, and other bed-lines can in such a manner that it shimmer and sparkle, just like it’s new.

Clean the bottom zone

By the term ‘bottom zone’, you must have understood that it’s an alias name for the floor, as it lies underneath our feet or is the bottom zone. Sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, and taking time to clear out any lingering dust and dirt from every corner of the floor will make your room look neat, clean, and twinkling. To clean the bottom zone of your home, you need to do the following stuffs:
– Sweep and wipe the floors.
– Mop the tiles or linoleum floors.
– Vacuum the rugs & carpets.
– Wash small area rugs.

This was an example of one easy and common type of checklist, which is based on the various zones of a house. But, you can make other type of checklist as well on your own. One such common type of checklist is based on the rooms you have. Every room has its own utility, therefore if you prepare a checklist based on the rooms, then you can pick each and every item of a room individually, and dust or clean them up. For example- If you include your bedroom in the checklist, then you can pick up many things from the bedroom such as bed sheets, curtains, closet and other furniture, mirror and etc, and dust or clean them up.

Similarly, if you select bathroom then you can choose elements like washbasin, bathtub, bath accessories and etc to clean, mop or dust. You can include as many rooms you want to your checklist, which you wish to clean deeply. Therefore, a room checklist will include every room of your home, and you can clean things according to each room.


The checklist is a must when it comes to deep cleaning a home; and if you follow the above-mentioned checklist, then no one can ever stop you from deep cleaning your entire home from top to bottom. Whether you are following a zone based checklist or a room based checklist, the main crux is that you’ll require a checklist for deep cleaning a home.

So, before planning to deep clean your home twice every year, It would be a great idea to make a checklist so that you can track and manage everything. If you think that you will not have ample time to deep clean your home yourself, you can book a professional deep cleaning services and get it done easily.

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